TreeNote TreeNote is a two minute weekly feature from renowned ecologist Dr. Nalini Nadkarni and KUER.


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TreeNote is a two minute weekly feature from renowned ecologist Dr. Nalini Nadkarni and KUER.

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Trees and Lightning

Envision a bolt from the sky striking a single tall tree in an open field.

The Space Between Trees

When we describe trees, we generally focus on their solid place within a landscape. For an exact description, we measure the size and shapes of their trunks, their foliage and their flowers.

How many kinds of trees are there?

On a road trip last week, I counted the number of different types of cars that whizzed by, responding to that human urge to tally the diversity around us.

Lenticels: Tree's Little Windows

What's the first thing you do when you get into your car after it's been sitting in the hot sun all day? Open the windows! Well, trees also need windows in their trunks and branches to let air circulate.

The Ancient Juniper

Although juniper trees are the most widely distributed tree species in the world, they've never won first prize for being the biggest or tallest tree.

Arbor Day

The roots of Arbor Day began over 150 years ago in like an unlikely spot: Nebraska City, Nebraska, heart of the Midwest, where the habitat is treeless prairies.

Two spices, one tree

My father is from India, so I grew up eating and loving Indian food.

Baobab, the Tree of Life

The baobab tree has many intriguing nicknames: the camel tree, the bottle tree, the upside-down tree and the Tree of Life.

Chopsticks and Trees

Take a look at the packet of disposable chopsticks you get with your next order of sushi — you know, the snap-apart kind, tucked in a paper sleeve. These throwaway chopsticks are clean and convenient, but they contribute to a bento box of environmental problems.

Maple Syrup

Spring is here, the time when the sap in trees is rising. So, let's think about the making of maple syrup!