Climate Cast MPR News meteorologist Paul Huttner with the latest research on our changing climate.
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Climate Cast

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MPR News meteorologist Paul Huttner with the latest research on our changing climate.

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Minnesota, Finland agree to team up on climate change

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has signed a letter of understanding with Finland, pledging to encourage the state's agencies, universities and businesses to collaborate with Finland on sustainable technology.

New carbon capture facility offers hope, sticker shock

The world's largest carbon capture facility takes a year to sequester 3-seconds worth of carbon emissions.

Minnesota researchers tap AI to improve climate models

The effort is part of a federal investment in climate modeling to help communities better prepare for the effects of climate change.

University of Minnesota leads first Weddell seal count

The health of the seal population can tell scientists how climate change is affecting ice and fish in Antarctica.

The evolution of 'greenwashing'

It's Climate Week in New York City. The good news? Dozens of companies are announcing new climate goals. But do their good intentions actually translate into lower carbon emissions?

Extreme weather swings challenging watershed managers

Changing rainfall patterns and more extreme weather swings have made water managers' jobs difficult. They moderate lake and creek levels to prevent flooding and pollution.

What's stopping weed growers from going greener?

The legal cannabis industry is booming. So are greenhouse gas emissions from growers.

How climate change is creating 'weather on steroids'

This week, we've seen fire in California, storms in New Orleans and the Northeast and drought in Minnesota. How is climate change linked to these three separate extreme weather events?

Drought drives good grape year in Minnesota

The drought has challenged many in Minnesota. But for grape growers, it's the silver lining to a difficult 18 months.

A summer tradition changes with the climate

Climate change is affecting everything from campers' schedules, to infrastructure needs, to the kinds of trees on the property at Camp Mishawaka in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. And it isn't alone; a major insurer of summer camps has pulled out of the business as camps on the coasts lose property to wildfires and hurricanes.