Ep. 60: Maggie Hoffman | Lee Hedgmon | Cheryl Wakerhauser

In Ep. 60, we sit down with women leading the charge in the beverage industry. First, meet the efficient, crowd-pleasing batch cocktail, the contemporary craft take on the punches of yesteryear. Next, how much hard work does it take to build community through a passion for beverages? And our insiders discuss the pervasive skepticism and misogyny women face in the male-dominated drinks industry. Episode 60 of "The Four Top" is online from May 6.

Ep. 59 Claudia Lucero | Juno DeMelo | Kyra Bussanich

We're going free in Ep. 59. First: Forget those rubbery dairy-free cheeses from the grocery store and meet the new flavorful artisan alternatives. Next, how compelling is the case against sugar cane, and which of the dizzying array of alternatives is b...

Ep. 58: Drew Prindle | Liz Crain | Michael Zusman

In our "feast for the senses" episode, we explore how sensory stimulation affects our food and beverage experiences. First, the music you hear in restaurants and grocery stores has changed significantly over the past decade. Next, as recreational marij...

Ep. 57: Ben Jacobsen | Kristofor Lofgren

Pescetarianism is the world's fastest-growing diet. Can the planet's oceans handle this shift? And should we be concerned about where our salt is sourced from? Finally, let's get to know sake, the misunderstood Japanese rice wine.

Ep. 56: Cynthia Nims | Kerry Newberry | Diane Morgan

What's the big deal about Olympia Oysters? And what will the future look like when fish are no longer harvested from the wild? Finally, practitioners of one of the world's most dangerous careers — crabbing — are fighting Big Oil to save their jobs and the planet. Episode 56 of "The Four Top" is online from Jan. 7.

Ep. 55: Miles Hassell | Mea Hassell | Sarah Bowen Shea

While doctors deem the veggie-heavy, whole-grain Mediterranean diet as a long-term lifesavers, athletes still carbo load on refined grains. How can these two philosophies coexist? And should we be suspicious of grab-and-go protein bars? Finally, it mig...

Ep. 54: Ivy Manning | Virginia Gewin | Tove Danovich

Behold the beet. What makes this curious root vegetable so unique? Will science end the practice of planting crops annually? And how does the U.S.'s every-growing American agriculture industry impact the rest of the world? Listen to Episode 54 from Nov. 5, 2018.

Ep. 53: Ashley Rodriguez | Brent Braun | Zach Geballe | Chad Murphy

In our second anniversary episode, we're connecting the dots between food, drink, and human interactions. What is it like to become a food celebrity? How can we utilize food to keep our relationships healthy? And how can we lean on food and drink to ma...

Ep. 52: Fernando Divina | Jill Lightner | Amanda Oborne

A new grocery store concept aims to educate communities about health and increase access to affordable, high quality food—will it succeed? What are the best food waste hacks for whittling down our grocery bills while eating healthfully? And could "Rege...

Ep. 51: Rebecca Hopkins | Cathy Huyghe | Hannah Wallace

Could a career in the food or beverage industry be harmful for workers' mental health? How do wine professionals stay healthy in a fairly unhealthy line of work? And why is a bar one of the most stressful places to work?

Ep. 50: Dana Frank | Jordan Michelman | Andrea Slonecker

So-called "natural wine bars" are all the rage right now. Why? And what are the new, surprising wine-food pairing rules? Finally, who knew that eggs are sometime used to make wine?

Ep. 49: Sarah Marshall | Sara Bir | Heather Arndt Anderson

At the height of summer, we discuss the surprising produce (and spices) all around us that will get us through the zombie apocalypse, the science (and potential risks) behind canning all that good summer bounty, and finally, the history of "putting up,...

Ep. 48: Michelle Smith | Kelly Montoya | Julie O'Toole

Learn about selective eating and food phobias, two lesser-known eating disorders afflicting children. Next, discover Little Sous, a new concept for turning kids into confident cooks. And finally, a cookbook author and food blogger fills us in on raisin...

Ep. 47: Drew Prindle | Chase McPeak | Sam Slaughter

As robots become more of a reality in our everyday lives, how are they altering the agribusiness? Next, our discussion dives deeper, unpacking the inevitable friction between food and technology. And finally, we shift the tech talk to the beverage indu...

Ep. 46: Steven Raichlen | Marnie Hanel | Jen Stevenson

A simple fire might be the most primal cooking method, but there are still innovative ways to barbecue, according to our trio of experts. Next, jerky is suddenly ubiquitous and overpriced, but it turns out it's easy to make at home—even from fish. And ...

Ep. 45: Dr. Greg Jones | Hannah Wallace | Jordan Michelman

Will the wine industry be a victim of climate change? Next, how have the increasingly devastating wildfires that have hit vineyards recently affected the wines? And finally, we lighten the mood by asking why rosé must be limited to summer.

Ep. 44: Karen Karbo | Katie Pratt | Alex Prud'homme

What made the love story of Julia and Paul Child so unique? Next, what would photographer Paul Child think of today's Instagram-food-photo craze? And finally, we discuss how we can all live life to the fullest à la the Childs.

Ep. 43: Jim Meehan | Jeffrey Morgenthaler | Jacob Grier

Do you act cordially at bars? Today's high-end temples to mixology aren't places for crude behavior, say our three cocktail craftsmen. Next, how are the best bars in the world designed for efficient flow and optimum pleasure? And finally, why are bars ...

Ep. 42: Cheryl Wakerhauser | Danielle Centoni | Kyra Bussanich

Modern French pastry is a spellbinding art form, combining eye-popping colors with surprising textures, shapes and flavors. We discuss this exciting movement with a pro. Next, boutiques selling nothing but macarons are the latest trend in sweet treats....

Ep. 41: Ashley Duchemin | Emilly Prado | Juan Ramirez

Can culinary podcasts change the way society sees food? We think so, and so does Juan Ramirez, producer of the excellent "Racist Sandwich" podcast. Next, we discuss the ways in which different cultures discuss body image.

Ep. 40: Beth Federici | Ivy Manning | Kathleen Squires

First, a chef and a food writer give us the lowdown on truffles during this special episode recorded at the Oregon Truffle Festival. Next, we gab about other fab fancy food fests all over the globe. Our third course is a survey of our favorite foodie f...

Ep. 39: Nick Fauchald | Martha Holmberg | Christina Henry de Tessan

Food magazines are shutting down at an unprecedented rate, but could there be new opportunities in this sector? Next, cookbooks are moving in a more classic, less celebrity-driven direction. And finally, we discuss ultra high-end, self-published culina...

Ep. 38: Mary Paganelli | Virginia Gewin | Heather Arndt Anderson

Cuisines from all over the world are readily available in every major U.S. city. So why aren't the traditional foods of the First Americans? Despite centuries of systematic cultural suppression, American Indian chefs and historians are rediscovering an...

Ep. 37: Connie Blumhardt | Kenneth Olson | Jordan Michelman

Episode 37 is all about coffee. First, our experts teach us to ride the "Third Wave" movement. Next, what's a microroaster? How about a nanoroaster? And finally, we taste and talk about Guinness Stout's caffeinated counterpart. Episode 37 of The Four Top is online from Jan. 29.