The Jefferson Exchange Podcast This lively two-hour interactive program devoted to issues facing the State of Jefferson, the Northwest, the nation and the world.
The Jefferson Exchange Podcast

The Jefferson Exchange Podcast

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This lively two-hour interactive program devoted to issues facing the State of Jefferson, the Northwest, the nation and the world.More from The Jefferson Exchange Podcast »

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Preparing For VERY Different Jobs In The Future

Anybody in your family work as a steam locomotive engineer or maker of buggy whips? There's not much call for those jobs anymore. And there's no guarantee that the jobs we do today will be needed in a few years. One study suggests that close to HALF the jobs in the workplace now will be eliminated by technology in the next 20 years. The non-profit WorkingNation works to prepare people for this future. Joan Lynch, Chief Content and Programming Officer, visits with details. And the Oregon

How The Body Succumbs In A Heat Wave

The warming of the planet becomes very real to many people in the summertime. Thousands of people have died in extreme heat waves since 1980, and the frequency of the heat waves is increasing. Research at the University of Hawaii looks at specifically HOW heat works on the body... and the bad news is, there are MANY different ways. Camilo Mora is an associate professor of geography at the U of H.

Conflict, Armed And Not, In The Social Media Age

Countries prove all the time, through hacking and other means, that you can mess with your enemies without firing a shot. The message is not lost on people who might otherwise be fighting wars. As journalist David Patrikarakos points out, war is a clash of narratives, and those narratives can be delivered by the internet, rather than bombs and bullets. He explains further in his book War in 140 Characters: How Social Media is Reshaping Conflict in the 21st Century .

The Federal Tax Plan And Affordable Housing

Congress is moving quickly toward votes on changing the country's tax system... some reorganizing and some cutting of rates, especially corporate taxes. There are goals in this and any tax plan that go beyond just money... like stimulating certain KINDS of economic activity. One kind of activity that could help many communities would be more building of housing for people who don't make much money; the lack of such housing is a factor in homelessness. The National Low-Income Housing Coalition

The Ground Floor: Ashland's 4th-Generation Darex

Every place where people work started with an idea. And the people who come up with ideas about businesses are studied and lauded in our society. We begin a new regular feature on The Exchange, "The Ground Floor," visiting with entrepreneurs in our region about how they got started and how they overcame obstacles. Up first: Matthew Bernard, the current CEO of Darex , the Ashland-based maker of sharpening equipment. He is the fourth generation involved in the running of the company.

Educator Examines Separate And UNequal Schools In Our Time

The Supreme Court decision integrating schools, Brown vs Board of Education, was a lifetime ago, in 1954. And yet our schools are almost as segregated now as they were then. And it is both racial and economic segregation, further widening gaps in our society. Noliwe Rooks examines the many factors, and finds the profit motive one of the larger culprits. She explains in her book Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education .

Why 1000 Friends Fought Medford Solar Farm

Placing a bunch of solar panels in a rural area is often referred to as a "solar farm." But it's not like actual farming can go on around the solar arrays, and that's what troubles 1000 Friends of Oregon . The land-use group works to make sure property owners and planners comply with Oregon land-use law. And the group took exception to a solar farm approved for use on farmland near Medford, appealing the approval and getting it overturned.

Open Land Can Help With Climate Change, Too

Plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions often focus directly on the emission sites themselves. But there's a whole world full of places that can potentially serve as carbon "sinks," absorbing CO2 to keep it out of the atmosphere. So land conservation and ecosystem management can also be strategies to curb climate change. A recent study lays out the effects; two of the authors are from the Nature Conservancy in California.

Exchange Exemplar: "Down Size" Your Waistline

The customary over-eating of the holiday season is upon us. So we figured it was a good time to talk to someone who successfully got his weight under control. Ted Spiker, journalist and professor, details his efforts in the book Down Size .

Urban Environments Create Changed Creatures

Urban dwellers get understandably upset when their homes are invaded by rats or bedbugs or other unwelcome creatures. But hardly anybody stops to think that the animals are there BECAUSE the city is there. And that is very likely the case... many creatures evolved differently because of urban environments. Marc Johnson at the University of Toronto just published a paper in Science detailing some of the evolutionary changes apparently forced by urban environments.

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