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New Year's Resolution - Weatherize

WAER has been helping you to stay the course with some common New Year's Resolutions all this week. In the fifth and final part of our series, if you want to make the homestead greener in 2011, as WAER's John Smith reports, you have to know what to look for.

New Year's Resolution - Financial Fitness

Assess your personal financial portfolio and overall financial health in 2011, think it out well. That's a suggestion from one expert in Syracuse. WAER's John Smith continues our week long series of advice to keep some popular New Year's resolutions.

New Year's Resolution - Smoking

WAER continues our New Year's resolution series with what's been called the greatest preventable health crisis. If you're trying to quit smoking, a cancer and prevention expert we talked to says the cards are stacked against you. WAER's Chris Bolt investigates some old advice and new thinking that might help you make this the year you kick the habit.

Hillbrook Detention Center

Hillbrook Juvenile Detention Center in Syracuse works with troubled youth...yet it isn't a "lock-em-up and throw away the key" kind of place. WAER's Todd Cross highlights a new program using music to foster new skills and opportunity.

New Year's Resolution - Fitness

All this week WAER is giving you some helpful advise from the experts on how to make some of the most popular New Year's resolutions come to life. As WAER's John Smith reports, if you want to get fit or lose weight, hitting the weights might be just what you need.

New Year's Resolution - Obesity

The New Year is often a time when people want to make changes. All this week WAER is looking at New Year's resolutions and information to help you be successful. One of the more common goals each January is shedding some pounds. WAER's Chris Bolt reports on issues for those with a lot to lose.

Promise Scholar

The first student to graduate as part of a Syracuse University scholarship for Native American students received his degree this month. Created in 2006 under the direction of SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor, the program is one of only a handful of programs in the country that allows qualified Native Americans to attend a university free of charge. WAER's Brad Horn has this story on the hopes for the program and its first graduate.

WAER 63rd Anniversary

WAER celebrated 63 years on April 1, 2010. Chris Bolt offers this report.

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