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Meet the people behind the creativity and discoveries at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.​

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The History Of Vietnam War Hmong Fighter Pilots

During the Vietnam War the U.S. Air Force was involved in a secret mission to train a group of Hmong soldiers in Laos to fly military planes. It was part of a campaign by the CIA working behind the scenes in Laos. That program remained shrouded in mystery until the 1990s when Freedom of Information requests brought it to light. Up until now little has been know about the Hmong pilots who were working on behalf of the Americans in this covert action. On this edition of UWM Today, we hear their

UWM Geography Professor Helped Create Tool That Can Predict When Spring Arrives

In a winter that seems especially long, most of us are asking whether spring will ever arrive. On this edition of UWM Today, we're thinking warm thoughts about the weather as we spend time with one of the world's leading authorities on climate studies: Mark Schwartz . Schwartz is a distinguished professor in UWM's department of geography. Recently, Mark was named a Fellow in the American Association of Geographers and has also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the group. Today, we're

UWM Geography Professor Helped Create Tool That Can Predict When Spring Arrives

UWM's Connected Systems Institute Aims To Help Manufacturing Adapt To Changing Industry

Manufacturing is one of the most important and most competitive industries in Wisconsin. It employs hundreds of thousands of workers and accounts for the majority of our state's exports. But in order to remain competitive, manufacturing has to continue to adapt. The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee has launched the Connected Systems Institute to help. UWM Chancellor Mark Mone and Rockwell Automation's Director of Advanced Technologies Dave Vasko discuss how it works.

UWM's Connected Systems Institute Aims To Help Manufacturing Adapt To Changing Industry

About The UWM Program That Examines Aspects Of Our Built Environment

With Wisconsin's only school of architecture, UW-Milwaukee has played a special role in shaping the look and the feel of the buildings and the cities we live in. On this edition of UWM Today, we look at a fascinating program within the school of architecture — Buildings-Landscapes & Cultures Field School. The BLC Field School examines not just the physical spaces we occupy but the cultural and social aspects of our built environments. It's where students come face-to-face with the people

Learn About UWM's ROTC Program & Its People

UW-Milwaukee is a veteran friendly campus. In fact, there are more military veterans enrolled at UWM than at any other college or university in the Midwest. With more than 1,400 vets are part of the UWM family, it should be no surprise that UWM is also home to a chapter of ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps.) On this edition of UWM Today, we learn more about the ROTC program and the people who are part of it.

UWM Receives Award For Its Undergraduate Research

Recently, UW-Milwaukee received word that it has once again been recognized as one of the top research universities in America. The Carnegie Classification of Institutions for Higher Education, which is the national body that reviews universities research programs, announced UWM remains among the 130 universities around the country that have attained Research One — or R1 — status. It's quite a distinction, given that there are more than 4,400 colleges and universities considered for the honor.

UWM & Manpower Partner To Help Close The Regional Workforce Gap

By 2020, 62 percent of jobs in Wisconsin will require postsecondary education and current workers may need additional training to keep up with the changing workplace. UW-Milwaukee has formed an online partnership with Manpower to help deal with the regional workforce gap. The project is discussed by UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone and ManpowerGroup Vice President of Client Workforce Solutions Rebekah Kowalski.

Meet Scott Gronert: UWM's New College Of Letters & Science Dean

There are 15 schools and colleges within the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, but one of them stands out for its sheer size. The College of Letters & Science has more than 95 academic programs in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. It is the campus leader in research funding and expenditures, helping to drive UWM's status as a top-tier research institution. In fact, half of the 27,000 students at UWM are enrolled in the College of Letters and Science. On this edition of

Preparing Students To Address Racial Discrepancies

While Milwaukee has a reputation for being a warm, welcoming town with wonderful social and recreational opportunities, there are other characteristics of our community that are not positive. Classified as one of America's most segregated communities, metropolitan Milwaukee does not display the type of diversity found in many other similar size cities. African-American men, in particular, often find themselves at a disadvantage. On this edition of UWM Today, we focus on the racial discrepancies

Inside The Amazing Minds Of Spiders

Creatures with tiny brain size often don't get the credit they deserve for higher intelligence. Biologist Rafael Rodriguez says a case in point are spiders, who can make mental maps of their webs. This memorizing ability is similar to how humans retrace their steps when trying to find a misplaced item. Spiders also show an ability to understand the concept of numbers. On today's show, Rodriguez discusses the limits of a very small brain with host Tom Luljak.

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