This I Believe Illinois The NPR Illinois version of "This I Believe" as written and recorded by area high school seniors
This I Believe Illinois

This I Believe Illinois

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The NPR Illinois version of "This I Believe" as written and recorded by area high school seniors

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This I Believe: Unconventional Beauty

Imagine you're 11 years old and back in middle school. You're walking down the hallway when a boy says to you "Dang. You're darker than me." He says it in a condescending way, but you don't understand why it's such a bad thing. You don't understand why your whole life, people have told you that you were "too dark."

This I Believe: False Boundaries

I cross the train tracks on the Stanford Avenue extension, and suddenly, I'm transported. For many in my town, the train tracks symbolize a wholly different world. I've been told the boundary set by these train tracks is going to negatively impact my education and high school experience. When you go to school on this side of the train tracks, everybody on the other side has a preconceived idea of what the future has in store for you. Some think it's wise to file for a transfer to another school

This I Believe: I Believe in a Royal Flush

Hannah laughs and eats her strawberries out of the pink container that matches her pink lunch-box that her mom packs every night. I laugh along with everyone and their problems, sitting silently thinking about mine. "My mom got mad at me last night because I didn't finish cleaning the third floor" Lilly complains to people at my seventh-grade lunch table. ​You have a third floor. "Oh my gosh my dad and mom last night wouldn't let me go into the living room because they were working with a client

This I Believe: Honesty is the Best Policy

My truthfulness could have cost us a trip to the Illinois State Tournament. Golf is a game of integrity. In tournaments, players track their own scores, as verified by their opponent playing partners. Golfers typically play in groups of four with all four players from different competing schools.

This I Believe: I Believe in Big Ideas

I believe that there's nothing wrong with big ideas. When I was young, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Essentially, my brain is extremely energetic. I have a lot of thoughts cycling through my head at any given time. With nothing to distract it, my brain can fall down rabbit holes of thought rather easily.

This I Believe: Superheroes

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman flying over Metropolis to bring a stop to the actions of villains of the city and peace to the minds of its citizens. At a young age, I believed that when I was in trouble, some type of hero would swoop in and save the day. While it may seem silly to think that there are heroes hiding in the shadows —ready to come to the aid of civilization at a moment's notice — I know that there are people in my life with extraordinary abilities that only a true

This I Believe: Chemistry Lessons

I've never been fond of science, and I don't think I ever will be. On my first day of sophomore year of high school, I was dreading chemistry. On day one, our teacher greeted us at the classroom door. He wore a periodic table t-shirt and a leg brace that didn't slow him down a bit as he hopped around the classroom learning our names, showing us lab equipment, and promising us that we would have a great year. I remained skeptical, to say the least.

This I Believe: My Black is Beautiful

The first few years of my life, I never knew the world could be so cruel. I was just a little girl, always smiling and happy, oblivious to the hatred surrounding me. Reality hit me hard when I first teased about my dark skin at seven years old. The phrases, 'ugly gorilla' and 'burnt food' were branded into my mind; I never thought I'd heal from the pain those words caused me.

This I Believe: I Believe in Passing the Ball

I see a timid, shaky-kneed freshman, eyes wide with fear for being on the court during the varsity game. She is the most open player to receive a pass. With a flick of my wrists, the ball zooms into her possession.

This I Believe: Chalk

Chalk is what I believe in; I believe in the dusty, white, annoyingly porous material that nearly every teacher despises. Chalk has been intertwined in my life for a multitude of years, from laying on the ground near the street to understanding Java code in the classroom, I have grown to fully appreciate the importance of chalk as an analogy for life.

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