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This I Believe: The Power of Television

As a young kid, my father was out of the picture. My mother had two jobs in order to support three kids. I grew up in a rough neighborhood, and so I never played with the neighborhood kids. We didn't have board games or video games, but luckily we had television.

This I Believe: I Believe We Should All Live Like A Family Farmer

We should all live our lives with the same spirit as the family farmer. This I believe. There are many life lessons to be learned from our nation's farmers. They are quick to offer help in times of need, are reliable and responsible, and are protective of all in their care, whether it be family, livestock, or the land. I believe my grandfather was the perfect practitioner of these values through his lifetime.

This I Believe: Truth Will Set Me Free

I believe in embracing the truth. Living with my head in the sand and pretending that everything is normal is just not an option. See, I didn't have what most people would call an orthodox upbringing; I've lived with my grandparents ever since I was very little, ever since my mother choose to give up custody of my sister and me because she couldn't provide for us. She was a teenager when she had us, younger than I am now, and she struggled with drug addiction for a very long time. And as for my

This I Believe: A Not So Little Thing Called Forgiveness

The past is something that will always be there to push me forward. In my youth, my family struggled over many obstacles. My father was an alcoholic and got pulled over one too many times and was sent to prison. My mom couldn't afford to feed and take care of three children on her own and with each day that passed she kept fighting but sometimes it isn't enough. We lost our home, and our sense of safety was snatched away because my father broke his promises of sobriety.

This I Believe: Sometimes You Gotta Lose the Shoe

I believe in losing the shoe. I learned the value of this basic principle during a moment when a shoe seemed to be of critical importance.

This I Believe: The Cathartic Power of Crying

I am a cry baby and I am unashamed. Despite the stigma that those who cry a lot are weak or emotionally unstable, I am neither of those things. If anything, I feel all the stronger because I completely accept the fact that sometimes my eyeballs are just gonna have to look like leaky faucets.

This I Believe: Where is Home?

I believe that being "homeless" is a choice. Yes, that is honestly what I believe but let me explain. Growing up I've been physically without a home many times. At about the age of two my mom and I weren't able to live in our house anymore because of financial issues and after that came years of struggle. We'd lived in homeless shelters, out of our car, in hotels, with other family members or friends and yet had no place to call our own most of the time. Even with the help of others, there were

This I Believe: Pens and Paper

"You've sure changed a lot since freshman year, huh?" This is a question I get asked a fair amount. I usually reply with something along the lines of a polite smile or a laugh. The truth is, I have changed a lot. I've never really told anyone about this except the select few, but I'm almost 18 now, so it's time to come clean and leave this behind me. It's finally time for me to face my fears and embrace who I was ­ no matter how much I didn't like her. Have you ever met a drama queen? You know,

This I Believe: Home is Abstract

Growing up, I learned that the words "home" and "house" were synonymous. While the words are similar, I believe that "home" has a more personal, positive connotation. As I grew older, I began to experiment with out­-of-­the-­box concepts and realized that home is not just a location, but rather the people I love and hold near and dear to my heart.

This I Believe: The Misconception of Carpe Diem

My family has never been that composed, seemingly perfect clan that always "has it together;" actually, we're that family sneaking in late to church or sprinting through the airport to narrowly make the flight. Our family events usually get off to a rocky start, and only even out once we've dealt with the majority of multiple tiny calamities, including accidentally breaking a gas pump, driving into a ditch on a foggy country road, and other random, admittedly-comical mishaps.

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