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A daily issues-oriented talk show with host Steve Kraske.

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Seg. 1: Proposed Kansas Amendment | Seg. 2: Olympian Alexi Pappas

Segment 1: Kansas voters will see a census-changing initiative on the November ballot. The 2020 census is coming up, and Kansas is looking to change where some people are counted. For the past three decades, the state called individual college students and military members who don't live at their permanent address, and asking if they'd like to be counted at their permanent address or their temporary one. We learned why this census calculation method began, and why many in the state now want it

Seg. 1: Ambassador Susan Rice | Seg. 2: 'The Last Romance'

Segment 1: Obama's national security advisor advisor recounts the impact her upbringing had on her success in Washington. Susan Rice shared insights from her new autobiography, which details how she balanced her political roles with her personal life and family. As a black woman in America, Rice's parents told her she "had to be twice as good to be considered almost equal." She said her parents had a great impact on her success, noting they enstilled in she and her siblings the values of

Seg.1: Mass Casualty & Hospitals | Seg. 2: Influence Of Music

Segment 1: Trauma centers in Kansas City are hopeful their preparation for a mass shooting will never play out. Mass casualties strike with no warning, inevitably creating chaos, but hospitals are training for that exact situation. "The regional preparation that occurs in Kansas City is outstanding," says trauma surgeon Dr. Robert Winfield. Learn how trauma centers are preparing for the possibilty of a mass shooting. Dr. Robert Winfield , division chief of Trauma/Critical Care & Acute

Seg. 1: Hawley's Political Moves | Seg. 2: Bobby Watson's Next Chapter

Segment 1: What the junior senator from Missouri can gain from the issues he chooses to tackle. Freshman Sen. Josh Hawley has been vociferous in his opposition to Facebook's influence, has ripped Democrats for their impeachment inquiry and, after visiting the Hong Kong protests, suggested in a tweet the city's chief executive should resign. Hear analysis of Hawley's political moves and how much they matter to Missouri voters. Robynn Kuhlmann associate professor of American politics and research

Seg. 1: Criminalizing Trafficking Survivors | Seg. 2: Home Sex Education

Segment 1: Some survivors of sex trafficking in Kansas recieve prison sentences rather than support. The story of Hope Zeferjohn highlights a problem in both the foster care and criminal justice systems in Kansas. New reporting by KCUR and the Topeka Capital-Journal shows a trend of young girls, like Zefferjohn, entering the foster care system, becoming victims of sex trafficking and then being treated as perpetrators. The two journalists following Hope's story explained how she ended up being

Seg. 1: Criminalizing Trafficking Survivors | Seg. 2: Home Sex Education

Seg. 1: Wyandotte ID Ordinance | Seg. 2: Sex and Cinema

Segment 1: Wyandotte advocates push for municipal IDs to mitigate problems faced by residents without photo identification. The Safe and Welcoming Wyandotte Ordinance would be the first of its kind in the state of Kansas. The proposed law would provide IDs for those who might not have any and establish boundaries and guidelines for local authorities' relations with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Advocates say a local ID like this could help approximately 30,000 people in the area with

Seg. 1: Activism From Tragedy | Seg. 2: Aarti Shahani's Memoir

Segment 1: Two men formed an unlikely friendship through a shared tragedy. Tariq Khamisa was a 20-year-old college student delivering a pizza in 1995 when he was shot and killed by 14-year-old Tony Hicks. Azim Khamisa said he reached out to Ples Felix, the grandfather of his son's murderer, because he saw "victims at both ends of the gun." They became friends and work together in addressing gun violence through The Forgiveness Project . Azim Khamisa , father of Tariq Khamisa and founder, Tariq

Seg. 1: German Prison Model | Seg. 2: LGBTQ Archive Anniversary

Segment 1: Germany's prisons emphasize rehabilitation and resocialization for their inmates. Germany is doing a lot of things differently than the U.S. when it comes to criminal justice, and they've got a lower inceration rate to show for it. In prisons there, staff are trained in things like psychology and communication, and they're paid just as much as police officers. This is all to promote a reintegration approach, which focuses on returning inmates back into their communities. Axel Briemle

Seg. 1: Combating Sex Trafficking | Seg. 2: Growing Edgerton, Kansas

Segment 1: Johnson County activists say there are signs to look for when detecting illicit sex trafficking businesses. The business of sex trafficking often operates through a powerful underground network. This is why an Overland Park couple believies it's so hard to stop the practice. Mike and Pam Jensen pointed to one contributing factor, treating women who are trafficked as criminals rather than victims. They also outlined signs of illicit massage parlors which are well known as sources of

Seg. 1: KCMO Manager Schulte | Seg. 2: Johnson County Microtransit

Segment 1: Schulte talks of the progress and set-backs Kansas City faced during his term as city manager. Troy Schulte's 10-year term as manager of Kansas City, Missouri, will in a few months come to a close. He said one of the hardest things about his job was finding a balance in handling pressing crises and working toward long-term goals. Schulte talked about things he's proud of, like the new airport terminal design, which is set to acheive net-zero carbon emissions. He also spoke of critical

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