KUOW's The Record Host Bill Radke leads in-depth conversations about what matters today in Seattle and beyond.
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KUOW's The Record


Host Bill Radke leads in-depth conversations about what matters today in Seattle and beyond.

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A look at the Billionaires flocking to the American West

The American West's natural beauty is luring people in but increasing wealth inequality. Bill Radke spoke with Yale professor Justin Farrell about his latest book Billionaire Wilderness

Bad Boys: COPS is back, this time in Spokane

This summer amid widespread uprisings against police brutality, Paramount network announced the cancellation of the show COPS. With much less fanfare, it restarted production for international audiences this month in Spokane.

Bad Boys: COPS is back, this time in Spokane

COPS returns to production – just not for a US audience. How rural idyll became a permanent playground for the wealthy. And this week's chat with Seattle's mayor Jenny Durkan.

Some songs hit different in quarantine

Remember going to conceBill Radke spoke with KUBE DJ Besa Gordon and KEXP DJ Abbie Gobeli about the songs getting them through quarantine.

October 21st | The music that keeps us keeping on in a pandemic world

The disillusionment phase of the pandemic is finally here. How the tourism needs to change now and after COVID-19. And our favorite tunes for crying, laughing, and surviving in quarantine.

The disillusionment phase

Our mental response to disaster works in phases. Where are we now? The disillusionment phase, when we come to terms with grief and loss for what we don't have anymore.

Antifa invasion or misinformed vigilantes?

Misinformation spurs violent aggression in Forks. This week's chat with King County Executive Dow Constantine. And what's at stake in the presidential election, from the viewpoint of where a glacier used to be.

Here's how a false report online became a call to arms

Misinformation spreads fast and sometimes there's just no stopping it. Bill Radke spoke with Lauren Smiley about how a false report led to a call to arms in Forks, WA.

Zooming through the gallery in a pandemic

How museums struggle to survive COVID-19. Deepfakes (and cheapfakes!) in the 2020 presidential election. Closer to home, a look at the contrasts between Washington's gubernatorial candidates. Ferries struck by lightning, and spiders coming to a corner all-too-near you.

Can our museums weather the pandemic?

Many of our favorite centers of science, history, and art were already dependent on sponsorships and donors to keep them afloat prior to the pandemic. While museums search for socially distant solutions, many aren't asking when they'll reopen, but if they'll be able to at all.

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