Irish Stew Podcast Irish Stew is the podcast for the Global Irish Nation, featuring interviews with fascinating influencers proud of their Irish Edge. If you're Irish born or hyphenated Irish, this is the podcast that brings all the Irish together.
Irish Stew Podcast

Irish Stew Podcast


Irish Stew is the podcast for the Global Irish Nation, featuring interviews with fascinating influencers proud of their Irish Edge. If you're Irish born or hyphenated Irish, this is the podcast that brings all the Irish together.

Most Recent Episodes

S6E8: Kate Kerrigan asks, Am I Irish Yet?

Writer, performer, and force of nature, born Morag Prunty, but best known by her pen name Kate Kerrigan whisks us from London where she grew up with an Irish identity to Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way where she's living with an English accent. In this episode, Kate spins tales of idyllic childhood summers in Mayo, the dynamics of being Irish in England during the turbulent 70s and 80s, her challenges in navigating the complex terrain of her Irish identity, and her late-in-life recognition of the obstacles and superpowers in her ADHD. An in-demand London magazine editor despite dropping out of school at age 15, Kate became a successful novelist with the New York Times bestseller Ellis Island to her credit. Now she's taken her act to the stage, earning raves for her acclaimed one-woman show, Am I Irish Yet?, which dives into her "feels Irish but sounds English" dilemma in a performance resonating with audiences in Ireland, the UK, and from anyone not living where they were born. Kate's next goal is to bring this tour de force to the world's capital of people not living where they were born—New York City. Join us for a deeply personal exploration of identity, belonging, and cultural heritage, along with more than a bit of craic with the irrepressible Kate Kerrigan! Links: Websites: Kate Kerrigan Am I Irish Yet? Circus 250: Am I Irish Yet? Instagram: @katekerriganauthor @amiirishyet Other Social Media: Facebook Twitter/X LinkedIn: Morag Prunty

S6E7: A Shot at Glory: Eric Favors and the Pursuit of Olympic Dreams

In this episode, cohosts John and Martin dive into the world of Olympic shot putting with their guest, Eric Favors, an athlete representing Ireland. Born and raised in Rockland County, New York, with a rich Irish heritage, Eric shares his journey from trying various sports to specializing in track and field. He discusses the intricacies of shot put, a sport that demands not just brute strength but finesse, technique, and a fine balance between power and agility. Eric also touches on the importance of understanding the technical aspects of shot put, his training regimen, diet, and the mental fortitude needed for competing at the highest levels. The conversation covers his personal background, experiences growing up in an Irish-American enclave, the evolution of his career, the challenges of maintaining an athletic lifestyle, and his aspirations for the Olympics. Additionally, Eric and the hosts explore the avenues of dealing with the pressures of professional sports, the rigorous drug testing protocols in athletics, and how social media and YouTube play a role in connecting with fans and showcasing the athlete's journey. The episode concludes with Eric's future plans, both within and outside of his athletic career. Links YouTube LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter/X

S6E6: Jackie Gilna – We Are Global Irish, from Canada to the World

Irish Stew goes to Canada for a most "Global Irish Nation Conversation" with Jackie Gilna, who's been Irish in Dublin, Spain, the Netherlands, and now she's Irish in Canada's capital, Ottawa. And through a new venture, she's Irish all around the world. Jackie launched We Are Global Irish this year to showcase Irish innovation, connect Irish businesses and organizations globally, drive opportunities to and from the island of Ireland, and to engage the Irish diaspora and anyone with an affinity for Ireland. Her "WAGI" platform is an online center for networking, collaboration, and commerce within the international Irish community. We Are Global Irish is a natural outgrowth of a career that included founding and leading the Irish Canada Business Council and co-founding and leading the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce. Jackie talks of balancing the Irish storytelling culture with the need for direct communications skills in international business, how "Plastic Paddy" thinking is "sand in the gears" for the Irish diaspora, the case for diaspora representation in the Oireachtas, and the bid by Chairman of New York's St. Patrick's Day Foundation Hilary Beirne to earn the National University of Ireland panel nomination to Seanad Éireann. Jackie closes with a heartfelt "Seamus Plug" to support your local hospice for children in Ireland or abroad. And she welcomes you to join the We Are Global Irish movement! Links: We Are Global Irish Website LinkedIn Facebook Twitter/X Jackie Gilna LinkedIn Twitter/X

