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The VPR Cafe is shares stories from the farms, kitchens and eateries of Vermont that connect our communities.More from VPR Cafe »

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VPR Cafe: Embracing Permaculture In Plainfield

Permanent + Agriculture = Permaculture. Okay, maybe that's a rudimetary way of explaining what permaculture is but, essentially, it's a more sustainable form of agriculture based on perennials - plants you don't need to replant each year. In this episode, we hear about one Vermont farmer who was unknowingly exposed to permaculture while growing up and then became enamored with it during a trip to India.

VPR Cafe: Dumpster Dinner Delivers A Meal With A Message

A trash dumpster was recently used as the staging area for a fine, six-course meal served in Waterbury. Adopted from concept of The Salvage Supperclub in New York, the dinner was prepared with ingredients both gleaned and about to be thrown away. The purpose of the evening in this odd setting: to create a connection between food insecurity and food waste.

VPR Cafe: Vermonters Return Home To Fuel The Ludlow Food Scene

Ludlow, Vermont, is a small town with a big ski resort and a vibrant culinary scene. Like many Vermonters who leave the state only to eventually return, some of Ludlow's restaurants are run by locals who moved away but then came back with cooking skills in tow.

VPR Cafe: Sweet Doe Dairy's New Twist On Gelato

During a recent round-up of summer farmers market finds, Seven Days food writer, Hannah Palmer Egan, was taken with a new spin on a sweet treat from a Chelsea dairy: gelato. The Italian-style ice cream was born around the year 1600. Fast-forward 500-plus years to present day Vermont where we find the frozen confection still being created similarly, but with a twist from Sweet Doe Dairy.

VPR Cafe: Cookbook Author Explores Changes To Traditional Recipes

When we think of the foods from a particular culture, we usually don't pay much attention to how it's influenced and has changed as it carries to other places. But a noted cookbook author has done just that in tracking how Jewish dishes have been altered around the globe.

VPR Cafe: Poké Arrives In Vermont

Like sushi, poké (pronounced POH-keh) is a dish that includes raw fish; however, with Hawaiian roots, it offers a wide range of other ingredients including pasta, beets, greens and fruit. Poké is typically served in a bowl, has become a nationwide food trend and has finally arrived in Vermont.

VPR Cafe: Vermont Cheesemakers Pass The Baton

For more than 35 years, the owners of Orb Weaver Farm have been makeing a Colby-style cheese from the milk of their Jerseys. But that's about to change.

VPR Cafe: Crossing The Lake For A Meal And Some Scenery

While only a few miles apart, traveling between towns in Vermont and New York, separated by Lake Champlain, isn't an every-day commute for everyone. But when you do find time to hop the ferry, there's adventure and delicious food across the water.

VPR Cafe: Farmers Market Season In Full Swing

Making a weekly stop at your local farmers market is a common event for many, especially during summer. But consider breaking away from your go-to market to explore the farmers and vendors selling their wares in a neighboring town or another part of the state.

VPR Cafe: The Crunchy Goodness Of Cricket Protein

If fried grasshoppers and other insects are considered snacks in many parts of the world, why not crunch on crickets, too? One Vermont company is counting on the fact that you might appreciate crickets as part of your diet.

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