Becoming a Veteran: A Conversation With Capt. Oliver

Meet Captain Signa Oliver. She served in the Army Artillery in the 1980s before working as a Phoenix Police officer. She then went to law school and commissioned back into the Army as a prosecutor in the Judge Advocate General Corps. Oliver was one of the 10-15% of soldiers who were women. In this episode, producer Scott Bourque spoke with Capt. Oliver about what it means to be a woman in a heavily male-dominated institution. See for privacy information.

Becoming A Veteran: Discharged

There is a shared military service experience that has an effect on each person who serves. Only 10% of military personnel ever fire weapons in combat; it can be the other aspects of military life that make a stronger impact. Veteran and producer Scott Bourque will introduce you to Arizona veterans who share their struggles and their triumphs as they adapt to society once they are out of the service. See for privacy information.