Living While Dying Insights on life from a man facing death.
Living While Dying

Living While Dying

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Insights on life from a man facing death.More from Living While Dying »

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Songwriter finds inspiration in MPR series on Bruce Kramer

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Anna Schulze was so touched by the "Living While Dying" series that she wrote "Don't You Fade Away," featured on her new album "Pickford Market."

31. Saying goodbye

As Bruce Kramer's life nears its end, friends and family gather at his bedside to say goodbye. Cathy Wurzer shares her thoughts on the experience.

30. Tipping point

As ALS continues to diminish his physical capacity, Bruce Kramer considers when his condition will reach a tipping point. Bruce and his wife Ev rethink Bruce's end of life directives.

29. A love story

Bruce Kramer and his wife Ev Emerson discuss how they fell in love and how their relationship evolved through marriage and ALS.

28. Honesty

The choir that he once directed visits Bruce Kramer's home at Christmas. He appreciates the frank and honest conversations he can have with friends and family as the end of his life approaches.

27. Focus

Bruce Kramer says ALS helped him focus on what is important in life: love and relationships. He also talks about a device he's been using that helps him breathe and the decision to enter hospice.

26. Leadership

Bruce Kramer taught leadership ethics at the University of St. Thomas. He talked to students about how his training as a leader helped him adjust to life with ALS.

25. Being tested

Bruce Kramer is tired of having the progression of his ALS measured with a number. He has embraced living in the moment.

24. Prepared for ALS

Bruce Kramer tells us that during his childhood, his mother was frequently ill and in the hospital. He says that experience helped prepare him to deal with ALS.

23. The stress of caregiving

Bruce Kramer and his wife Ev Emerson discuss how their relationship has evolved as she has taken on the role of caregiver.

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