Teaching Matters Teaching Matters is an audio series exploring the unique needs of students.
Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters

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Teaching Matters is an audio series exploring the unique needs of students.

Most Recent Episodes

Episode 207: Micro-Credentialing to Empower Teachers w/ Lynette Guastaferro

Teaching Matters is not just a great name for a podcast, its also a great name for an organization devoted to teacher development. Today's guest is Lynette Guastaferro, the CEO of the non-profit organization, Teaching Matters, based in New York City. We will learn from Guastaferro how the organization uses micro-credentialing to empower teachers with best practices, innovative thought, and leadership skills that have far-reaching positive impact in their schools.

Episode 207: Micro-Credentialing to Empower Teachers w/ Lynette Guastaferro

Episode 206 : Terri Givens

Excellence in teaching and learning is increasingly tied to the need for assessment. As both students and methods of instruction change, faculty are called upon to assess learning in ways that are increasingly nuanced so that meaningful improvements can be made across programs and within specific courses. Dr. Terri Givens, an education consultant and former provost, argued in a recent Inside Higher Ed essay that doctoral students should receive more training in this area. We discuss this idea and the general importance of assessment with Dr. Givens in this episode.

Episode 205 : Ron Regev, Chief Music Officer for Tonara

Learning to play a musical instrument presents a number of winding paths for students. Besides needing to learn concepts related to music theory, students must also integrate their conceptual understanding with development of fine motor skills. Often overlooked is the affective dimension of learning. How can music educators keep students motivated to practice so that they can move their musical expertise forward? The Tonara app provides a learning management system for teachers and students that integrates gamification approaches to tackle that problem. In this podcast, Ron Regev, Chief Music Officer for Tonara, describes how the app facilitates teaching and learning for a new generation of students oriented toward mobile, interactive technology.

Ecuador Series Program 4— Catalytic Learning

In this podcast, I explore the big picture of the Healthy Living Imitative from the perspective of it being a catalytic learning environment. In particular, we learn about three specific characteristics of the imitative that, in my opinion, serve as catalysts for learning that have positive effects for researchers, faculty, students, and community members.

Ecuador Series Program 3— Service Learning in the Field

In addition to the project-based work surrounding the fight against Chagas disease, students and faculty engaged in service learning project. In this episode, participants described two of the project. Following their explanations, I reflect on the important role of reflexivity in these types of learning situations.

Ecuador Series Program 2— The October 27 Primary School

The October 27 Primary School serves approximately 40 students who live in the three villages serving as the primary focal point of the Healthy Living Initiative. In this episode, I provide a description of the school and introduce you, though the translation skills of my colleague Lori Lammert, to two of the teachers at the school. After meeting the teachers and learning more about the school, I reflect on the importance of "giving back" to the community as we engage in our planned work of fighting Chagas disease.

Ecuador Series Program 1—The Bug Hunters

This episode is the first in a series of podcasts about my summer trip to Ecuador to participate in a place based/problem based learning project. This Episode focuses on the core part of the project—the search for Chucuro (or "Kissing Bugs")—within homes constructed of adobe located in three small Southern Ecuadorian villages. In the podcast you meet various people involved in the bug search and I then reflect on my own experiences as a learner in that setting. The project, called the Healthy Living Initiative, was organized by the Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute at Ohio University.

Season 3 Preview

Teaching Matters is starting its third season! This short podcast provides an overview of some of the topics we are booking for the season. It also highlights two special series of Teaching Matters podcasts. One of the special series explores an international trip by students and faculty who engaged in place based/problem based learning, and the other highlights several Ohio K-12 teachers who are innovating communication education projects into their classes.

Episode 122 : The Ten Principles for Building a High Quality System of Assessment

In an effort to improve assessment practices, a collaboration between 19 different organizations representing educational researchers, educational policy reform advocates, private sector interests, and others, recently released "The Ten Principles for Building a High Quality System of Assessment." (http://deeperlearning4all.org/10-principles-building-high-quality-system-assessments) A primary objective of the Ten Principles is to improve the ecological validity of assessment practices by bringing equity to the development of students' academic, career, and civic aptitudes. Guests on the program include workforce Expert, Gail Norris, who is the U.S. Lead for Industry Learning Services at Siemens; Dr. Rebecca Wolfe, who is an education policy advocate and Associate Vice President of JFF's Students at the Center initiative; and, Dr. David Conley, Founder of Ed Imagine and researcher focused on college and career readiness, student ownership of learning, and systems of assessment.

Episode 122 : The Ten Principles for Building a High Quality System of Assessment

Episode 121 : Jitka Nelson, 2017 Indiana Teacher of the Year

Teaching Matters is excited to announce a special series of podcasts with award-winning teachers who will share their personal stories about teaching excellence. The second program in this series is with Jitka Nelson, who was selected as the 2017 Indiana Teacher of the Year through a program of the Council of Chief State School Officials (CCSCO), which is the oldest and most prestigious national honors program focusing on teaching excellence. In this podcast, Jitka discusses the importance of student voice in an audio segment recorded by NWEA, the not-for-profit assessment solutions provider, who partners with the CCSCO on the National Teacher of the Year Program (segments from the other State Teacher of the Year Candidates are posted to teacherpodcasts.org).

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