KUOW's The Record Host Bill Radke leads in-depth conversations about what matters today in Seattle and beyond.
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Host Bill Radke leads in-depth conversations about what matters today in Seattle and beyond.

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The Record is going on summer break

Today is The Record's final show before going on summer break to retool and reimagine our program. In the meantime, you'll be able to hear WBUR's On Point during the noon hour. Bill Radke speaks with Meghna Chakrabarti, host of On Point, about what the show is looking to bring to Seattle, and what the region can bring to On Point.

It belongs in a museum! A look into the competitive world of fossils

There's a market for just about anything — and fossils are hot right now. Collectors are paying tens of thousands of dollars for the latest dig, and that's making it difficult for paleontologists to track important finds. Bill Radke is joined by Christian Sidor from the Burke Museum.

Hot days and hotter soup: a primer on summer eats

A popsicle in your bubbly. Your favorite deli sandwich. A spicy soup for a blistering afternoon. Bill Radke is joined by Seattle Times' Bethany Jean Clement to discuss the best summer eats, along with a review of pandemic restaurant etiquette and the latest in Seattle restaurant news.

It's already a bad year for fires. Now there's a heat wave

Wildfires across the American West have grown in intensity in the last five years. In 2020, 800,000 acres burned in Washington State — more than double the total in 2018. Bill Radke speaks with Hilary Franz, State Commissioner of Public Lands, about the state's preparations for what's looking to be an especially dangerous wildfire season.

Fantastic fossils and where to find them

The fossil trade is booming right now — but what do you need to know before you go digging in your backyard? Plus, a primer on summer eats and current pandemic restaurant etiquette. We get an update on wildfire season and what the state is doing for prevention. And, a preview with On Point before The Record goes on summer break.

A Wet Hot Seattle Summer hike needs a plan

Seattle summer are a classic staple to cherish. Getting outside for a hike or camping trip is a natural part of the PNW experience. But where should you go and how do you prepare for the heatwaves and still cool waters? Bill Radke spoke with Kindra Ramos the Communications and Outreach Director at Washington Trails Association about preparing for summer hikes.

A drug bust in Seattle led this Seattle author to recovery

Joe Conniff was addicted to drugs, lived on the streets, and committed crimes. Conniff sought 12 step programs, counseling and detox. Today he's a certified peer counselor in Seattle and the author of a memoir called "Causes and Conditions: A Life experience in Addiction and Recovery." Bill Radke spoke with Joe Conniff about a moment that helped lead him to recovery: a drug bust in Seattle's open air drug market known as The Blade.

A proposal to remove dams from Snake River gains support

Salmon numbers are in serious decline. To help them swim, dozens of hydroelectric dams have been removed in over the last ten years. A Republican Idaho Congressmember, wants to remove some of the dams near the Washington/Idaho border and he has the support of several environmentalists and the Nez Perce tribe. Bill Radke spoke with Nez Perce Vice Chairman Shannon Wheeler, about the importance of removal and opposition from state leaders.

Hiking in the Seattle heat? Make a plan

Preparing for a summer outdoors calls for preparation. Washington Trails Association gives us some creative ways to plan our next hike.

Summer playlists 2021

Eva Walker is a musician with the band the Black Tones, and host of Audioasis on KEXP. She joins Jeff Ramsey, owner of Cafe Racer and Cafe Racer Radio in a conversation about music and what's fresh for summer 2021.