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A weekly podcast from KQED Pop that tackles popular culture in a smart, fun and personal way.More from The Cooler »

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Crazy in Love with This Summer Preview

A peek at the pop culture we're most looking forward to this summer. Plus, we're giving The Cooler Seal of Approval™ to what we think should be the Song of the Summer!

BONUS: A Review of Beyoncé and Her Husband's "EVERYTHING IS LOVE"

Two of us went on live radio to air out our feelings about Bey and Stedman's new joint album.

We Couldn't Help But Wonder How 'Sex and the City' Is Already 20

Does the SATC pilot hold up? Can sweat-coated apples get you a date? Should a 12-year-old Meghan Markle teach a class in being woke? (Spoiler: the answer to all of these questions is yes.)

Putting the Cult in Pop Culture

Inspired by 'Wild Wild Country,' we're talking cults with a special guest expert. Plus, we find out which songs define our entire lives, share some 'The Americans' feels, and nominate someone for Worst Human Alive.

Thank Your Lucky Yelp Stars Your Gyno Isn't Suing You

Did you know you can be sued over a Yelp review? Be afraid! Also, a juicy sex scandal that involves state secrets and a naked masked waiter, and we're picking sides in the Drake / Pusha T feud.

The Library Is Open!

We get real nerdy and chat about our fave books (and the ones we think are overrated). Plus, we revisit some of TV's worst jump-the-shark moments, tell off the dudes of 'Arrested Development,' revel in hilarious yearbook quotes, swoon over a little-known prince, and more!

Men Who Nip and Tuck

Inspired by Kanye's liposuction confession, we investigate how many men get plastic surgery (spoiler: A LOT!). We also look into the science behind the Yanny vs. Laurel phenomenon. And one of us gets possessed by a demon at a Taylor Swift concert.

The Not So Rural Juror

Fresh off serving as a juror in a three-week trial, one of us spills all the beans and hands out jury duty survival tips! Also, what do we do about the Matt Lauers of the world trying to stage comebacks? And a few words for those who think a black person can't be woke if they have a white partner.

Stay in Your Emoji Lane

A look at the phenomenon of white people using black emojis, which celebs almost sang your favorite songs, how two people finally stood up to Kanye, and why Xtina's resurrection from pop star extinction is worth celebrating.

Beyonce Takes Us to Church... Literally

What is it like when a cathedral hosts a Beyonce-themed worship service? We went to find out.

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