Kansas City Today Welcome to Kansas City Today, a brand-new daily news podcast from KCUR Studios. Hosted by Nomin Ujiyediin, this podcast will be your daily rundown on all things Kansas City.
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Welcome to Kansas City Today, a brand-new daily news podcast from KCUR Studios. Hosted by Nomin Ujiyediin, this podcast will be your daily rundown on all things Kansas City.

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Life after exoneration in Missouri

Kevin Strickland was finally freed after 43 years wrongfully imprisoned, but Missouri's compensation law only allows for payments to prisoners who prove their innocence through a specific DNA testing statute. What does freedom hold for Strickland and other exonerees like him?

Crazy home prices hit rural Kansas and Missouri

High housing prices aren't just for the cities: Rural Midwest towns are now dealing with a surge of new residents and higher real estate costs as a result. Plus, how Kansas City playgrounds are making the city more inclusive for kids with disabilities.

Why are there so few Latinas in elected office in Kansas?

In a pair of predominantly Hispanic southwest Kansas communities, two women try to become the first Latinas voted into local office. Also, a strange white orb in the middle of Overland Park may look like a spaceship has landed in the suburbs. Hear what is really inside this residential dome home.

Missouri won't pay Kevin Strickland a dime for his 43 years in prison

After 43 years in prison, Kevin Strickland's conviction was overturned but despite his wrongful incarceration, he won't receive any compensation from the state.

Kevin Strickland is free

After 43 years in prison, Kevin Strickland has finally been freed as a Missouri judge overturned his conviction. Strickland's case was among the longest wrongful imprisonments in the country. Plus, some Missouri homeowners are get rid of racial covenants that banned nonwhite people from buying houses.

Why doesn't Kansas City control its own police?

Kansas City remains one of the only U.S. cities without authority over its own police department, but civil rights groups are demanding that to be changed. Plus, tens of thousands of properties in St. Louis still have racially restrictive covenants, even though they've been outlawed for decades.

Kansas City officer convicted

For the first time ever, a Kansas City officer was convicted in the fatal shooting of a Black man. A Jackson County judge on Friday found detective Eric DeValkenaere guilty of involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action in the 2019 death of Cameron Lamb. Plus, hear what's going on in Kansas City's important redistricting process.

Fentanyl is killing hundreds of Missourians

Nearly 800 Missourians died of opioid overdoses in the first half of 2021, and there's one major cause: the synthetic opioid fentanyl. Plus, emails show how quickly the state of Kansas bent to a company's wishes to keep information out of public view, reflecting a disturbing national trend.

Kevin Strickland's hair could free him from prison

After spending 43 years in prison for a crime that prosecutors say he didn't commit, Kevin Strickland now has a shot at exoneration — based partly on the hairstyle in his booking photo. Plus, two Missouri lawmakers want to make sure that incarcerated mothers can still care for their newborns behind bars.

What actually happened with the Park Hill South slavery petition

A racist incident at a Kansas City high school appears to have played out far differently than was originally reported. Now a prominent civil rights attorney is representing four students in a federal lawsuit against the school district.