This I Believe Illinois The NPR Illinois version of "This I Believe" as written and recorded by area high school seniors
This I Believe Illinois

This I Believe Illinois

From NPR Illinois | 91.9 UIS

The NPR Illinois version of "This I Believe" as written and recorded by area high school seniors

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WATCH & LISTEN: This I Believe Culminating Event 2021

This year, to celebrate the chosen essayists, we produced a virtual culminating event. During the event the 10 chosen authors read their essays. A panel discussion was also held with previous chosen essayist Gabe Knott and Dr. Stacy McDermott mother of previous chosen essayist Mackenzie McDermott .

This I Believe: I Believe in Car Stereos

I believe in car stereos. The stereo may be seen as a flashy accessory for an otherwise necessary means of transportation. But I believe a car stereo is the most important feature of the car. It is the heart of all socialization. Whether a touch-screen or good old-fashioned buttons, this modern music box is something of a magic trick.

This I Believe: I Believe the Cookie Monster Had it Right

Chocolate chip. Pizzelle. Oatmeal raisin. Jan hagel. Shortbread. Camachile. Gingerbread. Stroopwafel. Coconut. Peanut butter. Nearly everyone likes a cookie, regardless of background, identity, or politics; thus, cookies can help bridge the gaps we've created in our communities. I believe cookies can bring us together.

This I Believe: I Believe in the Butterfly Effect

Dear Kaysha Lynea: It's funny how two people can look exactly alike and know so little about one another. At once we shared everything: toys, a womb, and bedroom.. and now, next to nothing. At times I wonder if you would've played volleyball; how dynamic our duo could have been if you were a setter and I was an outside. How we would've had a chemistry that no one could touch. Or if we would have stayed up at night watching reruns of The Bachelor, placing our bets for who we believed would walk

This I Believe: Doing the Right Thing

I believe in doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Most people do what is right when they are being watched by their peers or someone of authority, but fewer do so when no one is there that can hold you accountable. This was made clear when I went to basic training during the summer.

This I Believe: I Believe in Lemonade Shakeups

"Last call!" The streets that were once filled with anticipating customers ten days ago were now deserted. I thought I would be relieved, but I was nostalgic. I could not believe it was over.

This I Believe: Diversity Makes the World a Better Place

There are those who find comfort in surrounding themselves with people who are similar to them. Others would rather be around people who have different perspectives because it helps them to learn more about their world and themselves. On a trip to New York City over Easter weekend when I was 15, I discovered which type of person I am.

This I Believe: Music is Stronger than MS

When my grandmother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, it completely changed her life. She lived in fear of when she may forget who she was, but more importantly, who she loved. In 2016, my grandfather had a stroke, which sped up the time frame of my grandma's memory loss.

This I Believe: I Believe in Thread

A small, fragile piece of thread is what I believe. A piece of thread that is often overlooked. I believe in a piece of thread that has been intertwined in my life for a multitude of years. From using it in my kindergarten art class to using it to hang a German project my sophomore year of high school. From stitching on my very first merit badge on my sash to stitching my Eagle Scout badge on my scout uniform, I deeply understand the importance of a simple, thin piece of thread in my life. It

This I Believe: Handwriting

For over four years, I have walked away from Compass for Kids, where I volunteer weekly, with a warm-hearted feeling truly inexplicable. Throughout this time, I have built unbreakable bonds with many of my students, and thus have gained access to the most intimate aspects of their personalities. Different from other elementary students, in the short amount of time the Compass Kids have been alive, food insecurity, physical/mental abuse, and many other situations that most adults will never face

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