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Join AirTalk with Larry Mantle for lively and in-depth discussions of city news, politics, science, entertainment, the arts, and more.

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AirTalk Episode Monday August 15, 2022

Today on AirTalk, Larry's back and he opens the show with a COVID-19 AMA. Also on the program, a California drought update; Latinos in Government; California flood risks; and more. COVID-19 AMA: Larry Vs. COVID, Case Numbers Level Out In LA County And More (0:15) Drought Update: State Releases New Water-Supply Strategy While Colorado River Cuts Are Still Needed (33:08) New UCLA Study Notes California's Increased Risk Of Severe Floods Due To Climate Change (53:06) New Study Shows Latino Representation In Newsom's Administration Is Lacking (1:11:08) Aunts And Uncles Play Pivotal Roles In Families. How Do You Create That Special Bond? (1:26:52)

AirTalk Episode Thursday August 11, 2022

Today on AirTalk, guest host Mariana Dale covers the Windsor Hills crash and what can be done to prevent these fatal accidents. Also on the program, we preview challenges districts face this school year; break down why probation officers are still using pepper spray despite being banned; and more. Angelenos Want To Put An End To Deadly Speeding In LA Following Windsor Hills Crash That Killed 5. How Can It Be Done? (0:15) Looking At The Challenges School Districts Face This Year As Classes Start Back Up (17:01) 'Zero Tolerance', Zero Coherence, Heartless and Impractical: America's History of Family Separation Policy (34:35) LA County Probation Officers Still Use Pepper Spray, Despite 2019 Ban. Why? (53:42) Monkeypox Check In: As Case Rates Rise, Is There Still Hope For Containing Spread? (1:11:17) Artificial Sweeteners & Sugar Alcohols— How Do They Differ And Can They Help Curb Excess Sugar Consumption? (1:29:49)

AirTalk Episode Wednesday August 10, 2022

Today on AirTalk, Sharon looks into difficulties accessing California EDD. Also on the show, dyslexia screening in early education; beer trends; and more. EDD Update: New Report Details Difficulties With Administering Payments & More (0:15) The State Of Mosquitos In Southern California Right Now And The Dark Road We May Be Buzzing Down (19:14) More Drinkers Are Grabbing Non-Alcoholic And High ABV Beers, What's Behind The Trend? (35:45) California Is One Of Just 10 States That Don't Screen For Dyslexia In Young Children — Why It Doesn't, And Whether It Should (53:34) Some 800,000 Californians Likely Qualify For Public Service Loan Forgiveness, But They Don't All Know It (1:11:35) Wild Donkeys, Long Thought To Be A Pain In The A** To Death Valley Ecosystem, Are Actually Helping Keep Mountain Lions Alive (1:27:16) From Graying To Hair Loss, The Physical And Emotional Transformation Of Hair As We Age Can Be A Journey (1:34:46)

AirTalk Episode Tuesday August 9. 2022

Today on AirTalk, Sharon asks congressional experts what the Inflation Reduction Act means for Californians. Also on the show, expensive electric vehicles; community schools; and more. What's In The Inflation Reduction Act & What's Its Impact On Californians? (0:15) With Monkeypox Disproportionately Affecting Latinos, What Can The State Do? (17:22) Electric Vehicles Are Expensive — Will The Inflation Reduction Act Help Curb Their Cost? (35:16) Exploring The Community School Model As California Turns Attention To Wider Implementation Statewide (53:27) Serena Williams, The G.O.A.T. Is Retiring From Tennis (1:10:49) Remembering Pop Singer And 'Grease' Star Olivia Newton-John (1:28:33)

AirTalk Episode Monday August 8, 2022

Today on AirTalk, guest host Sharon McNary looks into a proposal that would require hotels in LA to rent out vacant rooms to unhoused people. Also on the show, COVID updates; DDT Dumping; and more. Should Hotels Be Forced To Rent Out Vacant Rooms To Unhoused People? Voters Will Decide (0:15) COVID-19 AMA: Parents Reluctant To Vaccinate Toddlers, Biden Emerges From Isolation, And More (19:20) What Do You Do When Your Doctor Doesn't Listen To You? (37:01) Digging Into Why Higher Education Went From A Working Class Golden Ticket To Debt Accumulation (53:40) New Info Suggests Toxic DDT Dumping Off LA's Coast Is Far Worse Than Suspected. What's Left To Uncover? (1:14:17) Workplace Movies And TV That Really Nail The Essence Of A Job (1:26:40)

AirTalk Episode Friday August 5, 2022

Today on AirTalk, Austin asks security experts how American intelligence and defense strategies have evolved over the past two decades. Also on the show, sedentary millennial living; FilmWeek; and more. More Than 20 Years Have Passed Since The 'War On Terror,' How Has American Defense & Intelligence Changed? (0:15) What Beyonce, Lizzo Changing Song Lyrics Says About The Evolution Of Artists' Relationship With Their Fans (20:30) Millennials Are Mostly Staying Close To Where They Grew Up. Is That A Bad Thing? (41:58) FilmWeek: 'Bullet Train,' 'Easter Sunday,' 'Luck,' 'Bodies Bodies Bodies' And Many More (53:38) John Horn's Interview With Comedian Jo Koy Of Easter Sunday (1:24:13)

AirTalk Episode Thursday August 4, 2022

Today on AirTalk, Austin looks into Brittney Grimer's imprisonment in Russia and what the U.S. Government does for Americans detained abroad. Also on the show, a preview of LAist's new dyslexia project; and more. As Russian Judge Finds Brittney Griner Guilty–How Will This U.S. Negotiate Her Release? (0:15) Why The Way We Talk About The Sixth Street Bridge Matters (19:14) Dyslexia In California: KPCC/LAist Explores The Nation's Most Common Learning Disorder In Month-long Series (35:53) AirTalk Honors The Local Heroes Making A Difference Around Southern California (44:08)

AirTalk Episode Wednesday August 3, 2022

Today on AirTalk, Austin Cross takes calls from expert guests and listeners remembering Dodgers sports broadcaster Vin Scully, who passed away yesterday at the age of 94. Remembering Legendary Dodgers Broadcaster Vin Scully

AirTalk Episode Tuesday August 2, 2022

Today on AirTalk, guest host Austin Cross looks into the significance of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's stop in Taiwan today. Also on the show, remembering icons Bill Russell and Nichelle Nichols; and more. What Does House Speaker Pelosi's Taiwan Visit Mean For Future US-China Relations? (0:15) Honoring The Impact Of Bill Russell & Nichelle Nichols (21:12) Therapists Have Biases Too. Sometimes That Can Fuel Conflict In Families And Cause More Harm Than Good (38:18)

AirTalk Episode Friday July 29, 2022

Today on AirTalk, Sharon examines California's gradual shift to a desert climate and what can be done to slow its aridification. Also on the show, unexpected outdoor activities in LA; FilmWeek; and more. As Our Climate Permanently Changes How Is California Fighting Aridification? (0:15) What's The Most Unexpected Outdoor Adventure You've Experienced In SoCal? (19:33) A Brief History Of California's Beloved Mountain Lions, And What Preservationists Are Doing Today To Keep Them Around (35:15) FilmWeek: 'Vengeance,' 'Sharp Stick,' 'My Old School,' 'Thirteen Lives,' And Many More (53:35) John Horn's Interview About 'My Old School' With Director Jono McLeod (1:24:10)