Greg Rosalsky Since 2018, Greg Rosalsky has been a writer and reporter at NPR's Planet Money.
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Greg Rosalsky

Greg Rosalsky

Reporter, Planet Money

Since 2018, Greg Rosalsky has been a writer and reporter at NPR's Planet Money.

Before joining NPR, he spent more than five years at Freakonomics Radio, where he produced 60 episodes that were downloaded nearly 100 million times. Those included an exposé of the damage filmmaking subsidies have on American visual-effects workers, a deep dive into the successes and failures of Germany's manufacturing model, and a primer on behavioral economics, which he wrote as a satire of traditional economic thought. Among the show's most popular episodes were those he produced about personal finance, including one on why it's a bad idea for people to pick and choose stocks.

Rosalsky has written freelance articles for a number of publications, including The Behavioral Scientist and Pacific Standard. An article he authored about food inequality in New York City was anthologized in Best Food Writing 2017.

Rosalsky began his career in the plains of Iowa working for an underdog presidential candidate named Barack Obama and was a White House researcher during the early years of the Obama Administration.

He earned a master's degree at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School, where he studied economics and public policy.

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