S6E5: Maura Clare & Alice Carroll – Spirited Women of Irish Spirits

Settle in for a spirited episode of Irish Stew with two pioneering women in the Irish spirits industry, Alice Carroll--the proud Limerick distiller and co-founder of Foxes Bow Whiskey, and Maura Clare--the Queen of Poitín and creator of the Smuggling Nun brand. They swap notes on their journey into the spirits business, the challenges and opportunities of operating in traditionally male-dominated sectors, their innovative approaches to reviving and reshaping perceptions around Irish Whiskey and Poitín, how they crafted their distinctive flavor profiles, and the intriguing backstories of the Foxes Bow and Smuggling Nun names. The conversations delve into the unique qualities of their spirits, their signature cocktail creations, the importance of women in the evolving Irish spirits industry, and who they'd most like to serve their libations to. Paging Beyoncé! Join us for the story of two women forging ahead in the Irish drinks industry--Alice, gaining shelf space globally for Foxes Bow in a crowded Irish Whiskey category, and Maura opening new markets for a newly legal elixir with her Smuggling Nun Poitín. Sláinte! Links Alice Carroll & Foxes Bow Website Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Maura Clare & Smuggling Nun Website Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn

S6E4: Michael Meade - From Banking to Brewing

Michael Meade spent over 20 years on Wall Street and then stepped away from the pressured world of high finance to do something totally different. Some, in his circumstances, may have opted for plenty of time on the golf course and cracking open a few brews, that's not the kind of person Michael Meade is. Intrigued by a visit to Ireland, Michael wanted to build a business that would connect to his Irish roots, work with a famous brewing dynasty, revive Ireland's oldest brewing brand and return beer making to Kilkenny, the home of red ale. It has, and will continue to be, a journey for a son of Buffalo, one of America's most Irish of towns. Michael's partnership with the Smithwick family, the revival of Sullivan's Brewing in Kilkenny, an award winning beer developed by brewmaster Ian Hamilton, is a tale of both passion and the value in building a great team, that combination just might yield Ireland's next great export company. Michael Meade's Links LinkedIn Instagram Twitter Sullivans Brewing Company Website Facebook Instagram Twitter

S6E3: Allan Mulrooney – Surfing the Wave to the West of Ireland

As Chief Executive of the Western Development Commission (WDC), Allan Mulrooney is a tireless advocate for the Western Region of Ireland, promoting social and economic development for the counties of Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon, Galway, and Clare. Why go west? Allan points to the region's mix of the old and the new, how it fosters a work-life balance, the contrast of beautiful natural areas and vibrant cities, its expanding broadband internet and innovation-spurring connected hubs--and some of the best surfing in the world! Growing up in Strandhill, just west of Sligo, Allan first paddled out into the surf before he was a teenager—the water was cold, but then the sport wasn't cool. It sounds pretty cool when Allan tells of traveling the world with a few surfboards and a guitar on his back. Talking to Allan, you see career threads spinning out in all directions—surf bum, web publisher, social enterprise entrepreneur, community advocate, business development executive, communications professional—and all those threads come together in his leadership role at the WDC, where he and his team work to tell the region's compelling "Work Smarter, Live Better" story. Join us as we head west with Allan for an audio tour of the scenic beauty, appealing lifestyle, expanding business ecosystem, dynamic innovation hubs, vibrant cities and peaceful towns, growing business opportunities, emerging career possibilities, growing economy, and all that's best about the West. But if surfing is your draw, Allan cautions it takes "more courage or madness" than he has to tackle the forty- and fifty-foot "mutant" waves off Mullaghmore Head! Links: Allan Mulrooney Twitter / X LinkedIn Websites: o (Co-Founder at) o (SIRF Charity) Western Development Commission Website LinkedIn Twitter / X Facebook Instagram

S6E2: Michael McKillop - Whiskey Distiller & Potato Purveyor

In the first of our "Irish Libations" series, we welcome Michael McKillop, who branched out from the 36-year-old Glens of Antrim Potatoes business to launch Glens of Antrim Distillery with its Lir line of Irish Whiskeys, amidst bucolic surroundings in Cushendall, Northern Ireland. We get a professional's view of the growing, shipping, and marketing of Ireland's favorite crop, and how his company is taking on the potato crisp business with its Glens of Antrim and Shindig brands with creative new flavors (Roast Beef & Mustard!) and packaging, including boxes and 10-pound bags! We learn how he revived the Lumper, the potato variety associated with the crop failure of "Black 47," and how his Lumpers entered the curriculum of schools across the island in lessons about An Gorta Mor. Knowing it would be a gamble, Michael rolled the dice in creating his line of whiskey, with Green Crest, Red Crest, and Black Crest versions of his Lir brand, a labor of love, a tribute to his family's heritage, and to the stunning Glens of Antrim region. He rolled the dice again in planning a new distillery to strengthen the company's ties with the local community, create job opportunities in the area, and launch a new tourist destination. A handsome structure it will be, and after a long journey the project got the go-ahead just after we recorded this episode. Michael shares stories of why he hates sheep, his adventures delivering potatoes with his father around Northern Ireland, the business reasons for moving into whiskey, the challenges of launching a distillery, why he's committing to pot-still whiskey, and the benefits of the founders' cask trade. We wrap with a wee, warming, amber dram of Lir Green Crest. Sláinte! Links Michael McKillop Facebook LinkedIn Glens of Antrim Distillery Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Glens of Antrim Potatoes Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Twitter Glens of Antrim Crisps Website Shindigs Boxed Potato Crips Website

