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Jeanette Rupert smiles as she speaks to the crowd at George Floyd square in front of "Icon of a Revolution," a painting of Floyd by Peyton Scott Russell, in Minneapolis. Rupert grew up in the neighborhood and helped found 612 MASH, a nonprofit that provides medical treatment to people in and around George Floyd Square. Evan Frost/MPR hide caption

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Evan Frost/MPR

Crews observe the continuing eruption in Halema'uma'u at Kilauea in the early morning of Dec. 28. Overnight, the western vent in the wall of Halema'uma'u continued to erupt. D. Downs/USGS hide caption

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D. Downs/USGS

Homestead, Fla. - Simone Allison Katie Hayes Luke hide caption

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Katie Hayes Luke

Postcards From Americans: What Motivates People To Vote

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Ayanna Pressley begins her day at Jubilee Christian Church on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan, where a couple of hundred seniors have gathered ahead of the annual District B-3 Community Harbor Cruise, sponsored by the Boston Police Department. Meredith Nierman/WGBH hide caption

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Meredith Nierman/WGBH

A Saudi woman celebrates with her friends as she drives her car in al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday. The lifting of the ban on women driving marks a milestone for women in the kingdom who have had to rely on drivers, male relatives, taxis and ride-hailing services to get to work, go shopping and simply move around. Hamad I Mohammed/Reuters hide caption

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Hamad I Mohammed/Reuters