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A daily show about politics and global issues, music and sports, books and the environment — all through the perspective of the Pacific Northwest.More from Think Out Loud »

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High School Free Speech

Grant High School senior Oliver Kline isn't conservative, but he worries that his school's environment is stifling the voices of conservative students. In a recent column for The Oregonian/Oregonlive, he wrote that students and staff should be able to express their opinions even if they are unpopular. Kline joins us now.

Washington State Sends Brain Injury Patients To Oklahoma

Between 2014 and 2017, the state of Washington sent 16 patients who had both brain injuries and extreme behavior issues to a treatment facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But instead of getting treatment and returning home, most of them stayed for years--at a cost to taxpayers of millions of dollars. Olympia reporter Austin Jenkins tells us about it.

Portland Police Union Reacts To Investigation Into Homeless Arrests

In a scathing press release, Portland Police Association president Daryl Turner reacted to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's comments about the disproportionate number of homeless people arrested last year. Turner said,"I am incensed that once again the Mayor has thrown Portland Police Officers under the bus instead of saying what we all know to be true: that his proposed solutions to our homelessness crisis have failed." An analysis by The Oregonian/Oregonlive showed that homeless people accounted for half the arrests Portland Police made last year. We'll hear from Turner.

Confirmation Hearings For 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals

The Senate will vote on the confirmation of Oregon Assistant United States Attorney Ryan Bounds to the 9th Circuit. He would be the first judicial nominee to sit on the court in a long time who doesn't have the backing of home state senators.

Klondike Kate

Kathleen Rockwell (aka "Klondike Kate") spent the last decades of a long and storied life as a homesteader in Central Oregon. Now, her legacy is returning to Bend — in the form of a massive rock collection. We're talking to folks at the Deschutes County Historical Society about Kate's life, her lasting impact, and her eccentric taste in masonry.

Lawyer For Sheridan Detainees

Local immigration lawyer Chelsea Strautman has taken two of the 121 undocumented immigrants held at the federal prison in Sheridan as clients. She has met with many of the other detainees there as well.

Meteorite Excavation Off The Washington Coast

In early-March a meteorite plummeted into the Pacific off the Washington coast, a bang so big many feared it was an earthquake. The meteorite was the largest since 1990. Two weeks ago scientist Marc Fries joined the E/V Nautilus in the first directed attempt to excavate fragments of a meteor from the ocean floor. Fries tells us more.

Report Indicates Problems With Oregon's Medical Marijuana Market

An internal review of Oregon's medical marijuana program has found severe staffing shortages, and insufficient and inaccurate tracking at the Oregon Health Authority. OHA Director Patrick Allen tells us about the report, and what it will take to fix the problems.

Judith Arcana On Being A Jane, Then & Now

We sit down with Portland writer Judith Arcana. She's an poet, an educator and an activist. She may be best known for her work in Chicago's underground abortion service in the era before Roe v. Wade, often called JANE. We'll talk to her about that history and her current work.

News Roundtable

Opinions and analysis on some of this week's biggest news with freelance journalist Beth Slovic, Kalpana Krishnamurthy, National Field and Policy Director at Forward Together, and Jim Pasero, principal for public affairs company Third Century Solutions.

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