S6E1: Discovering the Truth in Lies We Tell

Launching Season Six, we go behind the scenes of the woman-strong Irish film Lies We Tell, a brooding tale of angels and demons, light and shadow, manners and mores, family secrets and family crimes, which The Guardian called "a tightly laced, elegantly cut gothic period drama." A total rethinking of Irish writer Sheridan Le Fanu's 1864 novel Uncle Silas, the film centers on Maud Ruthyn, brilliantly portrayed by the rising young star Agnes O'Casey, great-granddaughter of the playwright, Sean O'Casey, who is trapped in the sprawling family estate Knowl (filmed at Ardgillan Castle in County Dublin) and by "the law being made and enforced by men." The Guardian called her delivery "as sharp as a steak knife" and Screen International wrote, "A singular performance by Agnes O'Casey gives the pretty period piece a serrated edge." Our episode starts with a prelude from Maedhbh Fiona Mc Cullagh, director of Washington, DC's Solas Nua Capital Irish Film Festival, which kicks off on Feb. 29th with Lies We Tell. Then Director Lisa Mulcahy and screenwriter Elisabeth Gooch talk about how they transformed a century-and-a-half-old Gothic period drama into a compelling woman-centered story relevant to today. We learn why Elizabeth found the 1864 Maude so annoying and Lisa talks about the budget pressures that led to the film's signature candle-lit ambiance, creating what Film Journal called "a tale of flawlessness and immersive beauty." Then you'll meet Agnes O'Casey and hear about her UK upbringing, her Trinity College Dublin theatre training, her embrace of the Sean O'Casey lineage, her TV breakthrough in Ridley Road, her recent roles in films with the likes of Maggie Smith, Kathy Bates, Laura Linney, Stephen Rea, and a Cillian Murphy film yet to be released, and the challenges of being on camera in almost every scene of Lies We Tell. Join us to meet the makers and learn the backstory of the brilliant, woman-forwards Lies We Tell. Links: Lies We Tell Website IMDb Agnes O'Casey Wikipedia IMDb Portfolio Showreel Lisa Mulcahy Website IMDb Twitter Elisabeth Gooch IMDb Maedhbh Fiona Mc Cullagh LinkedIn Twitter Solas Nua Capital Irish Film Festival

S5E22: Dan Mulhall - Check-In - The Pilgrim Soul of WB Yeats

When we last talked with Dan Mulhall, he was Ireland's Ambassador to the United Stares. Since then, he retired after a 44-year career in diplomacy, but he's been busier than ever as we learn in this check-in episode with Martin Nutty focused on his new book on W. B. Yeats. Recent invitations to New York University, Cambridge, and Harvard, provided opportunities to engage with students and pursue research into Yeats, a poet that he'd turned to throughout his diplomatic career. Early on, Dan realized the power of Yeats's poetry, how the words of one of Ireland's most important cultural icons could open diplomatic doors that were closed to other nations. Dan's love of Yeats's words and his understanding of the poet's role in Irish history is now told in "Pilgrim Soul: W. B. Yeats and the Ireland of His Time." Join us as Dan explores the many aspects of the enigmatic poet's life and how his legacy continues to be relevant in a turbulent world. Links Twitter Pilgrim Soul: W. B. Yeats and the Ireland of His Time United States Ireland

S5E21: Malachy Browne - Data-driven Journalist for the Digital Age

With a computer programming background and an instinct for reporting, Malachy Browne is on the vanguard of a new form of data-driven news coverage that is revitalizing journalism. Co-founder and enterprise director of the New York Times Visual Investigations team, Malachy is pioneering the use of digital sleuthing, collecting and analyzing troves of video and audio, satellite images and other data, and creating 3-D reconstructions of crime scenes and geopolitical events to hold the powerful to account and deconstruct important news events. These efforts have earned two Pulitzer Prizes, an Emmy, and other top-tier accolades for Malachy and his team. Not bad for a Limerick lad from the village of Broadford, population 276! He'd earn his master's in international relations at the University of Limerick after getting his bachelor's degree in engineering at University College Dublin. Malachy tells of navigating between his core computer competency and his journalistic instincts (which he "blames" on his uncle, the legendary journalist Vincent Browne) which would lead him to Storyful, where he'd collaborate with past guests Mark Little, David Clinch, and others in creating the emerging innovative data-driven style of reporting. Join us for an inside look at the way Malachy and his team are telling the world's most critical stories—from the Arab Spring to the January 6th Insurrection—in an entirely new way. Malachy Browne Links X/Twitter Facebook LinkedIn New York Times Links Visual Investigations Malachy Browne Day of Rage: How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol