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OUSD Continues Teachers Strike

OUSD Continues Teachers Strike Oakland Unified School District teachers hit the picket line for a second day as they draw hope from LA's Teacher Strike last month. But a tough lesson from the strike down south looms over Oakland, if teachers get what they want, who will pay for it? Reporter: Lily Jamali San Bernardino County to Pay a $1 Million Settlement to LGBT Inmates Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans inmates will receive a $1 million dollar settlement after being kept away from the General Population and locked up for 23 hour days and denied access to job training and drug rehabilitation at a Rancho Cucamonga jail. Reporter: KVCR's Benjamin Purper Medical Professionals Arrested After Falsifying Opioid Prescriptions Seven medical professionals from three different states have been arrested and accused of contributing to the nation's ongoing opioid crisis. Reporter: KPCC's Alyssa Jeong Perry California's GOP to Select New Chair This Weekend After losing half of its Congressional Delegation in November, the GOP's new leader will have their work cut out for them. Reporter: Katie Orr

Oakland Teachers Begin Day One of Walkout

Oakland Teachers Begin Day One of Walkout For the second time in two months a major California school district is in the middle of a messy strike. This time it's Oakland teachers striking for more money and better working conditions. The walkouts are raising critical questions about how well the state is funding education. Yesterday many Oakland principals went to Sacramento to make the case for more money. Reporter: Vanessa Rancano U.S. Settles Alleged Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Border Agents Two women who allege they were sexually assaulted at the U.S.-Mexico border have received a settlement from the U.S. government. The sisters were on their way to the San Joaquin Valley. Reporter: Kerry Klein California Clergy Optimistic About Vatican Sex Abuse Summit More than a hundred Catholic leaders from around the globe are gathering in Rome today for a major summit addressing sexual abuse of children in the church. Here in California, clerics are hoping the meeting will make higher-ups more accountable for these crimes. Reporter: Chloe Veltman New Bill Looks to Require Priests to Report Child Abuse Crimes Bay Area state Senator Jerry Hill has introduced legislation to require clergy to report suspected child abuse to law enforcement. Reporter: Peter John Shuler

A Heart to Heart Between Newsom and Cities Skirting Housing Laws

A Heart to Heart Between Newsom and Cities Skirting Housing Laws On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom invited leaders from cities he says haven't built enough housing for a heart to heart. He was just a stone's throw from Huntington Beach which the state just sued for that exact reason. Reporter: Saul Gonzalez Credit Union to Give No Interest Loans to Striking Oakland Teachers A credit union in the Bay Area is working with Oakland's teachers union on no interest loans for teachers in the event that their strike takes a while. Reporter: Julia McEvoy San Diego Military Community Worried About Impact of National Emergency Declaration Military communities around the country are looking at the potential impact of the president's declaration of a National Emergency to build more border wall. In San Diego, officials are worried about the impact of delaying or halting military projects. Reporter: Steve Walsh Business As Usual in Tijuana, Officials Say Members of the Mexican government say, despite Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the border, the situation there is nothing out of ordinary. Reporter: Christal Smith

Oakland Teachers Prepare to Strike Thursday — How Did We Get Here?

Oakland Teachers Prepare to Strike Thursday Oakland teachers are planning to strike on Thursday following what they saw as a successful strike in Los Angeles last month. They want a 12 percent raise and smaller class sizes. The district is offering a 5 percent raise. Central Valley Teachers Look to Oakland As They Consider Striking Teachers in the Central Valley are keeping a close eye on developments in Oakland as they consider whether to follow their lead. Reporter: Alex Hall How Did We Get Here? Prop 13 Explained Prop 13, which limits how much California residents pay in property taxes, has drastically cut funding for education. Guest: Vanessa Rancaño Can LAUSD Fund The Deal It Made to End Its Strike? In January, teachers in the L.A. Unified School District captured national attention by going on strike. A contract was eventually hammered out after marathon rounds of negotiations. But now a question looms: Does the school district have enough money to honor the terms of the contract? Reporter: Saul Gonzalez

OUSD Plans To Go on Strike This Week

Oakland Teachers Plans To Go On Strike This Week Teachers in the Oakland Unified School District announced they will hit the picket line on Thursday. They're taking a page from the playbook used by their counterparts in Los Angeles as they fight for better pay and smaller class sizes. Reporter: Sara Hossaini Governor Gavin Newsom Scales Down Delta Twin Tunnels Former Governor Jerry Brown's controversial Twin Tunnel project, which would run water from the San Joaquin River Delta to Southern California, has just been scaled back by his successor. Reporter: Paul Rogers California Storms Cause Homeless Shelters to Overfill Northern California has been hit with several storms in the past two months, making it difficult for the city's homeless population to stay dry and warm. Reporter: Hope McKenney Reporter: Hope McKenny Meth's Comeback Feeds a Rise in Syphilis Health officials are struggling to get a handle on the return of meth in California. In our region, that crisis is driving another one: the rise of syphilis. Reporter: April Dembosky

