Texas Matters: How Voter Restrictions Passed In The Texas House

The Texas House voted 81-64 to pass SB7 a bill which critics call a voter restriction bill. There was drama and conflict on the way to the initial passage.

Texas Matters: Elections Committee Chaos And Anti-Transgender Bills

Texas Matters looks at another break down of order at the House Elections Committee by Chairman Briscoe Cain. Also we hear from a Texas mother opposed to anti-transgender bills in the legislature.

The Battle For The Ballot Box — Security Or Suppression?

There's been a lot of talk about bills in the legislature to overhaul elections in Texas. But there's also been testimony by the state that says the last election in Texas worked wonderfully and without significant fraud. So why are Texas elected officials making voting more difficult? They say it's for election security. Critics call it voter suppression. We'll break it down for you in a special report.

Texas Matters: Rural Hospitals In Crisis With No Medicaid Expansion

The Texas Legislature votes no to expand Medicaid in the state. With the recent loss of the 1115 Waiver this could mean a health care crisis for poor and rural Texas. And during the pandemic access to public information in Texas was sometimes on mute. What's happening at the legislature to fix that?

Texas Matters: Is Texas Making Voting More Difficult?

Our continuing cover on How the Texas legislature is working to make voting more difficult in Texas. We hear from Beto O'Rourke and Chris Davis, elections administrator for Willison County and the legislative chair for the Texas Association of Elections Administrators.

Texas Matters: Texas Dance Halls Are Endangered

Texas Matters remembers classic dance halls, especially Club 21, which burned to the ground in 2010.

Texas Matters: Sidney Powell's Big Lie And The Texas Election Crackdown

Texas attorney Sidney Powell tries to walk back her big lie about mass election fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. In a court filing she says no reasonable person would believe her outlandish claims, but tell that to the Texas Republican leadership who — in the name of voter integrity — are trying to ram through a set of bills that will make voting more difficult.

Texas Matters: Sidney Powell's Big Lie And The Texas Election Crackdown

Texas Matters: How Gov. Abbott Is Pushing Voter Suppression Bills

Experts discuss how Abbott pushes a flawed narrative about voter fraud to justify voter suppression laws that will hurt minority voters and benefit Republicans seeking elected office.

Texas Matters: The Corrido's Never Ending Story

A 2003 interview with Maria Herrera Sobek about how the corrido captures the oral history of Mexican Americans in Texas.

Texas Matters: The Future Is The Past When Voting In Texas

What can Texans expect from the legislature in crafting new election laws? Indications are Republican lawmakers will toughen voting laws. Also remember those Trump Trains? Was that illegal voter intimidation?

Texas Matters: After The Black Out — A Quest For Answers

On Thursday state lawmakers held hearings looking for answers as to why did Texas suffer one of the largest black outs in the nation's history? They wanted to know who was picking this banjo.

Texas Matters: The Deep Freeze And Political Heat

After Texans were plunged into the darkness and freezing temperatures after a winter storm and collapse of the EROCT grid, what happens next? Who gets the blame? And will Texas admit that climate change is real?

Texas Matters: ¡Viva George! Why Does Laredo Go Gaga For Washington?

"Viva George: Celebrating Washington's Birthday at the U.S. Mexico Border. The author is a professor of American Studies at George Washington University Elaine Pena — and she is a Laredo native.

Texas Matters: Can The 25th Amendment Remove Trump From Office?

Can the 25th Amendment be used to remove President Trump from power?

Texas Matters: Banned Planned Parenthood And Ken Paxton's Troubled History

Planned Parenthood is bracing for another legislative session where Texas Republicans have declared ending safe and legal abortion as the top priority.And Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is the target of an FBI investigation — but this isn't the first time the Republican politician has been in legal hot water.

Texas Matters: Banned Planned Parenthood And Ken Paxton's Troubled History

Texas Matters: Attorney General Ken Paxton's SCOTUS Lawsuit And Texas Secession Returns

Host David Martin Davies discusses the Texas lawsuit to overturn the presidential election with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey. Texas State Rep. Kyle Biedermann of Fredericksburg wants secession. Journalist Casey Michel on the Kremlin's connection to Texas secession

Texas Matters: Attorney General Ken Paxton's SCOTUS Lawsuit And Texas Secession Returns

Texas Matters: Can Trump Topple Our Democracy?

More than two weeks after the general election which President Donald Trump lost, he continues to attempt to block the peaceful transition of presidential power to Joe Biden. How serious of a threat is this to American democracy?

Texas Matters: Joe Ely — A Songwriter In The Pandemic

In the time of COVID Joe Ely has now sent out a message of love, compassion, and connection through the brand new digital album "Love in the Midst of Mayhem."

Texas Matters: Civics Class Didn't Prepare Us For Trumpism

As the nation is caught in the turmoil of a uncertain presidential election – how well did our time in civics class prepare us for these twists and turns and for Trumpism?