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A daily show about politics and global issues, music and sports, books and the environment — all through the perspective of the Pacific Northwest.

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Considering Changes To Oregon's Death With Dignity Law

In an article in this week's California Sunday Magazine, journalist Katie Engelhart profiles Debra Koosed who was diagnosed with dementia at 65. Koosed didn't qualify for physician's aid in dying under Oregon's Death with Dignity law. So, she found another way to end her life. We hear from Engelhart as well as Oregon Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland) who is sponsoring legislation to expand the definition of "terminal disease" under Oregon law. Peg Sandeen, executive director of the Death With Dignity National Center, joins us as well. That organization opposes the change Greenlick is proposing.

News Roundtable 3-22-19

We get opinions and analysis of some of the week's big stories from Beth Slovic, a freelance journalist and journalism instructor at Clark College in Vancouver; Erious Johnson, a former civil rights attorney; and Doug Badger, a managing partner at Quinn Thomas.

Who Are Oregon's Cannabis Users?

A new survey from DHM Research looks at consumers in Oregon's cannabis industry. John Horvick, vice president and director of research at DHM, shares what they learned about the age, gender, education-level, preferences, behaviors and other details of the people who are buying cannabis in Oregon.

Oregon Researchers Will Spend Winter In Antarctica

A team of Oregon scientists are heading to Antarctica in a few weeks to spend the winter at Palmer Station. The researchers will be looking into the diet and health of a key food species in that region: Antarctic krill. Once they arrive at the research station, the scientists will not be able to leave for the next six months. Kim Bernard, assistant professor at Oregon State University, will be leading the trip. Kirsten Steinke is a graduate student who will also be making the journey.

Multnomah County prepares for Census 2020

The 2020 census is about a year away, and Multnomah County officials are looking ahead to ensure an accurate count. Locally, it's estimated that 20 percent of the population has been historically undercounted. Immigrants and communities of color are especially likely to be undercounted. We talk with Commissioner Lori Stegmann about the efforts she is leading in the county, and Jenny Lee, advocacy director for the Coalition of Communities of Color.

A New Look At Age Discrimination

Two thirds of Oregon workers have experienced or witnessed age discrimination in the workplace. That's according to a recent AARP survey of 1,000 people age 40 and over. The legislature is currently considering changes to Oregon law to add more restrictions against age discrimination and stiffer punishments for violations, but critics say the current law is enough. We hear from Rep. Carla Piluso (D-Gresham) and Paloma Sparks from Oregon Business & Industry.

Legal Access in Rural Oregon

Oregonians in rural Deschutes County report that accessing court records can be a challenge for them. A new program at the Redmond Public Library aims to help. It lets people access their court records on library computers with just a library card. We talk with David Rosen, the chairman of the Deschutes County Access to Justice Committee, about the program.

Little Big Burger Has A Union

Employees at the regional chain Little Big Burger announced this week they intend to unionize. They follow in the footsteps of another regional chain, Burgerville, which formed the first federally recognized fast food union last year. We talk with a Little Big Burger employee about the effort to unionize. And Kate Bronfenbrenner, director of Labor Education Research at Cornell University, tells us why fast food unions are so uncommon.

Restraint And Seclusion In Schools

Thousands of times a year, Oregon and Washington students have been physically restrained or isolated from peers. Parents say what's meant as a last resort happens too often, without their knowledge. OPB Editor Rob Manning tells us about how schools are using restraint and seclusion, and who is keeping track.

Oregon Author Barry Lopez's New Memoir

We spend the hour with one of Oregon's most celebrated writers and thinkers, Barry Lopez. His new book, "Horizon," knits together his decades of travel all around the world. It's a book full of wonder and sadness, hope and despair, about the natural world... and the way humans are changing it.

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