KCRW's Art Talk Art reviews from art critics Edward Goldman and Hunter Drohojowska-Philp.
KCRW's Art Talk

KCRW's Art Talk


Art reviews from art critics Edward Goldman and Hunter Drohojowska-Philp.

Most Recent Episodes

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

Edward Goldman talks about fond art memories from hosting KCRW's Art Talk for 31 years.

The Provocative and Explicit Art of Sarah Lucas

Edward Goldman talks about plenty of sex and drama at the exhibition of British artist Sarah Lucas at the Hammer Museum.

Art and Empire in San Diego

Hunter Drohojowska-Philp talks about the Golden Age of Spanish painting.

Two Exhibitions Mixing Art, Music, and Politics

Edward Goldman talks about photographs by Gordon Parks at the Getty Museum, and multi-media works by artist, musician, and playwright Terry Allen at LA Louver.

These Dance Performances Were Music To My Eyes and Ears

Edward Goldman talks about a week full of extraordinary dance performances on stage and on screen.

Disappearing—California c. 1970

Hunter Drohojowska-Philp talks about the extreme art of Chris Burden, Jack Goldstein and Bas Jan Ader at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Terry Allen at L.A. Louver

Hunter Drohojowska-Philp says the survey of work from 60s until now shows the connections between his art, his music and his life.

These People and Animals Compete For Our Attention

Edward Goldman talks about the solo exhibitions by John Baldessari and Gwynn Murrill at Laguna Art Museum, and Eric Fischl at Sprüth Magers.

All about Dilexi Gallery, 1958-1969

Hunter Drohojowska-Philp talks the lively exchange among artists and dealers between L.A. and San Francisco

Celebrating the Anniversaries of Bauhaus and Rembrandt

Edward Goldman talks about The Getty Research Institute's exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school and a virtual exhibition of Rembrandt paintings in Southern California museums.