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457SEO: Where stories, information, and observations about our communities are shared and explored.

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Episode 027: Can Marijuana Grow the #457SEO's Economy?

Ohio's medical marijuana program is still in its infancy as dispensaries continue to open their doors. Some around the region are working to make sure the #457SEO gets in on the money that can be made at grow operations, testing facilities, processing facilities and dispensaries. In this episode: Hemp Industry Daily's Kristen Nichols discusses the trends she's seen in other states with medical marijuana programs in terms of economic growth, job opportunities and whether medical marijuana is a gateway to recreational marijuana. And Meigs County Commissioner Randy Smith sees the medical marijuana program is an opportunity to turn the county's stigma surrounding the drug into an economic stimulus.

Episode 026: Midterm Election Preview | The 457 Is Pretty Haunted

'Tis the season for election races and ghosts. #457SEO makes a brief return from hiatus with an attempt to cut through the BS. Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board Member, columnist and assistant professor at Ohio University Tom Suddes, Ph. D. joins the WOUB News to talk about the governor's race, Issue 1 and local school levies. WOUB Arts and Culture reporter Emily Votaw stops by to tell us about all the supposed hauntings in southeast Ohio. Also, Atish has his own ghost story.

Episode 025: 2018 May Primary Election Preview

Voters will make statewide and local decisions at the polls on May 8 during the Primary. Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board Member, columnist and assistant professor at Ohio University Tom Suddes, Ph. D. joins the WOUB News team to look ahead at the election. Topics include: the interesting race for governor, the statewide issue regarding voting maps, campaign finance, and the importance of a single vote.

Episode 024: SURJing in the #457SEO

What is the role of white people in ending racism? Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) believes it is "to undermine white support for white supremacy and to help build a racially just society" as part of a multi-racial movement. Katherine Jellison is a member of the core organizing committee for the SURJ SE Ohio chapter. She talks with the WOUB News team about how the group started and how they are working for a racially just society in southeast Ohio. Chris Riddle is back to talk about his recent "Amazing Adventure" overseas. He learned about historic vehicles, good chocolate and how much people hate a man named John Terry.

Episode 023: Fighting the Stigma of HIV in the SEO

The opioid epidemic has impacted every fabric of the social construct in southeast Ohio. And it has increased the risk of bloodborne diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV. Roxy Todd bring us the story she filed for the Ohio Valley ReSource about how the stigma surrounding HIV has impacted those seeking help in rural areas. The WOUB News team talks with Roxy about her reporting and what's next in the series on HIV from the Ohio Valley ReSource. Susan and Aaron visit with Dr. James Gaskell of the Athens City/County Health Department to discuss how bloodborne diseases are impacting southeast Ohio. And they talk about the department's harm reduction program. WOUB Culture reporter Emily Votaw visits the news team to talk about the busy spring season. She bring us part of her sit-down interview with Evan Shaw, who put together the upcoming "Our Town: Athens" documentary debuting on March 25. She also fills the news team in on the upcoming festivals. Listen on Soundcloud, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, NPR One and woub.org/listen. Leave us a review and let us know what you want to hear in future episodes.

Episode 022: The Man By The Man...

...By THE Man. Kevin Kellems' career in politics has led him to many places, including the grounds of the White House as Vice President Dick Cheney's press secretary. The WOUB News Teams talks with him about this time. And also about his stops in the Ohio Governor's Office, the Pentagon and the World Bank, among others. A politician in his own right, Kellems has represented a rural area in his home state of Indiana. He talks about what rural America needs and how he thinks they can get it.

Episode 021: Spreadsheets and Holiday Treats

Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson sits down with the WOUB News team to provide an analytical look at the #457SEO and how the loss of the managed care organization sales tax will impact the region. WOUB Culture Reporter Emily Votaw is on the show to let you in on events with a holiday theme coming up around the area. We also talk about our favorite traditions for this time of year.

Episode 020: Meet Dr. Duane Nellis

Dr. Duane Nellis is just over halfway through his first year as the 21st president of Ohio University. WOUB's Susan Tebben and Atish Baidya sat down with him to learn more about the man, how he plans to handle the university's immediate needs, and what he would like to see down the road.

Episode 019: What's Going On With Ohio's Issue 2?

Voters in Ohio will be asked to rule on Issue 2 when they hit the booths this Election Day. If a majority vote yes, the state will be required to not pay more for prescription drugs than the price paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs and to use state funds to defend the law. The issue is not as straightforward as it seems and interest groups have spent millions in ads arguing both sides. The WOUB News Team welcomes in OU Professor, Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board member and student of Ohio politics Tom Suddes to help sort through the issue.

Episode 018: Drugs and Tattoos

Dr. Joe Gay recently retired from his position as Executive Director of Health Recovery Services. He still plans to work on combating the opioid addiction crisis in our region. But now he says he will use his newfound extra time to pursue other passions. He joins the WOUB News Team in this episode of #457SEO to talk about his plans and his perspective on the opioid crisis. Chris Riddle is back in the booth to talk to the team about tattoos. We learn a lot about each other.