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Avoiding meat & dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your impact

A 2018 Science study says avoiding meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact. More than 80 percent of farmland is used for livestock.

Intertwined: Women, Nature, and Climate Justice

Women are disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis. Wildlife biologist Rebecca Kormos says empowering women is one of the most important solutions.

Dubai Unlocked: A global investigation into Dubai's real estate owners

Dubai Unlocked is an investigative project involving more than 70 media outlets around the globe revealing who owns what in Dubai, the Middle East's financial hub.

Frontline, AP documentary investigates deaths from police use of force

Frontline and The Associated Press spent three years investigating deaths that occurred after police used tactics like prone restraint and other "less-lethal force."

Report back from doctor in Gaza as students continue ceasefire calls

Dr. Mohammed Khaleel treated mostly children and young adults with blast injuries and bullet wounds. This is why students across the country are calling for a ceasefire.

Majority oppose Trump GOP plan to ban abortion nationwide

Trump recently told Time Magazine he would allow conservative states to prosecute those who violate abortion bans. The ultimate plan is to ban abortion in all 50 states.

GOP anti-abortion policies harm women around the globe

For half a century, Republicans have forced poorer nations to abide by the anti-abortion policies of US conservatives. Trump imposed the tightest restrictions to date.

Can coral reefs survive a warming planet?

At least 54 countries and territories have experienced coral reef mass bleaching since February 2023 as climate change warms the ocean's waters, according to NOAA.

How the media shapes the nationwide student protest movement

College students are calling for an end to the assault on Gaza. Since April 18, police have arrested more than 2,800 people on 50 campuses, according to the AP.

SF schools face budget crisis, potential layoffs & school closures

The San Francisco Unified School District is preparing for a vote on which schools may close to address a budget crisis and declining enrollment.