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The business of culture. The culture of business. Policy; media & tech; entrepreneurs and more.

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Filmmaker B.K. Fulton

Soulidifly Productions' founder and CEO B.K. Fulton on reinventing from the top executive ranks of Verizon into a career as a prolific filmmaker and Broadway producer.

Chicken Fiesta

Restaurateur Harold Vega on leaving the violence of his native Colombia for the U.S. — where he bussed tables and accumulated the ambition and capital to found Virginia rotisserie empire Chicken Fiesta.

Alicia Montgomery

Alicia Montgomery, Slate's head of audio and a longtime NPR producer, on the converging and diverging words of public and for-profit media. Slate, a 28-year old digital media OG with a roster of hit podcasts, just had its most profitable year on record.

Meb Faber

Cambria Investment Management's Meb Faber on staying ahead in the era of democratized markets — with too many choices and maybe too much information. We discussed diversification, risk and the tech heavyweights dominating U.S. returns. And Faber's career journey.


• NPR's Sarah McCammon on her bestseller The Exvangelicals • MBA-ish feels your corporate pain • New Martin Agency CEO Danny Robinson

The Last Mutiny Girl

Dr. Vanessa Sinclair on her new novel Things Happen — which recalls her days as a homeless grunge teen crashing at Miami's then-abandoned Hotel Mutiny after Hurricane Andrew broke her family apart. Today, Sinclair is a psychoanalyst based in Sweden.

Truths in Advertising

Danny Robinson, The Martin Agency's new CEO, on staying competitive, omnivorous and funky amid the seemingly relentless disruption of advertising and media.

The Exvangelicals

NPR's Sarah McCammon on her new book, The Exvangelicals: Loving, Living and Leaving the White Evangelical Church. Recorded before an audience for Fountain Bookstore and Sam Miller's Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia.

Enable Cookies

Erin Kennedy on finding purpose to emerge from crippling depression and start OMG OCPs, the booming oatmeal cream pie brand in Richmond, Virginia. She did this during the pandemic with only $300 in her bank account.


Adeel Van, the lapsed consultant and startup CEO, on founding Instagram phenom MBA-ish — where fun is poked, pain is felt and help is dished to so many lost and suffering corporate souls.