Missouri State Journal KSMU's Missouri State Journal is a weekly series that focuses on University activities and issues that impact the region.
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KSMU's Missouri State Journal is a weekly series that focuses on University activities and issues that impact the region.

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Relating the Immigrant Experience Through Poetry

Growing up in Bangladesh, Sujash Purna was inspired by British literature, reading works by J.K. Rowling, Jane Austen and George Orwell. A love of language drew him to creative writing and brought him to America to further his studies. After completing his undergraduate literature degree at Truman State University, Purna came to Missouri State University to pursue his master's degree in English . He graduated in May and this fall, he'll start the graduate certificate in technical and

On Your Mark, Get Set, Marathon

Many runners find themselves drawn to races and long runs – like marathons. But how do you begin to tackle the intense physical and mental hurdles that come? Dr. Sara Powell, assistant professor of kinesiology at Missouri State University, says that the distance is just one of the challenges to crossing the finish line. In addition to getting fitted for good footwear, Powell provides some tips for training: Find an incremental plan online. Set SMARTER goals. Train in all sorts of conditions.

How to Set Goals for Physical Activity

Battling a sedentary mindset? Ready to get active? Dr. Sara Powell is ready to help you set some goals. Powell, assistant professor in the kinesiology department at Missouri State University, encourages people to not take on too much too soon, as it's a recipe for being discouraged. Even if you're working out with a partner, Powell emphasizes that you should set individual goals. Genetics, body type, physical abilities and diet are all unique to you, so you shouldn't compare yourself, she says.

Take a Break and Get Outdoors

To say that this past year and a half have been tough is an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every facet of our lives and put a strain on our mental health. One simple way to destress and rejuvenate yourself is to explore the outdoors. With summer here, now's a great time to go outside. Austin Money , assistant director of outdoor adventures and student development at Missouri State University's Foster Recreation Center , shares benefits of heading outdoors, as well as tips and

Tent Theatre Returns for 59th Season

Last year, Missouri State University's Tent Theatre was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This summer, it's back with its 59th season, featuring three shows – two live and one virtual. There will be a major change this year – the live shows will take place in Craig Hall Coger Theatre. This is due to the construction of Tent Theatre's new permanent structure, the John Goodman Amphitheatre , scheduled to open in summer 2022. Mark Templeton , managing director of theatre and dance at Missouri

Field School Gives Students a Unique View of Other Culture

Want to truly walk a mile in someone else's shoes? Try an ethnographic field school. It's an immersive experience where you live within another culture. Dr. William Meadows, professor of anthropology and Native American studies at Missouri State University , leads a 6-week experience for his students, living with a Kiowa family. He also integrates them with members of the Plains Apache and Camanche tribes as well. He tells a bit about the experience. These southern Plains tribes share a

How to Move the Needle in Collaborative Task Forces

Whether you're a CEO, public relations professional, truck driver or preschool student, you are always communicating. Intentionally or not. Verbally or nonverbally. You have the skill the moment you enter the world. Dr. Carrisa Hoelscher, director of graduate communication studies at Missouri State University , sets her target on competent communication to help others improve their skill. She often examines tensions in collaborative communication, like in committees within the nonprofit or

What Can We Expect for Summer Travel?

Summer is just around the corner. With easing of restrictions and increased vaccination rates, many people around the country are ready to travel again. What will summer travel look like? How can people enjoy taking trips safely? Dr. Stephanie Hein , department head of hospitality leadership at Missouri State University, answers these questions and more. Read the full transcript

What Makes a Diet Plan Sustainable?

Many people choose to follow a diet plan to lose weight and eat healthier. But with so many diet plans available, from the DASH diet to the Keto diet to the Mediterranean diet and more, it can be a challenge to find one that's effective and sustainable in the long term. Registered dietitian Natalie Allen offers some insights about diet plans, including some of the better ones to follow. She's also a clinical assistant professor of biomedical sciences at Missouri State University. Read the full

Treatment of Severe Behaviors in Children with Autism

Society has developed into a difficult place for many individuals with autism. Socialization and communication are fundamental, and these skills can be a hurdle. Dr. Megan Boyle, associate professor of special education at Missouri State University, is a board-certified behavior analyst. She runs a clinic for children with autism spectrum disorders and prepares the next generation of educators for behavior issues in the classroom. She says that severe behaviors – like running or aggression – are