Up To Date A daily issues-oriented talk show with host Steve Kraske.
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Up To Date

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A daily issues-oriented talk show with host Steve Kraske.

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Seg.1: Mayoral Candidate Jolie Justus | Seg. 2: Indie Film Critics

Segment 1: Mayoral candidate Jolie Justus shares her plans for Kansas City if elected. Crime is one of the top concerns Jolie Justus hears when speaking with voters. The mayoral candidate explains why criminal justice reform is in her plans to address the city's crime rate. Justus also discussed her approach to using economic development incentives. Jolie Justus , mayoral candidate and Kansas City Councilwoman, 4th District Segment 2, beginning at 23:36: The Film Critics review the latest indie,

Seg. 1: The Data Behind Abortions | Seg. 2: Science Of Musical Taste

Segment 1: Researchers explain the data of who is receiving an abortion and why. A study by Guttmacher Institute analyzed data from their 2008 and 2014 surveys on abortion and found an increase in the proportion of low-income women who received abortions. The University of California San Francisco conducted its own study following women who were able to receive an abortion, and contrasted the unintended effects of pregnancy with those women who were denied an abortion. Rachel K. Jones ,

Seg. 1: Mental Health Stigma | Seg. 2: Marines' Toughest Job

Segment 1: A former Lenexa principal wants others suffering from mental illness to learn from the mistakes he made trying to handle his depression. Diagnosed with major depressive disorder, Cory Strathman resigned from his job as an elementary school principal following a DUI arrest. Now receiving mental health care services, Strathman is sharing his battle in hopes to eliminate the social stigma that kept him from receiving care. Cory Strathman , author of blog " Grace in Your Corner " Segment

Seg. 1: Retail Health Care | Seg. 2: Rick Atkinson's Revolutionary Trilogy

Segment 1: Could a retail model make health care in America more affordable? As the country grapples with the ever-increasing cost of health care, we consider a model that minimizes the government's role and cuts out many middlemen. Two scholars describe a retail system that would subsidize care for the poor, allow consumers to make their own purchasing decisions, and help people focus on the care they want and value. Charles Silver , McDonald Endowed Chair in Civil Procedure at the University

Seg. 1: Retail Health Care | Seg. 2: Rick Atkinson's Revolutionary Trilogy

Seg. 1: 4th District Council Debates | Seg. 2 Eugenics & American Immigration

Segment 1: 4th District candidates for Kansas City Council. Kansas City firefighter Geoff Jolley and co-founder of BikeWalkKC Eric Bunch are competing for the 4th District City Council seat vacated by mayoral candidate Jolie Justus. Both look to make the city safer and more responsive to residents, but the top priorities for the 4-year term look different for each. Eric Bunch , co-founder of BikeWalkKC and 4th District candidate for Kansas City Council Geoff Jolley , Kansas City firefighter and

Seg. 1: 4th District Council Debates | Seg. 2 Eugenics & American Immigration

Seg. 1: KCMO Trash Collection | Seg. 2: Nelson-Atkins' Walking Wall

Segment 1: Kansas City council votes unanimously to bring all trash collection in-house. Complaints about trash and recyclables pickup has convinced the city government to take over trash services throughout Kansas City, Missouri, beginning in May of 2020. Private companies will continue to collect recylables in a plan projected to save $20 million. Michael Shaw, Solid Waste Division director for Kansas City, Missouri Segment 2, beginning at 15:35: A months-long exhibition will see the

Seg. 1: KCPS Data Anaylsis | Seg. 2: Gloria Squitiro

Segment 1: New data analysis of Kansas City's public school environment. A new analysis shows public and charter schools in Kansas City are more segregated, more expensive to operate, and more complicated than they were 20 years ago. We talked with two officials behind the report about these issues and others, and discussed possible solutions. Linda Quinley, chief financial officer for Kansas City Public Schools Mike Reynolds, chief of research and assessment for Kansas City Public Schools

Seg. 1: Missouri Conservative Caucus | Seg. 2: Musician Kelley Hunt

Segment 1: The impact of the Missouri Senate Conservative Caucus on the finals days of the 2019 session. They've been called the "Chaos Caucus" and their latest efforts have involved attempting blocks of a tax break bill for General Motors and a prescription-drug monitoring program. Statehouse reporters offered insight on these senators and how other Republicans view these fellow members of the GOP. Jason Rosenbaum, political correspondent for St. Louis Public Radio Brian Hauswirth, news

Seg. 1: Transforming American Prosecution | Seg. 2: Where Were You?

Segment 1: District attorneys' exercise of power has affected mass incarceration and convicted the innocent. The United States is the only country in the world that elects its prosecutors who can exert greater influence over criminal cases than judges. The author of "Charged" explained that while these prosecutors can be the "cause of enormous injustice" the pendulum may be swinging the other way as voters are putting more reform-minded candidates in office. Emily Bazelon, staff writer for The

Seg. 1: Flood Insurance 101 | Seg. 2: Mental Health Care In KC

Segment 1: Why the Federal Emergency Managment Agency recommends flood coverage for everyone. Flooding occurs in 90% of natural disasters in the United States, according to FEMA, and a quarter of all flood claims come from low-risk areas. We cover common questions about what is and isn't covered by flood and homeowners insurance, and discuss what the future of flood insurance might look like. Chris Parsons, insurance program specialist, Mitigation Division, FEMA Region VII Segment 2, beginning

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