Climate Cast MPR News meteorologist Paul Huttner with the latest research on our changing climate.
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Climate Cast

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MPR News meteorologist Paul Huttner with the latest research on our changing climate.

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NOAA update to cement warmer climate as new normal

But will the routine update mask the magnitude of climate change when we hear our daily forecasts?

How we can climate-proof the power grid

The blackouts in Texas are just the latest example of of how vulnerable our power grids are to climate change-fueled extreme weather.

MN leads Midwest, but falls short on electric vehicles

Late last month, President Joe Biden announced plans to electrify the federal government's fleet of vehicles, as he looks to spur electrification to bring down greenhouse gas emissions. And now General Motors has said it wants to sell only electric vehicles, or EVs, by 2035. But are states and consumers ready for them? The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, or ACEEE, tracks states progress on infrastructure and policies that would help consumers adopt clean cars and transit. Its recent scorecard ranks Minnesota 12th in the nation. "Minnesota has done a number of things well," said Bryan Howard, state policy director at ACEEE. "It's done a really good job of articulating how utilities could invest in EV infrastructure [such as charging stations]. The state has also taken some initial steps to ratify California's zero-emission vehicle regulations, which would set that manufacturers need to sell a certain number of electric vehicles in the state." Electric truck production revs up Will drivers buy them? Despite GOP opposition State regulators push ahead with 'clean car' rules The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has proposed adopting the California standard through its rulemaking process. Republicans in the state legislature say that's an overstep and are challenging the move. Howard said where Minnesota falls short is not offering incentives for buying EVs. Last month DFL proposes 'most ambitious' energy goal in U.S. Study Faster payoff for reaching net-zero than first thought Howard talked more about it on Climate Cast this week. Click play on the audio player above or subscribe to the Climate Cast podcast to listen.

Study shows faster payoff for reaching net-zero by 2050

A recent study shows that if the world can reach net-zero by 2050, global temperatures would stabilize within a few decades. That's more optimistic than some scenarios suggesting temperatures would keep rising.

MN lawmakers propose 100 percent clean energy by 2040

With a slate of executive actions this week, President Joe Biden is aiming the country to use 100 percent clean energy by 2050. In a bill introduced this session, Minnesota lawmakers proposed doing it by 2040.

Book update reflects climate change impact on Minnesota

After 25 years of rapid climate change, "Minnesota's Natural Heritage" needed an update. The second edition is out this month.

New book charts changing tactics of fossil fuel lobby

Renowned climate scientist Michael Mann looks at the tactics fossil fuel interests are using to slow broad policy shifts that are our surest bet to "take back our planet."

What to expect from NOAA under the Biden administration

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's focus on weather forecasting and climate science is likely to be a high priority under President-elect Joe Biden

Despite La Niña, 2020 could be hottest year on record

La Niña weather patterns are supposed to bring cooler weather. But 2020 could become the hottest on record despite in being a La Niña year.

A record year for wind turbine shipments through Duluth

Ships carried more than half a million tons of wind energy cargo through the Port of Duluth this year, setting a record and signaling opportunity for Minnesota's economy and environment.

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