Climate Cast MPR News meteorologist Paul Huttner with the latest research on our changing climate.
Climate Cast

Climate Cast

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MPR News meteorologist Paul Huttner with the latest research on our changing climate.

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Big Oil pivots to renewables, but will it last?

The coronavirus outbreak is costing big oil big billions, causing some oil companies to invest in renewable energy.

Great Lakes temperatures breaking records

Water temperatures in the Great Lakes have been trending upward for decades, but this summer has brought temperatures near 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Climate change is hastening lakeshore erosion

Wetter, warmer weather brought about by climate change appears to be hastening lakeshore erosion, and it's putting some cabins precariously close to the water's edge.

Climate change is hastening lakeshore erosion

COVID-19 is increasing carbon-emitting medical waste

A lot of waste produced by hospitals has to be burned. The incinerators used to do that emit more carbon dioxide per megawatt hour than coal power plants.

Pandemic bike boom paves way for greener streets

A survey of residents in six European countries found 75 percent of respondents supported maintaining changes to streets that have allowed for more biking and socially-distant walking during the pandemic.

Climate change affecting wild rice

Climate change is taking a significant toll on wild rice in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The crop failure rate has gone from 25 percent to 50 percent on some lakes, and the plant's significance to Ojibwe communities makes finding a solution all the more delicate — and dire.

Poor birth outcomes associated with climate change

Of more than 32 million births in the United States, more than 80 percent had problems associated with heat or air pollution, suggesting that climate change is significantly affecting birth outcomes.

'Black lives impacted by two inhospitable climates'

Sam Grant, the executive director of MN350, says the mainstream environmental movement needs to recognize 'people are a part of nature.'

New Jersey requires comprehensive climate education

New Jersey has become the first state to require climate change lessons across grade levels and disciplines.

To prevent a pandemic, fight climate change

Climate change has exacerbated some of the health inequities behind disparities in COVID-19 cases.

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