Hungry For MO KCUR's Natasha Bailey and Jenny Vergara bring you the stories behind iconic foods in the state of Missouri. Email the podcast at
Hungry For MO

Hungry For MO

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KCUR's Natasha Bailey and Jenny Vergara bring you the stories behind iconic foods in the state of Missouri. Email the podcast at

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No apologies for St. Louis pizza

Is there any other regional pizza in the country that elicits as much debate and shame as St. Louis-style? A square-cut, thin-crust pie topped with ooey, gooey Provel cheese, this unconventional pizza is the result of decades of St. Louis ingenuity — and yet, even many locals apologize for their unique creation.

A toast to the birthplace of sliced bread

Chillicothe, Missouri, has an unusual claim to fame: It's the town where sliced bread first debuted back in 1928. But despite being less than a century old, the origin of this revolutionary pantry staple was almost lost to history. A treat from the KCUR Studios podcast A People's History of Kansas City. Plus: A preview of Hungry For MO's upcoming second season!

Myth-busting the St. Louis World's Fair

The St. Louis World's Fair of 1904 forever changed modern American cuisine — popularizing foods like the ice cream cone, hamburgers and iced tea. But what aren't we remembering about this international affair?

Crock-Pots for the people

No Midwestern cookout is complete without a delicious chili or dip simmering in a Crock-Pot. But when the device was first unveiled by a Kansas City company in 1971, it promised something more: freedom.

George Washington Carver's quiet revolution

George Washington Carver is slotted in American history lessons as "the peanut guy." But this Missourian gave us biofuels, food trucks, plant based meats, alternative medicines, and so much more.

Chinese Food, Missouri-Style

Missouri claims the creation of two iconic, innovative Chinese dishes — but Springfield cashew chicken and the St. Paul sandwich in St. Louis are more than local curiosities. Each dish tells a story of immigrants who arrived in Missouri and "cooked to survive."

How Missouri Saved Wine

If you love French wine and the Napa Valley region of California, then you should really thank Missouri — specifically, the work of a few Missouri winemakers and scientists who saved the industry at a pivotal moment.

Who Gets To Define Missouri Barbecue?

Kansas City and St. Louis are both known as barbecue destinations, but recent efforts to redefine the cuisine have sidelined the Black barbecuers, pitmasters and restaurateurs who made it an institution.

Trailer: Hungry For MO

To celebrate Missouri's 200th birthday, hosts Natasha Bailey and Jenny Vergara are uncovering the stories behind the iconic foods of the state of Missouri. New episodes every week for six weeks starting on August 10.