Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine From WYPR 88.1 FM in Baltimore. Food and Wine discussed at a delicious level by Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf.
Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine

Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine

From WYPR - 88.1 FM Baltimore

From WYPR 88.1 FM in Baltimore. Food and Wine discussed at a delicious level by Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf.

Most Recent Episodes

French Cuisine

Why has French cuisine, with traditions going back hundreds of years, remained relevant through to today? Tony and Chef Cindy explore the history of French cooking, it's unbroken link to the land from which it was born and the women and men who shaped it. See for privacy information.

Simple Food (A Second Helping)

Can you roast a chicken? Can you sear a piece of fish? Can you make a grilled cheese? This week Tony and Chef Cindy share some simple tips and remind you not to put your tomatoes in the refrigerator! See for privacy information.

Lamb & Riesling

On this episode we explore two quintessential spring products, even if we wouldn't necessarily pair them together on the table. Chef Wolf shares recipes and techniques for preparing some lovely lamb dishes and Tony lends his insight into a perfect spring libation - Riesling. See for privacy information.

Fried Food - Live

Love fried food? So do we! Tony and Chef Cindy talk about batter, oil, methods and take your calls and emails about all things fried. See for privacy information.

Heirloom Grains with Glenn Roberts

Tony and Chef Cindy check in with one of the leading purveyors of ancient and heirloom grains. Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills gives us a ring from the grain fields for a deep dive into grain heritages, milling techniques and how he got into the business of repatriating variates that were nearly lost to time. From Carolina Gold rice to the difference between polenta and grits, Glenn gives a crash course on why these heirloom grains are so important to our history, our culture and our tables. Plus, Tony and Cindy give you a crash course on food and wine pairings. See for privacy information.

Wine and Spirits ReAir 2021-03-07

This week take the 30,000 foot view of the wine industry over the past 20 years. Tony and Chef Cindy discuss how production and tastes have changed and how those two have interacted with each other. We hear from Dwight Chew of James River Distillery in Richmond Virginia. Chew gives some perspective on how things have changed for the spirits industry. And, of course . . . a chefs challenge where Cindy has to tackle a pineapple. See for privacy information.

Fat ReAir 2021-02-28

Fat gets a bad rap. Tony and Chef discuss what "fat" brings to your food. See for privacy information.

Live with Jane Marion of Baltimore Magazine 2021-02-21

As we continue to reflect on the difficult year that was and look out with hope on the year to come, Tony and Chef Cindy check in with Jane Marion - the food and dining editor of Baltimore Magazine. Jane is uniquely positioned to survey the culinary landscape of our region. She shares how the pandemic has affected her work, the importance of restaurants to our larger culture, and where the coming year may lead us. See for privacy information.

Valentine's Day ReAir 2021-02-14

In case you haven't prepared, Tony and Chef Cindy will tell you how to save your Valentines' Day. From a classical dinner to a progressive picnic and all the drinks to match, they will give you all the tools you need to make this special day a hit. See for privacy information.

A Year Later - Live 2021-02-07

Around this time last year is when many restaurants last saw anything resembling regular business. Tony and Chef Cindy check in with two lauded Baltimore restaurateurs, Qayum Karzai of The Helmand and Irena Stein of Alma Cocina Latina, to see how they are doing, what has changed and what the future holds. See for privacy information.

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