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Cincinnati Edition covers topics from regional government to business, education, health, technology and the arts.More from Cincinnati Edition »

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An Execution, Evictions And Petitions: This Week's Top Stories

Ohio carries out its first execution of the year . Hamilton County Republicans submit a petition that could put an issue on the November ballot repealing an increase in the county sales tax. Cincinnati leaders attempt to balance helping the homeless with ensuring public safety . And could U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents increase their activity in Greater Cincinnati?

Fighting Cancer Inequality: How to Make Sure Care Doesn't Discriminate

African-Americans have the highest mortality rate for all cancers combined. The disease is the second-leading cause of death among Native Americans over 45. Asian-Americans have the highest rates of liver and stomach cancers. While Hispanics and Latinos have lower incidence and death rates for most common cancers than whites, they are more likely to be diagnosed with advanced stages of disease.

How Dangerous Are Sharks, Really?

The 30th season of the Discovery Channel 's Shark Week kicks off Sunday, July 22. The special programming event has consistently attracted a large audience. But Shark Week has been both praised and panned by scientists, who say while the series has raised the public's awareness of sharks, it also emphasizes shark attacks and often relies on pseudoscience to generate ratings.

Bevin Gets Blocked, Beshear Goes For A Run And What's Up With The Reds?

After a federal judge blocks work requirements for Medicaid patients in Kentucky, Governor Matt Bevin cuts dental and vision coverage for about 460,000 low-income Kentuckians on Medicaid. Another judge denies Bevin's request to amend a court ruling on the state's pension plan. And Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear announces he will run for governor in 2019 . The City of Cincinnati and downtown organizations propose a plan to reduce panhandling . And the Cincinnati Reds today look nothing

Groups Bringing Solar Power To Schools In Uganda

The non-profit organization All We Are has a mission to solarize more than 50 schools in Uganda by the year 2025. The organization has worked in the country for the last eight years and is supported in its efforts by Rotary Clubs here in the U.S. and in Uganda.

Why Parking Around Cincinnati Is About To Get More Expensive

You might need to start carrying more than just a handful of spare change when you head out for a night on the town across Cincinnati.

Explore Wonders In The Skies With Dean Regas

Later this month the planet Mars will make its closest approach to Earth in 15 years, appearing large and bright enough to be easily seen with the naked eye.

Girls with Pearls Growing Its Impact and Mission To Empower Young Girls

Keeping girls in school, helping them dream big, and empowering them to plan for the future is the mission of Girls with Pearls , a local afterschool program for girls. Founded in 2016 at Rockdale Academy Elementary School in Avondale, Girls with Pearls fosters leadership to change the outcome for girls as they grow into young women through education, personal responsibility, and social awareness.

New Program Helps Disabled Young Adults Transition To Independent Living

Young people with disabilities, whether physical or cognitive, need extra help getting ready to transition from a school environment, where things are carefully ordered, to the world of work and independent living.

New Program Helps Disabled Young Adults Transition To Independent Living

Are Women Drinking More And... So What?

As society loosens its restrictions on gender roles, it seems the stigma around women drinking alcohol has vanished. According to the National Institutes of Health , drinking habits among women and men are becoming more alike, which could be putting women at greater risk for a variety of alcohol-related dangers. One of the key risk factors is addiction, but another health concern is the link between drinking and the risk for breast cancer .

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