Snap Judgment Dramatic tales, killer beats and the edgiest new talent in storytelling come together for a weekly radio hour hosted by Glynn Washington.
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Dramatic tales, killer beats and the edgiest new talent in storytelling come together for a weekly radio hour hosted by Glynn Washington.

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On Our Watch from NPR & KQED

One officer in Los Angeles used car inspections to hit on women. Three hundred miles away in the San Francisco Bay Area, another woman says an officer used police resources to harass and stalk her. This episode investigates these two cases of sexual misconduct by California Highway Patrol officers. While the officers were fired, the agency did not refer potential crimes to prosecutors. And the files show some women who came forward were met with suspicion, discouragement, or what one woman saw as intimidation. Snap presents, "Conduct Unbecoming," the second episode of On Our Watch, an investigative podcast from NPR & KQED. This episode contains instances of sexual misconduct but it does not contain sexual assault. Sensitive listeners, please be advised. Thank you, Sukey Lewis, Sandhya Dirks, Alex Emslie, and the entire On Our Watch team! On Our Watch is an amazing seven-part podcast series, hosted by Sukey Lewis. It was created after a new police transparency law unsealed scores of internal affairs files. NPR and KQED reporters set out to examine these cases and the shadow world of police discipline. Learn more about On Our Watch at Listen & subscribe now! On Our Watch is produced as part of the California Reporting Project, a coalition of news organizations in California. Artwork by Nicole Xu for NPR Season 12 - Episode 25

The Census Powwow

Cheyenne Brady knew next to nothing about the US census when she was given the job of counting everyone on her reservation. Writer Julian Brave Noisecat follows her through the ups and downs of the 2020 census, culminating in the first-ever Census Powwow. This story features descriptions of genocide and historical trauma, sensitive listeners please be advised. A big, big thank you to everyone on the Fort Berthold Reservation. Especially Cheyenne Brady and her family: Novi Runs Above, Holy Rope, Tayvin, Poncho, Tookie, Uncle Thomas, and Grandma Florence. Thank you also to Charlie Moran, Tavares Fimbres, Gabrielle Wilkinson, and Braedyn Taft, and Jazz Bearstail. Thanks to our friends at KMHA radio: Anne Morsette, Will Maguire, Ricky Raine, and Shelley Krueger for administering a rapid COVID test. And big thanks to the whole Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation. Sincerest thanks to Dr. Cheryl Ann Kary, Cheryl Keepseagle, Logan Davis, Barb Anguino, D'Vera Cohn, Byard Duncan, David Rodriguez, and Lycia Ortega Maddocks. This story was produced in partnership with Type Investigations. The original score was by Cheflee and Pat Mesiti-Miller This story was produced and reported by Julian Brave NoiseCat and John Fecile It was written by Julian Brave NoiseCat Season 12 - Episode 24

Cowboy Bob - Criminal Spotlight

In May 1991, a bank robber walked into a bank in Irving, Texas, and without speaking handed the teller a note that read, "This is a bank robbery. Give me your money. No marked bills or dye packs." Witnesses reported that the robber was wearing a cowboy hat and a brown leather jacket. And then it happened again. And again. But when FBI agents finally got a lead, they discovered that the robber wasn't who they expected at all... This week, Snap proudly presents, Criminal, from PRX's Radiotopia! This award-winning podcast, hosted by Phoebe Judge, was one of the first, if not the first, true-crime podcast. They tell incredible stories of people who've done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. They've got 165 stories like this one just waiting for you — each one more surprising than the next! Listen to Criminal wherever you get your podcasts and to learn more, visit their site. Artwork by: Julienne Alexander Music: "Highride Chrome" by Blue Dot Sessions "Cat's Eye" by Blue Dot Sessions "Desmontes" by Blue Dot Sessions "Soothe" by Blue Dot Sessions "Highway 430" by Blue Dot Sessions "Inamorata" by Blue Dot Sessions "Lobo Lobo" by Blue Dot Sessions "Night Light" by Blue Dot Sessions "Gentle Son" by Blue Dot Sessions Season 12 - Episode 23 - Snap Spotlight

Turncoat - Snap Classic

An Israeli soldier's decision to speak out against his own violent actions comes back to haunt him. And a little girl in Brooklyn devotes herself to becoming a nun... or does she? STORIES Crimes, Lies, and Videotape When Dean Issacharoff was a commander in the Israeli Defense Forces, he patrolled the Palestinian city of Hebron, and later fought in Gaza. Then, after he got home from the army, Dean's decision to speak out about his own violent actions came back to haunt him. This story contains images of war and violence, sensitive listeners please be advised. Thank you, Dean, for sharing your story with us. A special thanks to the University of Southern California's Center for Religion and Civic Culture, the John Templeton Foundation and Templeton Religion Trust, and KALW's Spiritual Edge podcast – this story would not have been possible without their support. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of these organizations. Produced by Shaina Shealy, original score by Pat Mesiti-Miller. The Flying Nun A little girl in Brooklyn can help her whole community if she just devotes herself to becoming a nun but what if she doesn't want to? A big thanks to Eileen for sharing your story with us. Read more of Eileen O'Toole's story in her book, At Sister Anna's Feet. Produced by Anna Sussman Season 12 - Episode 22 - Snap Classic

