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UMES 30 Ep. 32--Richard C. Willis, CEO - Sankofa International, Inc.

On this episode of UMES 30 , show host Dr. Joshua K. Wright talks to Richard C. Willis, founder and CEO of Sankofa International, Inc. In 2013, Dr. Wright took a life-changing trip to the West African nation of Ghana, organized by Sankofa International, Inc., a non-profit based in the United States (est. 1993) whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for Africans living in Africa. ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 7/14/2019

UMES 30 Ep. 31--Ex-Redskins Player Dexter Manley On Football, Demons, Redemption

Throughout his life, Dexter Manley has had his share of demons, doggedly trying to outrun them while running down opposing , quarterbacks as a member of the Washington Redskins football team for several years during the 1980's. Nicknamed the "Secretary of Defense", Manley was a two-time Super Bowl champion. UMES 30 host Dr. Joshua K. Wright talks with Manley about his football career, past drug addiction, recovery, and his life as a former player for the Washington Redskins. ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 7

UMES 30 Ep. 31--Ex-Redskins Player Dexter Manley On Football, Demons, Redemption

UMES 30 Ep. 30--Maria Davis: Hip-Hop Promoter Turned HIV/AIDS Activist

UMES 30 host Dr. Joshua K. Wright speaks with former hip-hop promoter Maria Davis about her life as an AIDS survivor and her work on behalf of those suffering from HIV/AIDS. This episode contains frank language about HIV/AIDS and sexuality which may not be suitable for some listeners. Discretion is advised. ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 6/30/2019

UMES 30 Ep. 29--J.R. Fenwick: Founder, CEO Of Flip That Stock

UMES 30 host Dr. Joshua K. Wright has a conversation with award-winning author and entrepreneur, J.R. Fenwick. Fenwick describes how he lives life on his own terms and how that philosophy inspired him to create his own stock company--a company which educates and helps people learn how to invest in the stock market. ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 6/23/2019

UMES 30 Ep. 28--Kirkland 'Coach' Hall: Educator, Activist

UMES 30 host Dr. Joshua K. Wright speaks with Dr. Kirkland Hall. Dr. Hall is a 1974 alumn and a recently retired professor from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He is a local civil rights activist, political figure, and a minister. Dr. Hall--affectionately known as "Coach" Hall--talks about growing up in Somerset County, Maryland, under Jim Crow, his time as an educator, as well as his political activism. ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 6/16/2019

UMES 30 Ep. 27--Throwing Your Hat Into The Political Arena

We all know people who watch the news all day and then complain about what our politicians are not doing. Many of those who grumble never actually do anything to make things better. But then there are people like Charlee Childs who run for office and affect political change on their own terms. Childs is a native of Baltimore with family ties to Maryland's Eastern Shore. She ran for a seat on the State Central Committee in Baltimore County's 10th District in 2018. UMES 30's host, Dr. Joshua K.

UMES 30 Ep. 26--Policing And Police Reform

There have been quite a few debates over policing and police reform. UMES 30 host Dr. Joshua K. Wright and his guests tackle issues of community policing, racial bias, gun control, and more. The show's guests are Dr. Lorenzo Boyd and officer Lydia Polk. Dr. Boyd is the former chair of the Criminal Justice and Social Science Department at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Dr. Boyd is currently an associate professor at Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences in New

UMES 30 Ep. 25--Environmental Change: Its History, Effects

On this edition of UMES 30, show host Dr. Joshua K. Wright speaks with Dr. John R. Winnersten, award-winning author and Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Dr. Winnersten discusses the effects of environmental change in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, as well as the future of communities along the watershed and the nation as a whole. (ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 5/26/2019)

UMES 30 Ep. 24--Love & Marriage Among Millennials

According to a 2013 Pew Research Center survey, about nine-in-ten Americans cited love as a very important reason to get married, ahead of making a lifelong commitment and companionship. Millennials--and some Gen-Xers--are choosing to delay marriage until they have completed their education, established careers, and have sound financial footing. This delay may be part of the reason why the divorce rate among Millennials is below 50 percent. UMES 30 host Dr. Joshua K. Wright discusses love,

UMES 30 Ep. 23--University Maryland Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy

Over the past several years, the UMES School of Pharmacy has been deliberate in providing patient-centered care, continuing outreach in the community about health issues, and creating an environment that fosters research as well as medical discoveries. Host Dr. Joshua K. Wright speaks with UMES School of Pharmacy faculty, a graduate of the program, and a 4th year student. (ORIGINAL AIR DATE 5/12/2019)

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