Valley Voices New England Public Radio's roundup of the top entries from public storytelling events around the western New England region.
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New England Public Radio's roundup of the top entries from public storytelling events around the western New England region.

Most Recent Episodes

Valley Voices #27 - Best of Season 6

We have the best of Valley Voices Story Slams season 6 for you, featuring season winners Steve Bernstein, Kerrita Mayfield, David Bulley, Tim Gillis and Andrew Shelfo.

Valley Voices #26 - Around the Block

Stories in this episode were shared in the final story slam of our sixth season, live on the Academy of Music stage. Deirdre Cuffee-Gray, Steve Bernstein and Paul Phifer share stories on the theme Around The Block.

Valley Voices #25 - Nailed It

In our first digital story slam of the season, our storytellers were live on stage at the Academy of Music, and our audience was at home on the couch, but, we Nailed It! In this episode you'll hear stories from Kerrita Mayfield, Tim Gillis and Donna Jenson.

Valley Voices #24 - Sweet & Salty

In this episode we go to the Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center in Greenfield to bring you stories from our second slam of the season. Riffing off the episode theme "sweet and salty," Christine Stevens tells tales on her middle school students. Then, Sera Rivers shares her thoughts about finding a guy who accepts her real self. Finally, David Bulley brings us more middle schoolers — and more misbehavior.

Valley Voices #23 - Love Me Tinder

On this episode, you'll hear three of the storytellers from the first show of our sixth Valley Voices season, featuring stories on the theme "Love Me Tinder". We gathered at New City Brewery in Easthampton to hear Sara Rabidoux-Kelsey relate a tale of an internet date that surprised her. Then Andrew Shelffo shared that getting back into the dating scene after 20 years felt a lot like walking a tight rope, and Angela Combest finished off the evening with a story about a date that ended in the

Valley Voices - #22 Open Road

On this episode, you'll hear the winners from our fifth show of the fifth Valley Voices season. This show had the theme of Open Road and was held at Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center in downtown Greenfield, Mass. Karen Fisk starts off with a story about one of her hardest moments as a mom. Our next storyteller, Jenny Powers, tells an epic adventure about a trip to the Big Apple. We end this episode with Phil Simon who truly blazed a trail across California with his band mates back in the

Valley Voices - #21 Busted

Hear the winners from the Valley Voices Story Slam with the theme "Busted" held at New City Brewery in Easthampton, Mass. Storyteller Kate Mesmer shares why she never got the chance to become a full-fledged Girl Scout. Next, Summer Kaeppel tells her story about the days she was a teenage wedding crasher. We round out this episode with Doug Creighton who explains how his move south of the border was held up.

Valley Voices - #20 TMI

The winners of our "TMI" story slam are featured on the latest Valley Voices podcast. Anna Bowen shares her story about tjust how far she'll go for her mother. Matthew Dicks takes us through an awkard moment on a plastic couch. And we hear from Kevin Gallagher who shares his story about an apprehensive visit to the proctologist.

Valley Voices - #19 In the Mood

The winners of our "In The Mood" story slam are featured on the latest Valley Voices podcast. Eddie Brennan shares his story about the night he lost his virginity and fathered a child. Valerie Reiss opens up about her condition, vulvar vestibulitis. And we hear from Lauren Ostberg who at sixteen years old was in the mood for a little something different.

Valley Voices - #18 Family Ties

We kick off season 5 of the Valley Voices podcast with the winners of our first slam of the year: Andrea Cohen-Kiener, Hilary Price and David Bulley with their stories. From Big Al's Bar in Minneapolis, to a car chase in northern Maine, to the banks of the Connecticut River, our storytellers share the stuff of family lore in our "Family Ties" episode.