The South Carolina Business Review Each weekday host Mike Switzer and his guests provide listeners with business, economic, and community news that is important to South Carolina.
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The South Carolina Business Review

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Each weekday host Mike Switzer and his guests provide listeners with business, economic, and community news that is important to South Carolina.More from The South Carolina Business Review »

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Exploring Business Opportunities with NASA

If you are a small business owner and have always wanted to work with NASA, you may want to know that they are going to be participating in a business expo (and a STEM expo for students) on August 29th in Charleston, SC. Mike Switzer interviews Kevin Limehouse with the Charleston County government . NASA Business Expo and Stem Expo in Charleston, SC .

Is China Disrupting Our State's Recycling Industry?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans recycle around 66 million tons of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and scrap metal, etc. each year. But then China threw a kink into things when they announced last summer that they would no longer accept "foreign garbage" which includes recyclables. The Solid Waste Association of North America says these restrictions have disrupted recycling programs throughout the United States, and we were wondering how our state is being affected.

Preparing Youth with Disabilities for the Workplace

You may have heard a recent program of ours that highlighted the difficulties experienced by people with disabilities in finding satisfying jobs. The youth in our state can find this challenge even more daunting because in most cases, they have never had any job experience of any kind. Our next guest, however, is working with the local business community to alleviate that situation. Mike Switzer interviews Sarah Park, a transition specialist Blythewood High School in Blythewood, SC, part of the

Are Your Investments Too Safe?

Most people know that most investing involves some risk. But our next guest says that he sees some investors going to great lengths to avoid risk at all costs. Mike Switzer interviews Jeff Wildes, a certified financial planner in Georgetown, SC .

SC Business Update from John "Swampfox" Warner

A weekly update of the entrepreneurial activity in South Carolina. Mike Switzer interviews John Warner, co-founder of Accessible Diagnostics and the Swampfox Facebook page, based in Greenville, S.C.

Is Columbia's Downtown Coming of Age?

Our state's capital city has been experiencing something of a renaissance lately as its downtown area continues to play catch-up with Charleston and Greenville. Our next guest has been right in the middle of this activity. Mike Switzer interviews Scott Garvin, president of Garvin Design Group in Columbia, SC.

Golf Industry Strives for Diversity

As we move further into the 21st century, there are still some industries that struggle to attract a diverse population of employees. One that may not surprise you is the golf business. And that's why our next guest's organization was established and whose work is making an impact in the Carolinas. Mike Switzer interviews Rachel Melendez-Mabee is responsible for the Professional Golf Association of America 's diversity and inclusion program known as PGA WORKS , which is itself part of their

SC Film Incentives Reinstated

In case you missed it, the TV and film production industry in our state recently received a boost when Governor McMaster signed into law a proviso that reinstates wage and supplier rebates. Our next guest has been lobbying for this for a while and says it puts us on a little more level playing field with our neighboring states. Mike Switzer interviews Linda Lee, president of the Carolina Film Alliance in Charleston, South Carolina.

Labor, Trade, Interest Rates Line Up to Affect Economy

Our state's economy continues to report good numbers and most economists predict more of the same to come. However, there are some issues out there that our next guest says we should all be keeping an eye on. Mike Switzer interviews Frank Hefner, director of the Office of Economic Analysis at the College of Charleston .

SC Business Update from Andy Owens

An update of the news, events and issues that are trending right now across South Carolina's business community. Mike Switzer interviews Andy Owens, managing editor of SCBizNews , the company that publishes the Columbia Regional Business Report , Charleston Regional Business Journal , GSA Business and SCBizNews magazine .

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