When you need a bigger kitchen: Rent

When a company in the food industry outgrows their domestic kitchen, does not need a restaurant or cannot justify a standalone kitchen, The Kitchen Terminal has a solution for those playing with food on a small commercial scale: Rent.

From Goats to Cheese

Dairy animals contribute more than just their milk toward making good cheese. Playing With Food looks at how every aspect of the life of a goat herd near Cambria is part of making a high-quality cheese.

Playing With Food - Farming in the city with Jon Aimonetti

Living on the Central Coast, we see farms as we drive along any highway. But Fairview Gardens is an urban farm, right in the middle of Goleta. Playing With Food explored the challenges and opportunities of urban farming.

Playing With Food: Off the grid

Lowering one's carbon footprint takes committment and determination. When it comes to food, we can reduce our meat consumption, eliminate food waste and consume less, in general. But committing to cooking off the grid? That is Aaron Gomez's committment to saving the planet one meal at a time.

Playing With Food: In the fields with GleanSLO

California has an endless supply of fresh food. We all know that. But we also have hungry people. So, how do those living with food insecurity gain access to the bounty they see all around them? Well, there are hundreds of people in your neighborhoods who are helping make that happen. And it's GleanSLO at the Food Bank.