Butter Pecan A podcast about race, food, and racist food. Join Kelly Nusz and Darryl Goodner in discussing the wild and ridiculous racist tropes in the food you know, and probably love. While also dismantling those tropes and creating something new.
Butter Pecan

Butter Pecan

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A podcast about race, food, and racist food. Join Kelly Nusz and Darryl Goodner in discussing the wild and ridiculous racist tropes in the food you know, and probably love. While also dismantling those tropes and creating something new.

Most Recent Episodes

Juneteenth: As American As BBQ Ribs

Happy Juneteenth! In this celebratory episode, Darryl prepares a traditional Juneteenth meal of pulled pork, sweet potatoes, watermelon, and strawberries. Kelly shares the history of the holiday, how it has been observed, and the food that makes this day unique and special. Join us as we raise a glass of Strawberry Red Mule (a cocktail Kelly invented) to this very important day: June 19th.

13. David McAtee's BBQ

In this very personal episode, Kelly and Darryl talk about the life and death of David McAtee and what his loss meant to our community. Darryl shares his personal experience as a participant at the protest and describes how the community came together to mourn, celebrate, and express their anger. We also eat a meal of jerk chicken, collard greens, and mac n' cheese in honor of McAtee, the community he cared for, and his passion for BBQ.

12. Filipino Invasion (Part 2)

In part 2, we are coming to you from our brand new studio (in progress) to discuss anti-philippine sentiment in the U.S. with a focus on the Philippine-American War. We also talk about the links between Black and Filipinx history, and their influences on one another.

11. Filipino Invasion (Part 1)

In our first episode of May, Kelly chats with our friend Camille Pase about growing up as an immigrant from the Philippines, and the different cultures she was exposed to in California and Kentucky. We talk about the food she grew up eating, and the pride she feels when making food for her own family. And of course, we cover some racism and how it relates to food. Check out our blog for Camille's recipe for Bibinkang Malagkit.

Just Gravy 6: Q&A with Darryl and Kelly

With all of our new listeners and recent attention that we have received from the LEO, we decided to pause and do a Q&A episode. Darryl and Kelly discuss their friendship, food, and of course, ice cream. Lots of laughing and personal history, but we're leaving the racism behind for this one. Listen in to learn more about us, and hear two friends just being friends.

Drink Faygo!: An Episode 4 Re-Recording of Coca-Cola

Because of the recent news of Coca-Cola being "canceled" after their statement regarding Georgia's new voting rollbacks, we decided to revisit episode 4 of our miniseries on Coke. The original recording had some flaws so if you needed to skip that episode, here is your chance to catchup. We revisit the discrimination case against Coke in 2000, their comments on BLM from 2020, and their statement regarding voting rights in Georgia just a few weeks ago.

Just Gravy 5: Polio, Pepperoni, and Pizza Rat

Ready to listen to the goofiest re-telling of the history of polio and talk about pizza? How do those things even belong together? Listen to this bonus episode of a sleepy Darryl and a tired Kelly try to make sense of the racist science and policies that went along with the U.S. polio epidemic. We also talk about the delicious pizza Darryl made with bacon and pepperoni from Red Hog. Special guests include Spinelli the dog, and a mouse stalking Darryl's kitchen. Sources: African-Americans, Polio and Racial Segregation By Daniel J. Wilson, PhD Race and the Politics of Polio, Warm Springs, Tuskegee, and the March of Dimes By Naomi Rogers, PhD The History of Vaccines, An Educational resource By the College of Physicians of Philadelphia How the Poor Get Blamed for Disease by Elena Conis

10. Fannie Lou Hamer (Part 2)

Part 2 of Fannie Lou Hamer is a wild one - it tells the story worthy of the big screen (as you will hear us discuss). In short, Fannie Lou Hamer became a star in the Civil Rights movement, scared the pants off President Johnson, and built a farm co-op that provides a model for what we continue to strive for today. Special thanks to DJ LoveAlways for letting us use his art for this episodes' cover.

9. Fannie Lou Hamer (Part 1)

In the first part of this series, we learn about FLH's childhood in Mississippi including the struggles, and joy, she experienced growing up on a plantation. We take a look at some of the history surrounding her early years, and the rebellious steps she began to take to subvert the systems that kept her suppressed. Join us as we gush over one of our favorite Civil Rights (and Equal Food Access) leaders in U.S. history.

Just Gravy 4: The Business of Being Black

In this bonus episode, we take the opportunity to talk to a local black business owner who also happens to be co-host of this podcast - Darryl Goodner. Goodner is part owner of the ice cream shop Louisville Cream in Louisville, KY. We discuss what this past year has been like and the changes that have affected his business - the good and the bad and what it all means and feels like. Bear with the audio, we had to record remotely during an ice storm.

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