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KSMU's Missouri State Journal is a weekly series that focuses on University activities and issues that impact the region.More from Missouri State Journal »

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Public Affairs Conference Leads to Discussion of Unity

Missouri State is focused on developing educated citizens of the world – citizens who are engaged in the community, ready to lead with integrity and who are concerned with global issues and respect diverse perspectives. In order to get the campus invested in this mission, we host an annual Public Affairs Conference. Dr. Kevin Evans, professor of geology at Missouri State University, is the current provost fellow for public affairs. He is also chair of the 2018 Public Affairs Conference , which

Learning a Language? What You Really Need to Know

Over the past few decades, the global marketplace has evolved. More international business transactions take place. Team members may be spread throughout the globe. And with that, many companies now seek individuals who can demonstrate cultural competencies - like language skills - when hiring for positions. Dr. Jason Jolley, head of the modern and classical languages (MCL) department at Missouri State University, shares about the evolution of language education. Learning to communicate in a

Cradle to Kindergarten: Preparing for Education

From the very first moments, your child is learning. They are soaking in their environment and learning to interact with it. Dr. Sascha Mowrey, assistant professor of early childhood education at Missouri State University, gives tips for preparing your child for a lifetime of learning. To her, one of the most important characteristics that parents can instill in a child is curiosity. It can be challenging to always be "on" and engaged, but Mowrey says the best way to teach curiosity is to model

Making Sure Kids See Well

The Missouri State University Vision Screening Program provides free vision screenings to the community. Since 2013, it has screened more than 35,000 children and adults across southwest Missouri. This August, just in time for National Children's Vision and Learning Month, the program will expand its impact into central Missouri – starting with Lebanon. Dr. Kathy Nordyke , MSU academic service-learning director, and Dr. Sheila Moore, Lebanon R3 School District early childhood director, highlight

Promoting Cross-Cultural Relationships

Missouri State University is home to more than 1,500 international students from around the globe. One program on campus that is helping them connect with American families and engage in cultural exchange is International Friends . Since 2012, the program has matched almost 1,000 international students with more than 690 local families. Joyce Eddy , program coordinator, and Chun Lu, a Missouri State graduate student from Ningxia, China, share more about the program and its benefits for both

Elementary Education Continues to Evolve

Reading and writing serve as the foundation for so much of elementary school education and always has. While that remains unchanged, expectations of children and teachers evolve with the times. Dr. Chloe Bolyard, assistant professor of elementary education at Missouri State University, shares recent changes in elementary education. One of the biggest challenges for all teachers, noted Bolyard, is to meet the diverse and unique needs of all the children in a classroom. Technology is always a hot

How Missouri State Helps First-Generation Students

Selecting a university and attending is a big decision. But it certainly helps when you have a support system that has been through it before. Dr. Kelly Wood, interim director for first-year programs and provost fellow for student success at Missouri State University, and Dr. Stephen Spates, assistant professor of communication who went through a specialized advising course to assist first-gen students from the College of Arts and Letters, talk about addressing the needs of these students. For

The Disarticulated Body: Understanding the Work of Pina Bausch

In describing the work of German choreographer Pina Bausch, you might hear many terms – like performance art, wild or unresolved. But Telory Arendell, associate professor in the department of theatre and dance at Missouri State University, just calls it inspiring. She is here to open our eyes to understand these art forms that don't fit into traditional boxes of theatre or dance. Pina Bausch's work was in that space between, in what she called dance theatre . Arendell is working on a book about

How Natural Substances Can Tip Scales in Favor of Your Health

Natural: So many foods, cosmetics, cleaners and drugs claim this status. But why does it matter? Dr. Paul Durham, distinguished professor and director of the Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences at Missouri State, Hunter Sheckley, graduate conducting research in Durham's lab, and Yan Li Fan, visiting scholar from China, discuss recent research. Last fall, the center began analyzing the biochemistry of goji berries, commonly found in Fan's home country of China. When she came to the lab, she

Strive for Civility in Conversations

Race. Politics. Immigration. Gun control. These are some of the hot button issues in America today. They elicit strong emotions in people and often cause conflict in conversations. However, tense discussions don't have to be disrespectful or result in screaming matches. While it takes effort and practice, being civil in our conversations is possible. Dr. Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk is associate professor of communication at Missouri State University. She's also the director of Be Civil Be Heard , a

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