Buddha Council

"True Love," the third album from this five piece reggae outfit from Hampton Roads, throbs with rhythmic intensity and psychedelia and doesn't let up until they get their message of positivity and togetherness across.

Kim Richey

Her new album's title,"Edgeland," is a term used to describe areas of the United States that fall between the urban centers and the rural countryside. It's the perfect metaphor for her hard-to-categorize music.

Erika Wennerstrom

It's fascinating when an artist can take personal experience and turn it into inspiring music. That's what The Heartless Bastards' leader has done on her solo debut album.

The Decemberists

"I'll Be Your Girl" is the album the band said would free them from old patterns and allow them to try something different. Turns out it's hard to shake the sound the band has established.

David Byrne

The former Talking Heads leader has released his first true solo album in 14 years "American Utopia" and says "These songs attempt to depict the world we live in now. Many of us ask ourselves-well, does it have to be like this? These songs are about that asking."

Lucy Dacus

The Richmond, Virginia artist has released her second album, "Historian" and, as good as her debut was, the 22 year-old's music has grown by leaps and bounds and her understated confidence makes this an album that will be noticed all over the country.

S. Carey

Best known as keyboardist and percussionist for Bon Iver, on his third solo album "Hundred Acres" he has simplified his instrumentation in order to emulate the lyrics of these songs about simplicity and the power of nature.

Brandi Carlile

Her sixth studio album "By The Way I Forgive You" is an exercise in using forgiveness as a source of strength and the past to prove her right. She is in a strong place and ready to sing about it.

Franz Ferdinand

Five years after their last album, the Scottish rockers have returned with "Always Ascending" and, like the title suggests, they have pushed the boundaries of their sardonic brand of dance rock.

The Wood Brothers

"One Drop of Truth" has an irresistible friendliness to it, not only in Oliver Wood's quirky southern twang but the way the songs are unique to themselves, like enthralling stories told by a gifted raconteur.

Mary Gauthier

"Rifles and Rosary Beads" is a powerful change in direction for the long-time singer songwriter. After eleven albums of mostly autobiographical songs, she has co-written all the songs with military men and women who are veterans of combat. It's an album unlike any other, directly tapping into the lives of those who protect this country.

First Aid Kit

The Swedish sisters of First Aid Kit could not have known that the "Metoo" phenomenon would be taking hold while they were recording their fourth album, "Ruins" but it is the perfect sound track for a movement that empowers women and encourages individuality.

Anderson East

Anderson East's second album, appropriately titled "Encore" is a hot mess of Rock, soul, blues, Americana and something that sets this 29-year-old apart from other newcomers, a voice roaring with emotion and experience

Langhorne Slim

The new album "Lost at Last Vol. 1" is made up of songs adhering to a central theme about "living in amazement, wonder and following our soul's actual calling."

Feral Conservatives

The third album by the Virginia Beach band has songs about overcoming obstacles and the energy makes "Better Lives" a musical diamond in the rough.

Joe Henry

The long-time producer and singer-songwriter's 14th album "Thrum" is informed by his love of poetry.

Margo Price

"All American Made" is her second album following hot on the heels of her 2016 debut and addresses some political issues not usually found on an Americana recording.


Like it's title suggests "Colors" is not only a return to the exuberant dance pop that made him famous in the nineties, but an album with a relentlessly optimistic outlook on the future.

JD McPherson

The 40-year-old discovered his muse later in life than most but on his third album "Undivided Heart and Soul" he's making up for lost time.

Jessica Lea Mayfield

Her fourth album "Sorry is Gone" musically chronicles her real life escape from an abusive relationship.

Josh Ritter

"Gathering" is the ninth album from the long-time singer-songwriter and one of his loosest but most compelling yet.

Bruce Cockburn

"Bone on Bone" is the first album in six years from one of Canada's most accomplished artists.

LCD Soundsystem

The unexpected comeback album, "American Dream" arrives following an equally surprising 7 year hiatus after releasing a trilogy of the some of the best dance rock of the 2000's. James Murphy's trepidation with getting older not withstanding, he is the hippest 40-something on the planet.

Rick Estrin & the Nightcats

The coolest blues band in the world is back for more big fun and world class rhythm and blues on "Groovin' in Greaseland."