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Bilingual arts and public affairs program with interviews.

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"Con Alma": An Interview With Magos Herrera & Paola Prestini

Sat. 1/16, 3p: In this show, we share an interview conducted by Cristina Baccin with Grammy nominee, Magos Herrera, and composer Paola Prestini about their just released album " Con Alma" An operatic tableau on isolation (National Sawdust Tracks) which explores isolation and connection during this global confinement. Singer-songwriter, producer and educator, Magos Herrera is well known for her vocal improvisation and her singular style, which embraces contemporary jazz with Latin American

Nueva Canción Nuevomexicana: Lara Manzanares & Felix Peralta

Lunes 10 de agosto, 19hs.: Con el nuevo siglo y con nuevos y viejos desafíos, una nueva generación de músicos y compositores del espectro panamericano refunda y recrea la Nueva Canción latinoamericana del siglo anterior. La revisita incluye una profunda recreación de la música de los años ´60, ´70 u ´80s con nuevos arreglos musicales así como nuevas composiciones que reflejan los reclamos y las complejidades identitarias que salen a la luz en el arte y en los movimientos sociales contemporáneos.

"Commemorating and protesting Oñate on the border"

Mon. 8/3, 7p: On Espejos de Aztlán, in a conversation with Dr. Yolanda Chávez Leyva hosted by Cristina Baccin , we talk about the controversial figure of Juan de Oñate y Salazar and the veneration of Spanish conquerors by some in the Southwest: what´s their role in the history of inclusion/exclusion in the Southwest and in the USA as a nation. Dr. Chávez Leyva wrote about "Monuments of Conformity. Commemorating And Protesting Oñate on The Border" (New Mexico Historical Review, 2007). She is a

"Querencia": A Place In The Heart

Dr. Vanessa Fonseca-Chávez , Inaugural Poet Laureate of New Mexico Levi Romero , and Dr. Spencer R. Herrera talk with host Cristina Baccin about what´s a querenci a : is it a place in your heart? a childhood home? Language, sounds, smells or tastes? They´ll share their thoughts and stories around querencia and their inspiration as editors of the recently released book Querencia: Reflections on the New Mexico homeland published by the University of New Mexico Press . Lunes 13 de julio, 19 hs.: En

Securing Human Rights

Mon. 6/8, 7p: Today, on Espejos de Aztlán we have a conversation with Prof. Nancy López hosted by Cristina Baccin regarding the brutality and cruelty of police officers in the murder of Mr. George Floyd. We will discuss how this tragic incident is related with our nation's history of slavery, intentional segregation and institutionalized racism. Dr. Nancy López, Professor of Sociology is the Director of the Institute for Study of "Race" and Social Justice and an Africana Studies Faculty

Mari-Luci Jaramillo: First Latina Ambassador Of The US

Mon. 4/13, 8p: On Espejos de Aztlán, we honor Dr. Mari-Luci Jaramillo ´s life and contributions to New Mexico, our nation and the world. A native of Las Vegas, New Mexico, who advocated for civil rights become the first Latina to hold a United States ambassadorship. Throughout her career as a teacher, scholar, community leader, and writer, she focused on education, bilingualism and Latina´s rights. Her tireless efforts left a legacy of essays, awards, photographs, and books that are now housed

Cuéntame... Count Me In!

Mon. 3/2, 7p: Today, on Espejos de Aztlán we´ll talk about why do we want to be counted and why New Mexico Counts in the 2020 Census in a conversation hosted by Cristina Baccin. Today´s participants: Robert Rathigan - New Mexico state demographer, head of the Population Research Unit at UNM's Geospatial and Population Studies , and NM's liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau Oriana Sandoval - CEO of the Center for Civic Policy and member of NM's Complete Count Commission Amber Wallin - Deputy

"Aline And The Blue Bottle"

Mon. 12/2, 7p: On Espejos de Aztlán, we converse with Carolina Ugaz-Morán , author of Aline and the Blue Bottle (Aline y la botella azul) , a book in which a magical world opens before the eyes of its reader. The book takes a reader on a trip of ancient Incan mythology through the richness of the quechua language and legends. Join hostess Cristina Baccin in this conversation with Ms. Ugaz-Morán exploring what triggered her to immerse herself in this secret and mysterious atmosphere in which the

Eternos Indocumentados (Eternal Undocumented)

Mon. 11/18 7p: In this show we feature an exclusive interview with filmmaker Jennifer A. Cárcamo. Jennifer sat down with Espejos De Aztlán hosts, Froilan Orozco & Rafael Alejandro to talk about her documentary Eternos Indcocumentados, which captures the stories of recently arrived Central American refugees and explores the root causes of forced migration.

Legal Talk with Dr. Thomas Saenz of MALDEF

Mon. 10/14 7p: Espejos de Aztlán features an exclusive interview with Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) President, Dr. Thomas A. Saenz. Dr. Saenz sat down with Espejos De Aztlán hosts, Froilan Orozco, Moi Santos, & Rafael Alejandro to talk about important ongoing cases in immigration, education, and labor rights.