Intersection An interactive mid-Missouri roundtable discussion where people and ideas come together.



An interactive mid-Missouri roundtable discussion where people and ideas come together.

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The Check-In: Disaster Communications

In a crisis, it's more important than ever to get good, accurate information. We need information from our local and national government and from health officials. We need accurate, reasoned information from the media. And we need all of this while many things are unknown, or changing very quickly — whether it's what we know about the virus itself, who qualifies for testing, government recommendations about social distancing or wearing masks in public. It can be hard to keep up, and it can also

The Check-In: Reading Through A Crisis

For today's episode as we head into the weekend, we try to think about how great it would be to simply escape right now — to head to new horizons, a new place or time, and meet new people. While actual travel is out of the question for most of us while we shelter-in-place because of the coronavirus pandemic, books can still take us places. They lift us up and take us right out of the anxiety, stress and fear we might be experiencing.

The Check-In: City Response

As confirmed cases of the coronavirus continue to rise in Missouri, the city of Columbia has responded (as many cities are in the absence of a statewide directive): by implementing its own stay at home order. The goal is to slow the spread of the virus and keep our community safe, but this solution comes with its own complications. The directive has meant deciding which businesses are essential and which need to close their doors and send their employees home. Difficult decisions for a city

The Check-In: Business And Economic Impact

While cases of COVID-19 are on the rise across the country and here in Missouri, a second tragic crisis is also unfolding around us. Residents have been ordered to stay-at-home to keep everyone safe, which also means that businesses across the nation and here in our Mid-Missouri towns are having to close. With those closures, business-owners are seeing their dreams shuttered, hopefully only temporarily. And people who work in restaurants and bars, among other industries, are seeing their jobs

The Check-In: Health And Humanities

In today's episode, we look to the weekend and consider whether some of our favorite extra-curricular pursuits can help us through this coronavirus crisis. We ask our audience what they're reading, listening to and watching that is getting them through this crisis. Maybe there's even something that's more than just an escape - that's actually helped provide meaning and solace during difficult times. And how are musicians and artists faring during a time when galleries are closed and concerts are

Live From KBIA - Community Amid COVID-19 - Frontline Workers

Boone County is under a stay-at-home order and while many of us stay in - working from home, taking care of our kids, binge-watching Netflix, - there's a group of professionals out there who do not have that luxury right now. They're the nurses, doctors, emergency responders and other frontline workers going to work and preparing-for and now responding-to COVID-19 cases. In this episode, we talk to people who are working on the front lines of this outbreak in our community and we'll hear from

Live From KBIA - Community Amid COVID-19 - Volunteers And Response

In this episode, we talk about community efforts to bring resources to those who need it most right now in the midst of the coronvirus pandemic. In particular we look at nonprofits, faith groups and community efforts that are helping out during this crisis.

Live From KBIA - Community Amid COVID-19 - Community Response

In this episode, we're talk about how disease outbreaks, like the current coronavirus crisis, impact our culture and how our culture also affects the trajectory of disease outbreaks. Obviously our rituals, our families and gatherings are being drastically affected right now across the world and here in Missouri, as we figure out how our communities should be responding to this crisis.

Live From KBIA - Community Amid COVID-19 - Self-Isolation

The coronavirus crisis has sparked tremendous changes in the lives of people all over the world, and in the last couple of weeks the crisis has arrived full-on for us Missourians. In the recent weeks, MU moved its classes online, then closed its dorms and sent its students home. Gov. Parson declared a state of emergency. Libraries, restaurants, offices, theaters and more have closed their doors. Elections have been postponed. Many of us are working from home, isolating with their families, or

Intersection: COVID-19 Preparations in Mid-Missouri

"The ultimate goal is to slow down the spread and decrease the transmission." KBIA's Rebecca Smith sat down with Dr. Christelle Ilboudo, the Medical Director of Infection Contol and Prevention for MU Health Care, and two individuals from Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services – Medical Director Dr. Ashley Millham and Public Inforamtion Officer Lucio Bitoy – to discuss some of the preparations that are underway to prevent, and if necessary, manage the spread of COVID-19 in Mid