Classics for Kids Introduce children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way.
Classics for Kids

Classics for Kids

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Introduce children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way.

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Leonard Bernstein 4: American Composers with a Boston Connection

Leonard Bernstein grew up in the Boston area. Here are some more composers who spent time in and around that city.

Leonard Bernstein 3: Operettas in English

Leonard Bernstein's "Candide" is an operetta. An operetta is like an opera, with one big difference. In opera, everything is sung, but in operetta, there are spoken lines between the singing.

Leonard Bernstein 2: Bernstein and Musical Theater

When he was growing up, Leonard Bernstein loved to put on operas and other musical shows with his friends. That interest in musical theater continued all through his life, and produced such great Broadway musicals as "On The Town," "Wonderful Town," and "West Side Story."

Leonard Bernstein 1: About Leonard Bernstein

American-born Leonard Bernstein became famous all over the world as a composer, a conductor, and a pianist. In addition to writing classical music, composed classic Broadway musicals, including West Side Story.

Edvard Grieg 5: Halloween Music

Appropriately spooky classical music for Halloween.

Edvard Grieg 4: Incidental Music

Incidental music creates a mood, or illustrates the action for what is going on in a play, movie or television show.

Edvard Grieg 3: Other Scandinavian Composers

Music by composers from the three official Scandinavian countries — Norway, Denmark and Sweden — and a couple of unofficial ones — Finland and Iceland!

Edvard Grieg 2: The Story of Peer Gynt

"In The Hall of the Mountain King" is part of the incidental music Edvard Grieg wrote for Henrik Ibsen's play Peer Gynt. Hear the story of the play as you listen to Grieg's music.

Edvard Grieg 1: About Edvard Grieg

Edvard Grieg was from a music-loving Norwegian family. In addition to becoming the leading Scandinavian composer of his day, Grieg became a big supporter of Norwegian arts and culture.

Spanish and Latin American Composers 4: Latin American Composers

After Christopher Columbus made his first trip across the Atlantic Ocean, Spain and other European countries began to colonize the Americas. Spanish music had a big influence on Latin American music - and so did the music of the enslaved people who were brought over from Africa. Hear how composers and players in Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay and other parts of Latin America married European forms with Indigenous sounds, creating folk music traditions that have become classics in their own right.