The Teach Reach Inspire Podcast from Red River Radio Dr. Tracey Burrell interviews experts in the educational field, including teachers, principals and their support teams.
The Teach Reach Inspire Podcast from Red River Radio

The Teach Reach Inspire Podcast from Red River Radio

From Red River Radio

Dr. Tracey Burrell interviews experts in the educational field, including teachers, principals and their support teams.

Most Recent Episodes

Teach, Reach, Inspire - Basketball Fundamentals

On this episode, we will discuss the concept of teaching basketball fundamentals and highlight court specialists who teach, reach, and inspire individuals of all ages to play the right way.

The Dream Big Interactive Initiative

This month's episode features The Dream Big Interactive Initiative, a local program that encourages children to never give up on themselves and their dreams.

Teach Reach Inspire - Links Incorporated

In honor of Black History Month, host Dr. Tracey Burrell will feature the Shreveport Chapter of Links Incorporated (Linked in Friendship, Connected in Service), an organization that has been teaching children, reaching families, and inspiring our community since 1973.

Teach Reach Inspire - Kingdom Education

This month's episode features three local administrators of schools that offer students a Kingdom Education where the school, the family, and the church partner in the overall academic success and spiritual development of the child.Fabian Carter, Dean of Students at Evangel Christian Academy.Sarah Stroope, Principal of the Word of God Academy Lower SchoolGinger Gustavson, Headmaster of First Baptist Church School

TRI - Wednesday, September 27,2023 - Teacher of the Year Honors

Each year the Louisiana Department of Education in partnership with Dream Teachers acknowledges competent, qualified, and motivated teachers through its Teacher of the Year Recognition Program. On this episode of Teach, Reach, Inspire, we will be joined by three local teachers who were recognized as state finalists.Janet McCrevan, teacher at South Highlands Elementary in Caddo and Louisiana TOY State FinalistCamille Cole, teacher at Platt Elementary School in Bossier and Louisiana New TOY State FinalistBrad Winstead, teacher at Airline High School in Bossier and Louisiana New TOY State Finalist.

Teach, Reach, Inspire - August 23,2023

In football, we often hear about the performance of the offense and the defense, but there is another unit of players that spends less than 20% of the game on the field, but scores roughly 35% of the team's total points. The special teams unit made up of kickers, punts, returners, and defenders is often forgotten, but can have an enormous impact on the game itself. The Special Education Department is the school system's special teams unit that places students in a better academic, emotional, and behavior field position in order to achieve overall success. Join Dr. Tracey Burrell along with Dr. Cassandra Williams, Assistant Professor of Special Education, LSU Shreveport, Shawne Marsala, Supervisor of Pupil Appraisal, Bossier Schools, and Ross Boyett, Assistant Principal, Waskom Middle School Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at 6 PM for Teach, Reach, Inspire.

Teach Reach Inspire - the role of the Assistant Principal

Airs July 26, 2023 at 6 p.m. You've probably heard sayings like, there's no "I" in TEAM. Playing off of that a bit, there's probably not an "A" and "P" in the word TEAM. But ask any school principal, and they will tell you that they would not have a strong leadership team without their APs or more formally, their Assistant Principals.

Teach, Reach, Inspire: April 26, 2023

A recent survey found that nearly one of six Americans have never traveled outside of their home state. Sadly, many school-aged children have never ventured outside of their own city, and in many cases outside of their own neighborhood. Tonight, we will hear from three individuals who are trying to change that by providing students with real-world learning experiences that help to develop global awareness. Amy Williams, Global Studies Coordinator at Fairfield Elementary School in Caddo ParishRachel Ryan, English Teacher at Parkway High School in Bossier ParishMark Miller, Dean of Students at Centenary College

Teach, Reach, Inspire for January 2023

A 2022 survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at The University of Chicago concluded that only 18% of Americans would encourage a young person to become a K-12 teacher. Even more alarming is that more than half of teachers would discourage their own children from entering the teaching profession.You will hear a story of how one educator is crushing these statistics by cultivating the next generation of teachers right in her own home. Airs, Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 6 pm.

Teach, Reach, Inspire looks at Holy Angels, March 22, 2023

Imagine a school setting where children ages 2-21 receive both therapeutic and educational services that enhance their quality of life. A place where 2-minute hugs are the norm, and where homemade cookies and ice cream are made and shipped all over the country. That place is Holy Angels located right here in Shreveport. Hear how Holy Angels is teaching children, reaching families, and inspiring communities.Guests include:Laurie Boswell, Chief Executive OfficerRandy Davidson, Chief Operating OfficerKelly Rouse, Director of Community School