State Week An analysis of the week in Illinois politics and government from the NPR Illinois Statehouse bureau.
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An analysis of the week in Illinois politics and government from the NPR Illinois Statehouse bureau.More from State Week »

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State Week: Rauner Rolled In Veto Session

The Illinois General Assembly rolled over Gov. Bruce Rauner in the first week of veto session, voting to override his vetos of more than three-dozen bills. But that's only half the game. When lawmakers return for week two of veto session, the House and Senate will swap bills to complete the override process — will the governor fare any better then?

State Week: Dems Take Suburbia, And Illinois Follows

J.B. Pritzker and his fellow Democrats ran the table on statewide offices at this week's general election. The party also picked up two seats in Congress, increased its supermajority in the state Seante, and gained a supermajority in the Illinois House. Many of the Democratic gains were rooted in former Republican strongholds outside Chicago. Do the election results suggest a permanent realignment? Or is it unique to the circumstances of 2018?

State Week: Candidates Making Closing Arguments of 2018 Elections

In the final days of the 2018 elections, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic nominee J.B. Pritzker are making their closing arguments. National politicians like President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden were also in Illinois in the last week, mostly to stump for Congressional candidates as Democrats and Republicans vie for control of the U.S. House.

State Week: About That [Bleeping] Rauner Ad

Gov. Bruce Rauner gained attention — and generated outrage in some quarters — for an ad that used both profanity and a mock same-sex marriage to attack his Democratic opponent, J.B. Pritzker. Plus an update on the state of the race heading into the final week of campaigning.

State Week: After Last-Minute Lawsuit, Pritzker Pushes Back

The Democratic candidate for Illinois governor is facing a racial discrimination lawsuit against his campaign — from 10 of his own campaign workers. With early voting underway and less than three weeks until Election Day, he denies the allegations and is pushing back hard.

State Week: After Final Debate, All Over But The Voting?

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and his Democratic challenger, J.B. Pritzker, met in Quincy Thursday for the third and final debate of the 2018 elections. Did voters learn anything about either man's policy preferences? Plus, Illinois Democrats are trying to pick up as many as four Republican-held seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. And a new report says Chicago's racial divides are holding back the city's economy.

State Week: One More Debate and Four More Weeks Until Election Day

This week, major-party candidates Governor Bruce Rauner and his Democratic challenger J.B. Pritzker engaged in their second televised debate, which excluded the other two candidates on the ballot. WBEZ Public Radio's Dave McKinney joins the panel.

State Week: On The Road To Election Day

The race for Illinois Governor is heading into the home stretch, and the #MeToo movement continues to impact politics nationwide and in Illinois. Dave Dahl of WTAX joins the panel.

State Week: In First Debate, Pritzker And Rauner Stay On Script

All four candidates for governor shared a stage this week for the first of three televised debates. Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and his Democratic challenger, J.B. Pritzker, picked up right where their mudslinging TV ads left off.

State Week: Rauner Tries A 'Reset' While Pritzker Ducks A Debate

Gov. Bruce Rauner attempts to reset his campaign with a speech to a small group of supporters. Will it be enough to overcome the 14 percentage points that separate the Republican incumbent from his Democratic opponent, J.B. Pritzker?

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