The Four Top Savor the conversation. Every other Monday, a roundtable of culinary media insiders discuss today's hot-button topics in food and beverage culture. Hosted by Katherine Cole.
The Four Top

The Four Top

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Savor the conversation. Every other Monday, a roundtable of culinary media insiders discuss today's hot-button topics in food and beverage culture. Hosted by Katherine Cole.

Most Recent Episodes

Ep. 62: Erin DeJesus | Juan Diego Ramirez | Heather Arndt Anderson

What does the term "American Food" mean today? How should we reframe our conversations about Mexican, and Mexican-American, cuisines? And is the American family dinner imperiled?

Ep. 61 Reva Barewal | Alexis Hillyard | Drew Prindle

What are the emotional repercussions for those who lose the ability to eat and feed themselves? How has a one-handed cook used YouTube to build an international community? And how are modern innovations redefining cooking for people with less mobility?

Ep. 60: Maggie Hoffman | Lee Hedgmon | Cheryl Wakerhauser

In Ep. 60, we sit down with women leading the charge in the beverage industry. First, meet the efficient, crowd-pleasing batch cocktail, the contemporary craft take on the punches of yesteryear. Next, how much hard work does it take to build community through a passion for beverages? And our insiders discuss the pervasive skepticism and misogyny women face in the male-dominated drinks industry. Episode 60 of "The Four Top" is online from May 6.

Ep. 59 Claudia Lucero | Juno DeMelo | Kyra Bussanich

We're going free in Ep. 59. First: Forget those rubbery dairy-free cheeses from the grocery store and meet the new flavorful artisan alternatives. Next, how compelling is the case against sugar cane, and which of the dizzying array of alternatives is b...

Ep. 58: Drew Prindle | Liz Crain | Michael Zusman

In our "feast for the senses" episode, we explore how sensory stimulation affects our food and beverage experiences. First, the music you hear in restaurants and grocery stores has changed significantly over the past decade. Next, as recreational marij...

Ep. 57: Ben Jacobsen | Kristofor Lofgren

Pescetarianism is the world's fastest-growing diet. Can the planet's oceans handle this shift? And should we be concerned about where our salt is sourced from? Finally, let's get to know sake, the misunderstood Japanese rice wine.

Ep. 56: Cynthia Nims | Kerry Newberry | Diane Morgan

What's the big deal about Olympia Oysters? And what will the future look like when fish are no longer harvested from the wild? Finally, practitioners of one of the world's most dangerous careers — crabbing — are fighting Big Oil to save their jobs and the planet. Episode 56 of "The Four Top" is online from Jan. 7.

Ep. 55: Miles Hassell | Mea Hassell | Sarah Bowen Shea

While doctors deem the veggie-heavy, whole-grain Mediterranean diet as a long-term lifesavers, athletes still carbo load on refined grains. How can these two philosophies coexist? And should we be suspicious of grab-and-go protein bars? Finally, it mig...

Ep. 54: Ivy Manning | Virginia Gewin | Tove Danovich

Behold the beet. What makes this curious root vegetable so unique? Will science end the practice of planting crops annually? And how does the U.S.'s every-growing American agriculture industry impact the rest of the world? Listen to Episode 54 from Nov. 5, 2018.

Ep. 53: Ashley Rodriguez | Brent Braun | Zach Geballe | Chad Murphy

In our second anniversary episode, we're connecting the dots between food, drink, and human interactions. What is it like to become a food celebrity? How can we utilize food to keep our relationships healthy? And how can we lean on food and drink to ma...

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