The Mash-Up Americans The Mash-Up Americans is your guide to hyphen-America. Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer talk culture, identity, and what makes us who we are. Get to know yourself, America. Get more at and on Facebook and Twitter.
The Mash-Up Americans

The Mash-Up Americans

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The Mash-Up Americans is your guide to hyphen-America. Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer talk culture, identity, and what makes us who we are. Get to know yourself, America. Get more at and on Facebook and Twitter.More from The Mash-Up Americans »

Most Recent Episodes

Enemy Territory

What happens when the country you live in sees the country your family is from as the enemy? With actor/comedian Maz Jobrani and chef/author Bonnie Frumkin Morales.

Dear Mash-Up America: Holiday Etiquette Edition

Holidays are here, bringing soooo many questions. This week, Amy and Rebecca play advice columnists with a special guest to answer your holiday etiquette questions.

What's for San Giving?

The Mash-up Americans explore San Giving—or if you must, Thanksgiving—through what's on and who is around the table. Amy and Rebecca talk with fellow Mash-up and chef Francis Lam of The Splendid Table, and eavesdrop on tea with writer Nishta Mehra and her mom, Veena. Dig in for one very yummy episode.

Live in New York: Let's Talk About Sex

You know there's no Mash-Up without a little mashing up, right? We dive into some of our favorite topics: Sex! Dating! Relationships! And we did it live, onstage at WNYC's The Greene Space in New York. Scandalous. With Ti Chang, Maeve Higgins, Sopan Deb, Tobin Low, and Travon Free.

Therapy Is Not a Dirty Word

A signature quality of Mash-Ups? Our perseverance and our resilience. But we want more than to just survive. We want to thrive. Enter: Prioritizing our mental health. Guests this week: Nora McInerney of Terrible, Thanks for Asking and Kulap Vilaysack of Bajillion Dollar Properties and the forthcoming documentary, Origin Story.

The Secret Lives of Our Immigrant Parents

New season, new sound. With more questions, more laughs, and more tears! We are so excited to share with you the very first episode of our new season. And today, we're talking about immigration. Specifically, our immigrant parents. We visit with Mexican-American Mash-Up Brenda Gonzalez, a formerly undocumented student and now civil rights advocate with UnidosUS and host of The Tamarindo Podcast. She shares her coming to America story and the impossible choice her parents made to bring her and her brother to the U.S. without their papers. We're privy to an intimate mother-daughter conversation between Cambodian-American Mash-Up filmmaker Vanara Taing and her mom, Vanny Pat, about how they became American after arriving in the U.S. as refugees. Finally, we sit down with Randall Park, who you know from Fresh Off The Boat, Veep, and all the places you find funniness happening. He talks to us about finding the strength and spirit he draws from his immigrant parents, and what he hopes to pass on to his daughter, Ruby.

Live Show! Coming To New York!

The Mash-Up Americans is celebrating the launch of their new season with a live show at The Greene Space in New York City on Monday, October 30.

Bubbes Know Best

We. Are. Back. It's been a helluva few months. And Mash-Ups, we missed you! So. We're back for our usual blend of group therapy, belly laughs, tears, and side eye as we explore what makes us American today. And for this special preview episode of our new season, we're tackling that very important question: What is your bubbemeise?

The Mash-up Americans: Summer Vacay Edition

Amy & Rebecca head out on summer vacay—to prep for a new season and a new sound! But first, they spend some time flashing back to their favorite mashie interviews.

Mash-Up Live! Fueled By Mezcal And Immigrants

Fam, we recorded a live show! KPCC In Person presented Mash-Up Live featuring the one-and-only Bricia Lopez. Bricia is a Mexican-American Mash-Up and the official mezcalera of LA! (We may have gotten drunk.) Bricia is a partner at Guelaguetza Restaurant, which was founded by her father and is LA's temple for Oaxacan cuisine. We talked about what it was like seeing her first white person, how bulgogi and carne asada are the basically the same, and why she is so proud to be an immigrant. You also get a bonus podcast today: Included in this episode is the live recording of The Limit Does Not Exist, which is hosted by Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell and is available on Forbes and Podcast One. If you believe that creativity, science and technology are better together, The Limit Does Not Exist is for you! Stick around after our episode for their conversation with the science writer Jennifer Ouellette. Thank you to KPCC In Person and Skylight Studios for producing the event.

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