The South Carolina Business Review Each weekday host Mike Switzer and his guests provide listeners with business, economic, and community news that is important to South Carolina.
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The South Carolina Business Review

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Each weekday host Mike Switzer and his guests provide listeners with business, economic, and community news that is important to South Carolina.

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Inflation still a top concern for business

Even though inflation continues to be on everybody's minds these days, the American Farm Bureau Federation's recent annual survey showed that the average cost of your recent family Thanksgiving dinner should have actually dropped by about 4.5% from last year. But our next guest also completed a recent survey of business leaders in our state and found that while inflation is not number one on their list of concerns, it's very close. Mike Switzer interviews Bob Morgan, president and CEO of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce in Columbia, SC.

Recycling in SC is still happening and growing

Ever since China stopped importing recyclable materials from the US several years ago, we have been hearing from people who say they believe recycling doesn't matter anymore, and that everything is just going to the landfill anyway, so why bother? But the facts are that our state is home to over 300 recycling companies, a number which actually grew last year, bringing with them over $4 billion in capital investments, and over 1,800 new jobs. Mike Switzer interviews Anna DeLage, recycling market development manager at the SC Dept. of Commerce.

I-77 busy in SC

Correction: the December 7, 2023 version of this story stated that the 90-mile corridor between Columbia and Charlotte sees more than 145 million people passing through each day; that statement was incorrect, and has been updated as of December 11, 2023 and should read as follows:"In case you didn't know, 145 million people live within an 11-hour drive of the 90-mile corridor between Columbia and Charlotte. It's an area that encompasses five South Carolina counties and two metropolitan areas. That's a lot of potential commerce and economic development which is why our next guest's organization was formed. Mike Switzer interviews Chris Finn, the current president and CEO of the I-77 Alliance."We apologize for this error and thank our listeners for bringing it to our attention.

SC builds on relationship with NASA

Last year, our next guest's organization was awarded a grant of $1 million with more coming this year, all with the mission of funding collaborative projects benefiting our state's citizens and NASA. Mike Switzer interviews Catherine Hayes, executive director of CORE SC and an industry manager with the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) in Charleston, SC.

Setting up a virtual family office

Many people who solicit the assistance of a financial advisor have preconceived notions of what to expect involving investment management, tax planning, estate planning, etc. However, our next guest says there is often a disconnect between those client expectations and the actual services provided by financial advisors. He says the solution may be a virtual family office. Mike Switzer interviews Jeremy Finger, a certified financial planner with Riverbend Wealth Management in Myrtle Beach, SC.

SC education challenges continue

Alan tells us about the current challenges to bettering education levels in our state and the recent task force survey from the SC Dept. of Education. Our prior interviews with teacher groups in SC: Teacher Shortage Continues Unabated in SC and Recruiting teachers is a priority in SC. Mike Switzer interviews Alan Cooper, founder and editor of three online business news websites in South Carolina: MidlandsBiz, UpstateBizSC, and LowCountryBizSC. Disclaimer: Alan Cooper's company has a business relationship with, an affiliate of Magnolia Media, which is the producer of the South Carolina Business Review.

Local paint company celebrates 50 years of brothers in business

Our state is home to a family-owned paint manufacturer that has been in business for over 100 years and we just learned that they are celebrating another milestone as the two brothers leading the company have now reached fifty years in that business together. They are Pope and Bobby Walker, who run the Rose Talbert Paint Company in Cayce, SC and today, we have Pope on the phone.

Reinventing headphones

If you've ever worn earbuds or the mini earphones that fit into your ears, you have probably experienced the hassle of them falling out or not being comfortable in your ears. Our next guest thinks his Upstate company has found the solution using 3D printing and as a result has spurred the South Carolina Research Authority's investment affiliate, SC Launch, to invest a quarter million dollars into the company. Mike Switzer interviews Ric Hoke, founder and CEO of WAVS Custom, in Greenville, SC.

Another niche market unveiled

Although we've been doing this show for over 23 years, we continue to learn about niche segments of the business world that we hadn't heard of before. And so it goes with our next guest's company, owner of a local franchise that specializes in paving and maintaining parking lots. Mike Switzer interviews Charlie Mimms, who along with his wife, Melissa, own and operate Everline Coatings in Columbia, SC

Gifting as an estate planning tool

As the year winds down, a lot of financial reviews start to take place. And one of those can involve estate planning. Mike Switzer interviews Chris Cabri, a certified financial planner with Wells Fargo Advisors in Greenwood, SC.