Stacey Foxwell Stacey Foxwell is the Vice President of Operations at NPR.
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Stacey Foxwell

Allison Shelley/NPR
Stacey Foxwell at NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C., March 19, 2019. (photo by Allison Shelley)
Allison Shelley/NPR

Stacey Foxwell

Vice President, Operations

As the Vice President of Operations at NPR, Stacey Foxwell oversees an administrative team of executive assistants and operations managers that support NPR's senior leadership team, its shows, its hosts, and its offices in DC, NY, Chicago, and Culver City, CA. In addition, she oversees the Facilities and Security operations that manage NPR's owned and leased properties across 10 locations and over 500,000-square feet. Her goal is to have a team that learns from and supports each other with a One NPR philosophy.

Since joining NPR in 2002, Foxwell has served as an Executive Assistant and Project Manager and most recently as the Senior Director of Content Administration. During that time, she's led initiatives large and small from the celebratory opening of NPR West to the launch of the Kroc Fellowship Program, and from the inception of the Public Media Platform to the creation of the Public Media Village for which she won NPR's Success Award for Diversity in 2016.

In 2005, Foxwell worked with independent producers Dan Gediman and Jay Allison to revive the This I Believe radio series which ran on NPR for four years. And in 2013, she oversaw the re-launch of Here and Now as a two-hour radio program from WBUR in Boston and NPR.

Prior to coming to NPR, Foxwell served in various roles with The Baltimore Sun, from Assistant Home Delivery Manager to Customer Satisfaction Manager to Project Manager, a role in which she won a Special Publisher's Award. But her passion for customer service comes from her 10 years at Pizza Hut where she worked as a waitress to put herself through college before becoming a store manager and then an area manager for 13 restaurants and delivery units in Montgomery County, MD. She was named manager of the year for the DC, MD, and VA area in 1989.

Foxwell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Salisbury State College and an MBA from Loyola College of Maryland.

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