Uncuffed - Snap Spotlight

It's been almost a year since friends and family have been able to visit their loved ones in prison, due to the pandemic. Letters to the inside are always a lifeline. This year, more than ever. Today, from Uncuffed, we hear from Adamu Chan, who was recently released from San Quentin State Prison, while his friend Edmond Richardson, is still on the inside. Uncuffed is a storytelling project made by people behind bars, from inside California prisons, in collaboration with KALW. To hear the full version of this story, visit Uncuffed and make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! Produced by Adamu Chan, Ninna Gaensler-Debs, Angela Johnston, Pat Mesiti-Miller & Eli Wirtschafter Season 12 - Episode 21

The Birth Dream

Andy Marra's job has just offered her the chance of a lifetime: she's going to Korea. But she's got a secret plan for the trip that has nothing to do with work. Thank you, Andy, for sharing your story with Snap! Find out more about her advocacy work here. Produced by Regina Bediako, original score by Renzo Gorrio, artwork by Teo Ducot Season 12 - Episode 20

Hot Trash - Snap Spotlights "Ear Hustle"

Snap Judgment presents, "Hot Trash," a special spotlight on the Ear Hustle podcast, from PRX's Radiotopia. Visiting a loved one in prison is both emotionally intense and constrained by countless rules — from how much PDA is too much PDA, to what kind of candy you can eat inside. One year after California prison authorities suspended in-person visits due to COVID-19, hear stories from and about visiting rooms... and how families are adjusting to video "visits. This episode contains explicit language, sensitive listeners please be advised. Heard on this episode: Nicola Christopher Bucci and Frank Jernigan, Sgt. Cuevas, Helen Theresa Guion, Michael Hatch, Vesta, and Ruben. Inside San Quentin: Hamisi Spears, Lacedrick Johnson, Elton Spencer, Michael Marler, Kim Puckett, Anthony Ammons, Bashar Aremu, Floyd Collins, Brandon Browner, and Nephew. Thanks also to Alesha Monteiro, Michelle Garcia, Michelle Tran, and all the women who shared stories about their video visits. This episode was scored with music by Antwan Williams, David Jassy, Gregg Sayers, and Rhashiyd Zinnamon. As always, big thanks to Lt. Sam Robinson and Acting Warden Ron Broomfield for their support of the show. Ear Hustle is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. This incredible team is in their 7th Season of the show and it is packed with incredible stories. Go on over to their website to subscribe, see pictures, and learn more about all things Ear Hustle! Artwork by Antwan Williams Snap Spotlight - Season 12 - Episode 19

Rock Paper Scissors - Snap Classic

When the two greatest auction houses in the world - Christie's and Sotheby's - vied for the privilege of auctioning off $20 million worth of art in 2004, little did they know that they would be forced to engage in an ancient form of ritualized combat known as... rock paper scissors. Be sure to check out Carol Vogel's original New York Times article. Produced by Joe Rosenberg, artwork by Teo Ducot Season 12 - Episode 18 - Snap Classic

The Wedding Guest

After years of fighting battles as a child soldier, a Sudanese man finds himself a refugee in Australia. As he struggles to overcome his past, he comes face-to-face with his childhood tormentor on a TV show. This episode recounts real events that happened to a child soldier, including graphic scenes inside a prison camp, listener discretion is advised. Thank you, Ayik, for sharing your incredible story with us! To learn more about Ayik's life, check out his memoir, The Lost Boy. You can also catch Ayik on Harrow, a crime drama now airing on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Produced by Ruby Schwartz, edited by Nancy López. Special thanks to Wendy Love. Original score by Renzo Gorrio, artwork by Teo Ducot This week's music spotlight features the song "Rocketeer" from our very own Renzo Gorrio! Renzo scores so many stories on Snap (just like this one!) and he produces under the name Hydroplane. Listen to "Rocketeer" from his new album Rockets out NOW! Cassette, vinyl, and digital versions are available on Bandcamp. Season 12 - Episode 17

Mettle - Snap Classic

When a four-seater plane violently crashes onto the top of an 8,000-foot mountain, an 11-year-old fights to survive. A white boy discovers he's black. And history calls on an Oglala Lakota Headsman in South Dakota to stand up for his people. Snap Judgment presents, "Mettle." STORIES Electric Fence As a country boy, Glynn puts his family pride on the line when his neighbor challenges him to the ultimate test of manhood. Produced by Pat Mesiti-Miller Wonderboy In 1979, a four-seater Cessna plane carrying Norman Ollestad, his dad, and his dad's girlfriend violently crashed onto the top of an 8,000-foot mountain. He was just 11 years old. This story does contain graphic elements. Sensitive listeners, please be advised. To learn more about Norman's story, check out his book, Crazy for the Storm. Be sure to also check out his thriller, French Girl With Mother. Produced & scored by Davey Kim One Drop For 10-year-old Greg Williams, life was good...until the day his mom left. To learn more about Greg's story, check out his book Life on the Color Line. Produced by Adizah Eghan, original score & sound design by Pat Mesiti-Miller Third King What happens when history calls on you to step up? We go to Standing Rock to find out. Lance King is an Oglala Lakota Headsman from Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. For more information on his grandfather, Matthew H. King, check out "Noble Red Man: Lakota Wisdomkeeper Matthew King." Produced by Liz Mak, original score & sound design by Leon Morimoto Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 12 - Episode 16