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Stay up-to-date with daily news and features on a wide variety of topics that affect Lincoln, Omaha, and all of Nebraska.

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NU Board of Regents hear concerns on proposed budget cuts

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents heard concerns from the public about proposed budget cuts and approved the NU interim president at their meeting on Friday. With a $58 million budget shortfall looming, the university system has been searching for ways to cut costs. Current NU President Ted Carter said campuses conducted zero-based budget reviews that were due to his office on Dec. 1. These reviews are intended to look at administrative functions, like information technology and facilities.

Prison murder trial relies on security video to ID suspect

For three weeks, jurors in a murder trial in Saline County District Court have been witnesses to a prison riot. Surveillance footage captured during the 2017 uprising at the Tecumseh Correctional Facility plays a central role in determining whether inmate Eric Ramos took part in the murder of a fellow prisoner. Bill Kelly with Nebraska Public Media has been in court for much of the trial. A transcript of his conversation with Morning Edition host Dale Johnson follows.

Doctors recommend RSV vaccine to older adults, pregnant women

Expecting mothers during 32 to 36 weeks and adults 60-years-old and older should get the RSV vaccine, according to CHI Health doctors. Dr. Michael Schooff, primary care medical director for CHI Health, said RSV can have a severe impact on infants and older adults. "They can get into a bronchiolitis or a pneumonia. Deeper and more severe infections in the lung can lead to difficulty breathing," Schooff said. "People might need to go to the ER. Sometimes people need to be hospitalized and have help with breathing during these illnesses. And yes, sometimes it is fatal."

First of its kind fashion show will promote healing

Summary: Indigenous women from throughout Nebraska and parts of Iowa have been sewing and working on traditional garments for six months—all leading up to a first-of-its-kind fashion show.

Schools grappling with student cellphone use

Nebraska schools are wrestling with the problem of cellphones distracting students.

Nebraska communities prepare for warmer, wetter conditions

Climatologists are predicting a warmer and wetter than average winter this year thanks to El Nino, a climate pattern of warm air over the Pacific Ocean. Eric Hunt with the Nebraska State Climate Office said despite warmer temperatures, Lincoln is likely to receive more snowfall than the previous two winters. "I would basically tell anybody Grand Island and east, and particularly South of the Platte, to prepare for more snow than what we've had in the last couple of years," Hunt said.

Nebraska Department of Education sees improvement in test scores

Newly released state assessment scores show Nebraska's schools improved this past school year. Across the state, 58% of students were proficient in English Language Arts, 61% in math and 70% in science. These numbers are higher than before the pandemic. "Hopefully we can build on this momentum and work with our schools to really address issues of high quality materials that we're seeing have an impact in our classrooms, quality instruction, and really continue to help teachers teach because as everybody truly knows, that's where the magic happens in education," Nebraska Department of Education Commissioner Brian Maher said.

Two Nebraska educators receive $25,000 award for their teaching

Two Nebraska educators received a $25,000 surprise this past week. The teachers caught the attention of a national organization because of their teaching methods and love for the job. "I could think of 15 other people before myself that would receive an award in this school because this place is just filled with the best educators in Nebraska," Leslie McIntosh, one of the recipients, said. "I couldn't believe it."

Supporters step up efforts to promote EPIC tax option

Supporters of a plan to replace Nebraska's income and property taxes say they're hiring a petition circulation firm to try and get on next year's ballot.

NU Regent Chairman Tim Clare discusses president search

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents is looking for a new president to run the NU system. Chairman Tim Clare discusses the search, his recommendation for interim president and more. Clare said the application for the position is open for candidates. "We are now in a position where we're full steam ahead with trying to get candidates in," Clare said.