Drywall & Shane McLendon

Today in the handyman hangout we welcome Shane McLendon from Shane McLendon Builders, LLC. back to the show. We talk about home remodels, ductless a/c units, and take you step by step through a drywall repair.

The Mechanic Is In (One Last Time)

Fixit 101 welcomes, for the last time, Allison Walker. Known as the Lady Auto Mechanic, Allison now has her own show, AutoCorrect. The handyman hangout is losing a member but not before one last fix.

After the Storm

Many natural disasters leave little time to properly prepare, so it's best to already have a plan. Today in the handyman hangout we discuss tips for hiring a contractor after a storm, important documents you should have, and DIY ways to inspect your home for storm damage.

Man Cave & Bathroom Refresh

The man cave is a great place to entertain but your bathroom is one place that gets a lot of action. Let's take a look at your entertainment space and add some DIY touches. Also now is a great time to refresh your bathroom before all the fall guest. The handyman hangout is ready to help.

Positive Connections

Today in the handyman hangout everything is electrical. Hank Perot from Houseworks Electrical Services joins the show and answers your home electrical questions.

A/C and Appliances

Today on the program we get a quick visit from Timmy McClendon with A/C Remedies and try to get Jason's ice maker to work. Also, the handyman hangout gives tips for longer lasting appliances and talks air conditioner maintenance.

August Maintenance List

The handyman hangout is checking off their August maintenance list and have a surprising conversation about restoring antique furniture.

Summer Fixes

The handyman hangout is full of timely advice as we approach the end of summer. Jason, Del, and Jeff answer questions about mold, load-bearing walls, and if a spiral staircase is a good idea. Also, the question of flat head vs Philips makes its way into the conversation.

Aging In Place

Universal Design is changing the way many aging individuals are staying in their homes and living full lives. With a few modifications, any home can become more accessible to those with physical limitations.

Smart Home

In 2018 having a smart device in your home is easier (and more affordable) than easier. The handyman hangout gives out tips about updating your home and answers your questions about various summer projects.

Deck Cleaning and Summer Projects

Del and Jason are in the handyman hangout answering questions about your summer projects and sharing tips about keeping your outdoor space ready for entertaining.

Summer Heat and the Ceiling Fan

With heat advisories being issued every day, staying cool during your home improvement projects is a major priority. Today the handyman hangout is full of advice to help stay cool while working and once again ask the age-old question: Which way does the ceiling fan spin during the summer?

Summer Heat

This summer you probably want to use more than your ceiling fan to keep cool. Our friend, Timmy McClendon from A/C Remedies is here for your a/c and appliance questions. And you know we can not have an appliance show without the customary ice maker questions.

Road Trip Ready

It's time to pop the hood and do a little car maintenance. Our resident mechanic, Allison Walker is ready to help make sure your car is road trip ready and your a/c is blowing cold.

What are you working on?

Home improvement and little fixes don't take summers off and we don't either. Today is an open topic episode and the handyman hangout is full of advice about everything from leaky faucets to repairing floors. Also, Jason gets advice from some listeners about his chomp happy puppy.

Women in Construction

The Moore Community House Women in Construction Program is helping meet the industry's demand for a trained workforce. Program director, Julie Kuklinski and Simone Agee join the handyman hangout and talk about the success of the Biloxi based program.

Summer Maintenance & Fire Safety

Memorial day is coming, but summer has already arrived. It's time to check off your summer maintenance checklist and brush up on your fire safety habits with the National Fire Protection Association.

Tiny Houses

Architect and founder of Tiny House Life Space, James Polk joins the handyman hangout to talk about the tiny house movement.

Who you gonna call?

What type of home improvement ideas deserves a contractor? Which ones deserve a handyman? And which ones can be handled by a Youtube video and a few tools? The handyman hangout is full of tips for these and more home improvement questions.

Timmy is Back!

The handyman hangout is busting at the seams with advice for your home improvement projects and appliances. Timmy McLendon is back from A/C Remedies and Jeff even brought a friend to join the table. Also, who knew Chrysler made air conditioners?

DIY Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, but sometimes it includes a nail gun and a trip to the clinic. Today we talk about these mistakes and how to avoid them during your next DIY project.

Garage Converson

The handyman hangout walks through the steps of converting a garage into a livable space. Also, they lend advice about putting up a new fence and other home improvement projects.

Lawnmowers and You 2

Back for another round of small engine maintenance, we have Andrew Hitchcock from Fondren Small Engine Repair.

Lawnmowers & You

According to the calendar, spring is here so your lawnmower is about to get back to work. Andrew Hitchcock from Fondren Small Engine Repair is here to answer your questions and Jason also tells us how excited he is about the upcoming Home Show.