Your Move Board games. Video games. Anything but mind games. KMUW commentator Sam McConnell explores the latest (and the time-tested) world of games.
Your Move

Your Move

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Board games. Video games. Anything but mind games. KMUW commentator Sam McConnell explores the latest (and the time-tested) world of games.

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Your Move: Game Movies

In 1993, a landmark movie was released. Sure, Jurassic Park and Schindler's List were important, but what could have more cultural resonance than Super Mario Bros ? Of course, a movie based on the most successful video game franchise in history up to that point would be a smash hit. Add in Bob Hoskins, the star of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? , and Academy Award nominee Dennis Hopper, and you couldn't fail. Except you could, because the movie was an unmitigated disaster.

Your Move: Final Fantasy IX Is A Nostalgic Look Back

If Final Fantasies VII and VIII were bold steps forward for the series, Final Fantasy IX was a nostalgic look back.

Your Move: Final Fantasy VIII

In comparison to its predecessor, 1999's Final Fantasy VIII is a divisive game. It came after the most popular entry in the series and changed the mechanics of the series's trademark gameplay more radically than any game prior.

Your Move: Learning About Life From Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is an all-time favorite game of mine. In the 22 years since it was released for the original PlayStation, it's been released on several other platforms. Last week, it came out on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, so I decided to go back and play it again.

Your Move: Google Stadia

Google announced this week that they're getting into the blockbuster gaming market in a big way with their new service, which they're calling Stadia.

Your Move: D-Pad

Game controllers, with some exceptions, have mostly standardized around a certain form-factor: two analog sticks, four face buttons in a diamond shape, four shoulder buttons, Start, Select, and a directional pad. But of course that hasn't always been the case - analog sticks weren't standard until the Playstation 2 came out in 2000, and shoulder buttons were introduced with the Super Nintendo in 1990, which also added more face buttons than systems had had before. But the real basis for the

Your Move: Adaptive Controller

For years, people have been making single-handed game controllers to help people enjoy video games even if they have trouble using a standard controller. However, efforts like these have a definite DIY feel to them, having to open up the controller and solder additional components to the circuitry. And, as this is not easy work, the results tend to be very expensive, and not always very durable.

Your Move: 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Is Actually Number 13

Back in 2002, Square and Disney released an ambitious game - a game that was a crossover between Final Fantasy characters and Disney worlds, while having its own independent story. The game was Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation 2, and it was a huge hit.

Your Move: 'Ace Combat 7' Is Melodramatic, But Good

I really enjoy flight simulator games, and even more when air-to-air combat is thrown in. Unfortunately, they don't come out very often. Thankfully, a new entry in the Ace Combat series was just released - the first for the current generation of consoles.

Your Move: Osmos

This commentary originally aired March 22, 2018. Puzzle video games have come a long way since Tetris. The genre has particularly flourished on smartphones, and one of my favorites that I've been playing for years is called Osmos . In Osmos , you play as a single-celled organism, a mote, on a field of other motes, some of which are bigger than you, and some are smaller. The goal of each stage is to become the biggest mote. You can move around by expelling little bits of your own mass to push

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