The Jefferson Exchange Podcast This lively two-hour interactive program devoted to issues facing the State of Jefferson, the Northwest, the nation and the world.
The Jefferson Exchange Podcast

The Jefferson Exchange Podcast

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This lively two-hour interactive program devoted to issues facing the State of Jefferson, the Northwest, the nation and the world.

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Training To Be A Master Climate Protector

"Reduce your carbon footprint" may be an easy phrase to utter, but what does it actually mean? Consume less energy released from fossil fuels, but what else? Detailed practical suggestions for how to reduce climate change impacts can be elusive. And that's why Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN) created its Master Climate Protector training. It follows the model of master gardener and master recycler programs, spending weeks educating trainees in climate-friendly practices.

What It Takes To Count Homeless People

It's a miserable time of year to be living outdoors, but plenty of people do it all over the country. And this is the time of year a headcount of those people is taken. The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development requires point-in-time (PIT) counts of homeless people, in and out of shelters, in January. Tonight (January 27th) is the night for the count in Jackson County.

Exploring America's Long History Of Xenophobia

People coming over the Mexican border and from Muslim countries bear the most scrutiny now, but it was once somebody else: Germans, Irish, Chinese people. We are a nation of immigrants, but also a nation that occasionally and vociferally opposes the immigration of certain groups of people. Erika Lee, historian and professor at the University of Minnesota, lays out the full story, from colonial times until now, in her book America for Americans: A History of Xenophobia .

Environmental Justice Effort Focuses On West Eugene

Housing tends to cost a bit less when it's close to factories and other industrial sites. So it should surprise few people to learn that people tend to get sick from exposure to industrial chemicals more often when they make less money. Is that fair? Beyond Toxics in Eugene says no. The group is focused on West Eugene, where a cluster of industrial sites appear to impact local residents.

Compass Radio Opens Eyes To Mental Illness

We've excised some of the more derogatory names for people with mental illness from our societal vocabulary. But that doesn't mean we're any more understanding of the illnesses or the people they affect. Once a month we get an education from a regular segment called Compass Radio. It features members of Southern Oregon Compass House in Medford telling their personal stories of coping with mental illness. This month we hear Tia's story of living with PTSD from childhood trauma, and how it

The Art And Activism of OSF's Nataki Garrett

The curtain rises soon on another season at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It is the first season under the solo direction of Nataki Garrett , installed as artistic director at OSF last year. The festival is the center of the region's arts offerings, drawing visitors from around the world to view ten plays on three stages, spread over a nine-month season. The Oregon Center for the Arts and Schneider Museum at Southern Oregon University presented a live interview with Nataki Garrett on the SOU

The Man Who Bombed Oregon Remembered In Film

Nobuo Fujita wanted to set part of Southern Oregon on fire. He was a Japanese pilot during World War II, given the task of dropping incendiary devices in the coastal forests near Brookings. Fujita's mission was the only manned attack on the U.S. mainland during the war, and it was unsuccessful: the damp forests of Curry County did not burn. Years later, Fujita was welcomed back to Brookings as a friend. His story is told in a documentary film by Ilana Sol, "Samurai in the Oregon Sky." The film

Medford Festival Spreads Fermentation Fun

Ah, fermentation. It gives us so much... from pickles to wine and beyond. The products of fermentation will be celebrated, explored, and yes, consumed at the first Brine, Brew & Barrel Fermentation Festival in downtown Medford this weekend (January 24-26). Workshops will cover fermentation techniques for a wide variety of consumables: kim chee, beer, sourdough bread, and more.

Live Music: The Andersons Return

Have horns, will travel. No, not car horns; Peter and Will Anderson are musicians and brothers, and both capable on saxophone and clarinet. They've played the Northwest before, and return for a short residency with the Britt Festival education program as well as concerts at Paschal Winery and Ashland High School . Did we mention they are identical twins?

California's Vaccine Exemption Ban Shows Results

Oregon's legislature spent part of last year working on a bill that would end non-medical exemptions from vaccines for children. In the end, the House passed the bill, but it was withdrawn in the Senate, part of the deal to bring the Republicans back from a walkout. The story across the state line is a bit different: California passed a bill ending non-medical exemptions in 2016.

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