California Congressmen Have Differing Views on Potential National Emergency

California Congressmen Have Differing Views on Potential National Emergency President Trump is expected to sign an order declaring a national emergency at the Southern Border. It's a way to get the border wakk funding that was not included in the bi-partisan deal reached Thursday to keep the government open. We talk to Burbank Congressman Adam Schiff, a Democrat, and Sierra Foothills Congressman Tom McClintock, a Republican, to ask them both for their thoughts on the President's approach. Guests: Adam Schiff & Tom McClintock First Amendment Group Sues State AG Over Withholding Police Records A Bay Area based First Amendment group is suing Becerra, in an effort to force the release of police misconduct and shooting records unsealed by a new state law. The attorney general has stalled releasing those records, saying the courts should weigh in first. Reporter: Alex Emslie California Cop Admits Stealing Thousands of Bullets Over 30 Years, Escapes Theft Charges Some of those records have already been released thanks to a joint effort among news organizations, including KQED. The latest case uncovered by our team is in San Bernardino, where a law enforcement officer confessed to stealing tens of thousands of bullets. Reporter: Sukey Lewis

California Congressmen Have Differing Views on Potential National Emergency

Winter Weather System Brings Heavy Rain, Triggers Evacuation Orders

Winter Weather System Brings Heavy Rain, Triggers Evacuation Orders A powerful winter storm system is dumping rain and snow all over the state. The weather is snarling traffic with flooded roadways, causing power outages, bringing down trees and leading to calls for residents near some swollen creeks and rivers to evacuate. For people living near the burn areas of the Holy Fire, which scorched more than 23,000 acres in Riverside and Orange Counties back in August of 20-18, this is an especially nerve-wrecking time. Reporter: Danielle Fox Newsom Signs Drinking Water Bill at Central Valley School Governor Gavin Newsom signed his first pieces of legislation into law Wednesday. He chose to sign them at a Central Valley school where the water contains a carcinogen and kids can't even use the drinking fountains. Reporter: Kerry Klein California Ports See Boost in Imports This week, a U.S. delegation that includes trade representatives, undersecretaries, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is in Beijing for trade talks. One of the issues being discussed is tariffs of as much as 25 percent on some Chinese goods coming into U.S. markets. Anticipation of the tariffs kicking in as early as the first week of March has brought about a surge of cargo orders into American ports, including at the Port of Long Beach. Guest: Mario Cordero

Governor Newsom Says He'll Scale Back Two Massive Public Projects

State of the State: Newsom to Scale Back Two Massive Public Projects In Governor Gavin Newsom's first State of the State address, he said his administration will significantly scale back two massive public projects: high speed rail and the Delta tunnels. Those are both projects that his predecessor championed. Reporter: Marisa Lagos A Double-Barreled Storm Rolls Into Bay Area, Northern California A double-barreled Pacific storm system arrived in Northern California late Tuesday with heavy rains, high winds and just enough uncertainty about exactly where it will direct its fiercest energy to prompt forecasters to put the entire region on notice for the possibility of widespread flooding and power outages. Reporter: Dan Brekke Western Franciscan Order Allowing Accused Priests to Stay on Board In response to reignited public outrage over the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal, diocese and religious orders, like the Franciscans, are working to update public lists of priests accused of sexual misconduct with minors. But some of them are blowing past self-imposed deadlines. Leading that effort for his Order is Father David Gaa, the head of the Franciscans in the Western United States. Reporter: Polly Stryker

Governor Newsom Expected to Rebuke Trump in 1st State of the State Address

Governor Newsom Expected to Rebuke Trump in 1st State of the State Address Governor Gavin Newsom is preparing to deliver his first State of the State address this morning. He's signaling that he might take a tougher approach to President Donald Trump than his predecessor, at least when it comes to the border. Reporter: Katie Orr Republican San Diego Mayor Pushes for New Pro-Immigrant Position In San Diego, the city council has just unanimously approved a mid-year spending plan that includes a new job: an Immigrant Affairs Manager whose role is to welcome immigrants. That ask came from the city's Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer. Guest: Mayor Kevin Faulconer Former State Senate Leader To Try For LA's City Council Kevin de Leon, who lost a high-profile U.S. Senate bid against longtime incumbent Dianne Feinstein last year, is now running for LA's City Council. Reporter: Mary Plummer Canadian Businesses Get in on California Cannabis Industry Two California cannabis dispensaries are hooking up with Canadian businesses. Oakland-based Harborside, one of the largest dispensaries in the country, has announced a new partnership with a Canadian company that allows it to be listed on one of that country's stock exchanges. And the Apothecarium, a popular San Francisco cannabis company, is being bought up by a Toronto-based business. The moves highlight what could be a new, international dynamic for the state's budding industry. Reporter: Jeremy Siegel

Governor Newsom Expected to Rebuke Trump in 1st State of the State Address

Gov. Newsom Will Pull California National Guard From the Mexico Border

Gov. Newsom Will Pull California National Guard From the Mexico Border Governor Gavin Newsom is planning this morning to rescind an order deploying more than 350 California National Guard troops to our state's border with Mexico border. Reporter: Scott Shafer California's First Surgeon General Takes Aim at 'Toxic Stress' California has never had a Surgeon General but that changes today. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris has pioneered research into the effect childhood traumas have on health. Burke Harris wants the state to be more proactive in dealing with what she calls the effects of toxic stress on kids. Reporter: Katie Orr Massive Bird Die-Off At Salton Sea Raises Alarms About A Coming Environmental Crisis Getting money to fix the Salton Sea in Riverside County has become a sticking point during the ongoing negotiations over Colorado River Water. Thousands of birds were discovered dead at the Salton Sea last month, raising concerns about the lake's declining health. Reporter: Benjamin Purper

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