Safe Digging

April is National Safe Digging Month and 811 should always be called before the shovel hits the dirt. Robert Lesley from Atmos Energy joins the handyman hangout to talk about the importance of calling before you dig and Jeff Salmons tip of the week will have you rehanging your pictures on the wall. Let's work!

Home, Garden, & Gutters

Spring maintenance is always a good time to inspect the roof, clean the gutters, and examine other aspects of the house affected by the winter and blackberry winter. Today, Jason and Del share some home spring maintenance tips and actually ponder the limits of DIY. Also, we look forward to the WTVA Home & Garden Expo in Tupelo that is happening this weekend (April 12-14).

Energy Efficiency

How efficient is your home energy use? Do you think you spend too much on your energy bill? Today on the program we talk with Blake Poindexter from Seal Energy Solutions. We discuss simple ways to help with energy efficiency and saving money on your monthly bills.

Any Questions?

In 2017 home improvement spending climbed to $424 billion and many of these projects are not flashy overhauls but minor improvements that make an impact. Today in the handyman hangout it's an open topic show and the guys answer questions from callers. During the show, Jeff, Del, and Jason answer questions about the proper permits for doing a renovation, lift gates, and more. Also, Jeff leaves us with a "costly" Fixit 101 Tip of the Day.

Window Work

Replacing windows may seem like a job for a pro, but with some confidence and the right tools, it can be a DIY project for just about anybody. Jeff, Del, and Jason share their knowledge of replacing windows and answers your home improvement questions during today's session inside the handyman hangout. Let's work!

Bug Out

John Abel, from Abel's Premier Pest, is back in the handyman hangout giving you the tips you need to keep unwanted pest out of your home. Do you know to tell an ant from a termite? What are the ways to keep rodents out the attic? John answers these questions while Del and Jeff assist with your general home improvement projects. Let's work!

Plumbing Solutions

Our resident plumber, David Ray Sayles, stops by the handyman hangout to give some much-needed plumbing advice. (Original Airdate: January 30, 2019)

Mississippi Ready

The seasons are changing and your house needs to be ready for whatever this Mississippi weather has for it. Today Jason, Del, and Jeff are back in the handyman hangout talking with callers about drainage, mold problems, and the always fun popcorn ceiling. Also, the Fixit 101 Tip of the Day will have you finding studs in no time. Let's work!

Appliance Fix

Appliances don't last forever, but how long is that quick fix going to hold? Or is it time to upgrade? Timmy McLendon, from A/C Remedies, is here in the handyman hangout to take a look at your appliances and Del Moore has your Fixit 101 tip of the day. Let's work!

Flooring 101

The handyman handout will help out with any part of the home but today we focus on the floors. The flooring is one of the most important aspects of any structure. Keith Sims from Ashley's Floor Ashley's Flooring and Decorating joins the show to help with your flooring needs. Also, Jeff gives us our first Fixit 101 Tip of the Week. Let's Work!

Off-Season Projects

Spring and summer are often looked at as the right time for home improvement projects, but what about the rest of the year. The handyman hangout talks about some worthy off-season projects and answers your calls. From replacing windows to a mystery "water" handle. Time to work!

Major vs. Minor

Minor problems can quickly become big situations when it comes to home maintenance. We look at those fixes that could prevent big issues down the road. Also, we will show you how to ditch your cell phone charger by installing wall sockets with USB ports. Time to work!

Let's Work

Today in the handyman hangout Jason, Del, and Jeff answer questions about every corner of the house. Is it okay to add a new story to a garage? Why LED lights? How often should have my house checked for termites? And these are just a few of the questions thrown at the guys today. Let's work!

No Regrets

When it comes to many home improvement projects there is a fine line between going DIY and hiring a pro. But how do you know when its time to put down the hammer and pick up the phone? Today we talk about some of the top home improvement regrets (so you don't repeat them) and answer your home improvement questions.

New Year, New House

In 2019, new year's resolutions are for more than just a new gym membership. How about a new year's resolution for your home. Want your house to lose some weight? Well, lets cut your energy use. Its time for a new year, new house feeling for 2019.

A New Toolbox

A new toolbox is a great gift for any handyperson in your life. But how about a new heater for the workshop? Or a new pair of work coveralls? The handyman hangout looks at some good gifts any shop rat would love and answers your home improvement questions.

December Disposal

As the year comes to an end, Fix It 101 looks back at 2018 and the home improvements you made to your home. Also, the garbage disposal makes its way into the program for the second week in a row. We even give a step by step guide for proper disposal removal.

Christmas Cold

As the Fixit 101 crew looks toward Christmas, Timmy McLendon from A/C Remedies joins the show to help with our appliance and heating questions. Also, we get tips about holiday electrical safety from the Electrical Safety Foundation International.

It's Cold Now

The cold weather is creeping back to the state, just in time for the holidays. So the guys are talking about making sure your fireplace is ready for that first fire and also looking to protect your pipes from the bitter winter.

November Fixes

November brings the holidays, colder temperatures, and more visitors to your bathroom. Today we get your home ready for the influx of visitors and pay some special attention to your bathroom. From leaks, tile, grout, and the wobbly toilet we make sure your bathroom is ready for the holiday traffic.

Nightmare Fixes

Every fix does not always go as planned and today's show starts with two repair stories that are sure to make your wallet cringe in fear. Also later the debate between gas and propane makes another appearance on the show.

Winter Mowers

We welcome back to the handyman hangout Andrew Hitchcock, from Fondren Small Engine Repair. He talks about how to prepare your mower for winter and ways to keep it running in tip-top shape.

Fall Fixes and Fire Ants

The fall season brings a new set of home maintenance worries and the handyman hangout wants to ease those worries with advice about your home improvement projects. Also, a listener in need of fire ant removal encourages lots of different methods to get rid of these nuisance insects.

Proper Appraisal

The handyman hangout is always full of home improvement advice and today is no exception. On this episode, we add real estate appraiser Wyatt Roberts into the conversation as he tells us how he places a proper value on properties.